Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lazy Saturday

As fun as outings are, it's nice to have a lazy Saturday sometimes too. We all slept in until 9, only getting up when a phone call woke us up. While Katrina was her usual level of energy and tantrums, it's so much easier to deal with it with two of us around. Unfortunately, Adam had to go into the office, so he's there right now. I've been doing small occasional cleaning jobs around the house with the goal of picking everything up enough to vacuum later on. So a nice lazy day.

The last few days have had lots of ups and downs. Basically, Wednesday and Thursday were down, and Friday was up. I'm glad I finally got a break, because constant whiny, crying, tantrum-y Katrina was really wearing on me. Yesterday we somehow hit a good groove and transitioned between free play, tv, blowing bubbles, drawing with crayons, and lunchtime with almost no complaints. Those are all activities that she loves but hates to stop doing, which is why I'm reluctant to ever turn the tv on, pull out the bubbles, or let her draw. But she gets bored faster these days with just running around playing with random things, so we've had to become more organized. One of my favorite activities is room time. Basically, I go and sit on the floor in her room and either read or watch as she plays with stuffed animals, the clothes in her drawers, her bed, and of course me (she finds it hilarious to come sit on me and bounce, whether it's on my face, chest, belly, or lap). She also can turn anything into a telephone and we have lots of conversations like this. "Hello, is this Katrina?" "Hi!" "How are you doing?" (she grabs phone, then gives it back to me). "Hello, are you there?" "'Ello!" (grabs phone, runs away).

The one thing that I'm really struggling with figuring out how to handle is Katrina's desire to hurt us. If she does something and we say "ow," she immediately does it again and harder. Or if I tell her stop doing something she throws it at me. I have been punched in the face, had my hair yanked, had phones and crayons thrown into my face, and Adam narrowly ducked a remote control today. Because hitting has been such a problem lately, I have been trying to keep timeouts to a minimum and finding other ways to get her to stop. But deliberately hurting us is a sure way to end up in timeout for a couple of minutes. Then I go to her door and open it, she stops crying, runs up and says "Hi!", closes it, waits for me to knock, opens it, "Hi!" She loves that game too. Except when she gets into her drama queen mode, her anger fizzles out pretty quickly.


JenniferB said...

You need to be proactive about dealing with this now -- after the baby is born and she has to share you and is confused about the changes will be too late to start on a behavior change. She would then only blame the baby and feel she is being punished because of the baby, not because of her behavior. Time outs are not bad -- she can handle it. I would keep working very specifically with her to get her to not cause hurt to you, Adam, etc., and make sure you both deal with her in a consistent manner about this issue.

Jolena said...

I've got to admit, I have no advice or really anything to add to what you said, but I just want to say Good Luck! When I have a baby and am going through all these interesting challenges, I'm totally going to come talk to you! Love ya!

Laura mom said...

The key is consistency. Giving her a time out is a good tool. You may have to do it a thousand times but how many times do we have to be told something before we learn? She will learn, it just takes time and uh ho "PATIENCE." Hang in there. love ya, Laura mom