Friday, September 4, 2009

I stand corrected

I have been corrected on an important issue regarding pronunciation. First of all, this is Katrina's favorite stuffed animal.

Katrina has a book, Personal Penguin, by one of my favorite kids authors, Sandra Boynton. It has a song that goes with it and we end up playing it several times a day on the computer. Katrina likes to bring either the stuffed animal or the book over to us and that means, please sing. So this morning she was putting her hand in the sign for "book" and saying "Deddy." Somehow I figured out she was asking for her penguin. I helped her find it, and sure enough, she saw it and kept squealing "Deddy!" I tried to correct her several times by saying "Penguin. Peng-guin." She looked back at me and said, "Ded-dy." So there you go. Penguin is pronounced "Deddy," blanket is pronounced "Nana," and Mommy really needs to figure these sorts of things out!

I spent yesterday in New Jersey while Adam went to New York with his dad. I was pretty tired and wanted to just stay at home, but we were concerned because of the large number of Braxton Hicks I was experiencing. I called the on-call doctor the night before when they started happening pretty frequently, but he just told me they were probably muscle spasms and I should get off my feet and drink more water and that I had probably overdone it. This made me a little mad, because I spend most of my days sitting, laying down, and try not to carry Katrina much. It was also hard for me to tell if they were Braxton Hicks contractions or not, since they didn't feel like what I had last pregnancy. Those would grab me painfully when I walked too fast or for too long, and I would have to stop walking until they subsided. These come in as waves of pressure and take my breath away even though they aren't really painful. Anyway, I had them all day yesterday even though I was taking it as easy as possible and so today I drove Adam to work so I can go to the doctor if necessary. I have only had two weak ones today, so it seems like things are improving. Everyone always says "Call your doctor!" when things like this happen, but I absolutely hate doing that because they make me feel stupid even though I've researched and am only calling them because I seriously am worried.


Momza said...

hey sis,
you're right to call--no sense in stressing over all the "what-ifs"...but with #2, you will have more BH as your uterus has been pregnant's normal. But yeah, typically, moms of toddlers don't drink enough water or get off their feet as much cuz they're chasing a toddler around.
rest when katrina rests, and keep a water-bottle handy all day.
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Tasha's Life said...

Oh, so sorry Tori! No fun!

sb said...

Isn't Sandra Boynton the best? We only own one of her books, so it gets read a lot. I have it memorized (The Belly Button Book).