Sunday, September 27, 2009

Junior Primary Wisdom #3

It's time for another Junior Primary Wisdom! I've been lax about taking notes lately, but I have some from a couple of months ago that I wanted to share.

Teacher: "When are we going to seek for the Lord?" (This is while learning the song "I'll seek the Lord early while in my youth...")
Sunbeam (a 3-4 yr old): "In five minutes when Jesus tells us to."

Teacher: "What is this?" (holding a magnifying class)
Sunbeam: "That thing you look for ants with! And worms."

Teacher: "Why do you like your dad?" (on Father's day)
Same sunbeam: He wipes me when I go poop."

Again, that same sunbeam: "I threw up when I was sick because my dad tickled me too much."

Another kid: "YOU ARE A TOY!!!"

Little kid, giving a talk: "Last night I hit my brother and he cried a lot. And then he cried some more. (grins). . . We need to forgive people, even if your brother started it."

Anyway, that's my pearls of wisdom from Primary, most of them from the same little girl. She's been gone lately and when she's there she tends to cry and whine and gets taken out, so we haven't had any new exciting things lately.

Sacrament meeting was the usual ordeal today, but I still felt really good about it. Katrina picked up the program, pointed at it, and said "Jesus." It had a picture of him on it that I'm pretty sure she hasn't seen before, so that made me really excited. Then for each prayer she folded her arms and kept them folded for almost the entire prayer before getting bored and going to play. In fact, she seemed to sense when it was time for a prayer because she folded her arms at the right time several times during the meeting. Of course she was also a handful and we ended the meeting with me holding her in the hallway while she turned like a rototiller in my arms and cried and hit me in the face. We're working on "sorry," so she couldn't go back inside until she said (well, signed) "sorry." She understands better what it means now and refuses to say sorry if she is still really mad.

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Elise said...

Tori, you're a genius. Why haven't I ever thought to learn/teach the "sorry" sign? Wow! What a concept. That is a really good one. And it's awesome that Katrina can recognize Jesus and prayers. We're still working on that one, although Everett does well with it.

I also love the primary nuggets of wisdom, and the last one made me laugh out loud. Isn't it funny that the sunbeams always have the most intersting things to say?