Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dining room quilt hangings

Last night I finally got around to sewing the last seam around my wall hangings. They are now done! I do still have to attach little loops on top to hang it on the wall, but first I have to figure out where to hang them in the dining room.
I got the idea for the design from a quilt on Etsy that unfortunately was removed right after I discovered it. Maybe the shop owner saw so many hits on that one entry and decided to remove it so it couldn't be sold? It was an old listing.
It didn't turn out quite as I envisioned--I had a hard time finding the perfect fabric. I was supposed to have a light, medium, and dark green, a light, medium, and dark gold, and a fabric with both green and gold. If I did it again I would switch a couple of the fabrics.

I also didn't have enough brown fabric for the binding because I used it to practice quilting on and forgot I would still need more. But I had cut the backs large enough that I just folded the sides over twice and sewed them down to the front.

One thing I planned to do with this project was to quilt it by hand. I thought it would be a nice project that I could do in the living room and still be able to spend time with Adam. Well, my hand quilting wasn't turning out very well and I decided to try my hand at machine quilting leaves. I practiced a lot and it wasn't that hard! I really like the varigated thread that I used.. It makes it look extra cool.

Here's some closer detail on a section that doesn't have any glaring mistakes.
I am so relieved right now to finally have Katrina asleep. All morning has been filled with power struggles over sippy cups, crayons, tv, bubbles, and finally a nap. Her last molar has popped through so I don't think it's teething, but I really feel like something is up. We're keeping an eye out for any signs of an ear infection. Most days we struggle over the same things, but today she has spent more of it upset that not.
Adam is on his way to get the car damage appraised. It's pretty scraped up, but the real problem is the door. It's dented in so much that Adam has to climb over from the passenger side in order to get into the car! So I have more details on what happened. The main road near us is two lanes in both directions with no turn lanes, so people are in the habit of whipping around cars that are waiting to turn left or right. This kid got impatient waiting behind a car turning left, and shifted into the right lane, just like everyone else does. Only he didn't really look and shifted lanes right into the side of our car. I'm glad Katrina and I weren't in the car because it would have been pretty stressful.


Evenspor said...

Wow. All of your quilt have turned out so amazing. You really have an eye for design.

Tasha's Life said...

You're amazing, Tori!! I'm so glad that Adam is safe. I hope he has good insurance. My car has spent lots of time in body shops because of other people.

Amber said...

I'm so impressed with your quilting skills! That looks awesome. Way to go.

Sarah GM said...

the quilts look amazing!

Evenspor said...

Tori, I am awarding you for your awesomeness:

Jolena said...

Another quilt I love! You have such great designs and I love how they all turn out!