Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Dental Appt

The zoo was fun yesterday. I took pictures and videos but there wasn't anything really of note to share. Half the pictures are just of Katrina sitting in her stroller looking at things. I was hoping she would get more excited about the animals, but she was pretty whiny. We did have fun playing in the Treehouse, which was a place for kids to run around and climb on big bugs and flowers and stuff. She also enjoyed her very first carousel ride. We petted the goats a little but then she fell forward, scraped her noise teeny bit, got dirt all over her face, and just lost it. Yikes!

Today has been similarly whiny. Dropping Dad off at work always makes her cry a lot. I am driving the rental car for the first time, because we finally had me added to the account. It looks like our car will take another couple of weeks to fix because the other party's insurance company is being way slow. It's a nice enough car but I really want ours back! Anyway, I took Katrina to the dentist. They were all thrilled to see her, because she's pretty cute, and she smiled and enjoyed the attention but still was super clingy. The doctor came in and had her sit on my lap facing me and lean backwards towards him so he could see into her mouth. This of course made her scream bloody murder until he was done. He pronounced her teeth perfect and that was all. It was a fast appointment! Then while she whimpered and got over the tears all of the nurses talked to her and gave her a new toothbrush and a toy, and she recovered quickly. They also took a picture of her and gave me a magnet with a picture of Baby's First Dentist Appointment. Then I gave it to Katrina to play with on the way home and she broke it in seconds. Sigh. Oh well. They scheduled an appointment for six months from now for her to get her teeth cleaned for the first time. I am not excited for that. It will be awful, I'm sure. I am tempted to skip it and wait another year but I know that's not smart. Luckily she doesn't drink juice (he told me juice keeps him in business) and only eats sweets occasionally. I am trying to remember to brush her teeth in the mornings and not just at night but I forget most days.

Oh great. She just woke up yelling after about half an hour of napping. This day is not going so well! I hope she falls back asleep because she really needs a nap.

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Elise said...

Oooh, I've been wondering how that went. Sounds like you have a really great dentist who goes above and beyond. Hopefully the teeth cleaning won't be too bad! We've waited this long and Everett hasn't ever been to the dentist, but we're getting him in by the time he's three. I'm sure it will be a nightmare. We'll have to swap stories!