Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm exhausted, in a good way

We have really been having eventful Saturdays lately. Oh, and Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I love three-day weekends. We haven't even discussed what to do Monday, but I bet it will be fun.

Today we treated Adam's grandmother and mother to a day at Chanticleer gardens, which is a beautiful estate near us. I loved it because instead of having carefully groomed flower beds, everything was much more wild and it was fun looking around for all of the flowers peeking out here and there. The architecture was fun, there were some gorgeous ruins, and they allowed people to walk on the lawns, so Katrina could run around to her heart's content. Grad and I hung out together, me walking with the stroller and her with her walker. Even though I walked super slowly, my stomach is worn out from the hills. We then went to a delicious little cafe and finished up at a candy store that Adam has been eyeing for months. It was awesome! I barely could keep myself from buying bags of it. We each got ice cream and made use of the endless toppings bar. Oh, and the little chairs looked like ice cream cones and the tabletops were chalkboards!

Now we're watching Ninja Warrior while Katrina naps. Good day! Even though I had to wake up early to go take my glucose tolerance test. Bleh, never choose the fruit punch kind if you have a choice. Oh, and yesterday I quilted my dining room wall hangings! They are almost done, and I will take pictures when I am done. I'm super happy with how the machine quilting went, since I was making leaves and those were kind of tricky.

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Elise said...

Yuck! Those gluecose tests are disgusting. I think I've had orange both times.

It sounds like you have been enjoying yourself. I hope you have a lot of fun on Labor Day, and I hope you feel relaxed for the rest of the week!

I'm also really excited to see your wall hangings. I'm sure they are stunning.