Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas in... September

I am in a Christmas mood today. I have spent most of Katrina's nap searching online, planning, and beginning Christmas presents! This may seem way early, but it actually seems way too close to me! We normally start thinking about Christmas presents in October and buying them in November and the beginning of December. Since I'd kind of like to cut down on all non-baby stress as much as possible around delivery time, I am already working on Christmas. Also, we are cutting back on finances for Christmas gifts as much as possible. We did that last year to a point, but it helped that we made the same gift for Adam's whole family. We digitized their family photo collection. I spent most of November and December scanning! That was great, but this year we are back to individual presents for people, and as much as I lobbied for fudge or hot cocoa, Adam remained unenthusiastic. But over the past day or two we have had a couple of brain waves about presents for hard-to-shop-for relatives and I have been coming up with some homemade gift ideas for others. In my (not-so-) humble opinion, I have come up with some awesome gifts. :]

Of course I can't share these ideas, but I can share that of the 17 people on my family gift list, I have 8 gift ideas taken care of. Five of those people are yet to be determined (my immediate family has a Christmas list so each person only has to give to one sibling or niece/nephew, and my extended family has a similar list), and I just haven't thought hard enough yet about a couple others, which only leaves two horribly impossibly family members to think of gifts for. Well, the people aren't horribly impossible, just thinking of gifts for them is! Oh, and I haven't even thought about what to get Adam. Maybe I'll pull a cheap shot and claim that I'm giving him the best Christmas gift of all--a son. Adam James, Jr. Ooo, or I could insist on a Christmas-themed name, like Angelo, or Noel.

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sb said...

Assuming none of your awesome homemade gifts are for me :), would you mind emailing me some of your ideas? I'm trying to go mostly homemade this year, but am still needing some ideas. (I've been thinking about Christmas for weeks too, but I actually need to act on it!)