Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grateful Sigh

I just got the kind of phone call that you hate to have to get--"I just got in a car accident." Luckily I could tell from Adam's tone that he was perfectly fine, just quite shook up. He wanted a number for insurance and then hung up. Several things went through my mind. We just had a conversation the other day about how I prayed we wouldn't get in an accident so we wouldn't use up our savings on the deductable. But at the same time, I felt peace that we do have savings right now. I am so happy with how we are doing money-wise. We have enough to save a little, pay off lots of student debt, be frugal, and sometimes still have enough leftover for little extras, like buying fabric or getting pizza. We would love another car and to be saving for a house, but those things can wait. So anyway, I waited impatiently for the follow-up call. No wonder Adam was shaken up! The poor teenager didn't see him and pretty much turned right into Adam's door. So right now I'm feeling mostly just relief that Adam's okay, that our car isn't totalled, and that he wasn't the one at fault! :] We also had a conversation just the other day about someone else who was in an accident, and when he called his wife her first response was "What did you do?!" I am happy to say that was not my first response. It was, "How bad was it? Are you all right?"

I had one of those days where it felt like I was constantly wasting time on the computer, draining my life away. I much prefer when I have library books to read. I did do a load of laundry, organize a little in the baby's room, and I managed to get dinner on the table! Sometimes I don't feel like a very good homemaker, since, well, I'm not! I clean as little and as rarely as possible, I sit around all day when I could be cleaning, and I rarely cook since being pregnant. I just try to do one or two productive things each day and call it good. I don't stress over it, because if I do, I know I'll get depressed. I read an LDS internet board a lot lately and I realize both that I have a lot of work to do to be a better homemaker, and that Adam is the most awesome husband ever because he supports me and doesn't ever complain about what I do and don't accomplish.

So here's my funny Katrina story of the day. I was in the bathroom/laundry room working on the laundry and Katrina was playing behind me, as usual. I turned around to look at her and felt briefly disoriented as my brain tried to figure out what my mind was seeing. She was standing on her head in the tub! I watched as she slowly tipped over onto her back, and then I shook myself into action and rescued her. She whimpered a little and looked pretty shocked, but I don't think she was any worse for wear. As far as I can tell, she was reaching for something at the bottom or trying to climb in and ended up head first.

So I just had to remove Katrina's sippy cup from her because every time I turned my back she was using it to pour water on the side table. After the last time, I gave her the cloth to wipe up the water, which she did obediently, but I decided to take away the cup just in case she got too fond of the wiping! I love it when she's helpful. While I was putting clothes away today she kept picking them up off of the pile and handing them to me nicely.


sb said...

I'm glad Adam was okay. Hopefully the other guy's insurance won't give you a big hassle and you can just get the car fixed and everything taken care of. And, I'm glad to know I'm not the only lazy housewife around. I, too, am fortunate to not get bugged about it by David. Usually the dishes are done and the clothes are clean, but that's it. (Clean floors for baby to crawl on? I think not!)

Amber said...

What a scary call! I'm glad everything is ok (well...that Adam is ok if not the car). Just a sidenote about sippy cups, Megan can pretty much spill any non-spill cup but the playtex ones seem to work the best even when she is trying really hard to spill it. It only spills when it gets thrown on the floor and only a little bit. So if you are wanting some new ones that are actually non-spill, I recommend those :)