Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cooking with Daddy and playing with Playdoh

Last night Adam was cooking up some beef-o-lay for us and decided to use Katrina to help. Here she is supervising.
And here she was showing him how to properly stir.
Then she decided to make her own dinner.
Dinner prep moved to the floor because she really likes to spread out when she cooks.

Finally she moved to the hallway and donned her toke, because all the best chefs need a good toke.

So I have to share this, even though it goes into the realms of diaper-talk. Lately I've been letting Katrina shadow me everywhere, even though that means she follows me into the bathroom. I use this time to talk about how Mommy and Daddy use a toilet and she goes to the bathroom in her diaper (someday I'll get over my aversion to the phrase "go potty," but not yet). Also, whenever I see her with a certain, um, expression, on her face, I say "Oh, are you going to the bathroom in your diaper? Are you poopy?" Each time I use the sign for toilet. So today I was very happy when I looked over at Katrina and she lifted up her hand and made the sign for toilet. I was surprised, but sure enough, when I checked, the diaper was dirty. I promptly called Adam, who wasn't nearly as excited as I was. Conversation:
"Katrina just told me she has a dirty diaper!"
"No, really, it's good because they say babies can't potty-train very well until they can talk and communicate that they need to go, and she just communicated!"
"That's cool, I guess."
So yeah, I was much more enthusiastic about this development.

Today I brought out the playdoh for the first time in awhile because last time she just wanted to eat it. It was very successful, though she is only allowed to play with it in the high chair after a couple of pieces got ground into the carpet. I took a video. I tried to get her to talk a little, but all she would say was "Thank you", which she uses interchangeably with "heryago." And at the end, she's actually not saying "Bye-bye," she's saying "baby." But I still think it's cute, especially for those of my family that haven't gotten to see Katrina in months.


Shalyse said...

She is sooo stinking cute! What a good girl! Andrea would be eating that for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

It was so cute to see Katrina cooking with Daddy.

I could totally hear the conversation that you and Adam were having. I can hear the excitement in your voice and I can hear Adam saying, "That's.... nice". ha ha ha, thanks for the laugh.