Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bug Bites

Church was another struggle, like always. The weirdest things set Katrina off during Sacrament mtg. During the first prayer when we tried to have her fold her arms she started yelling, and then when someone came and joined us at the end of the bench she dissolved into tears. One of the brothers in the ward is in a wheelchair and he left halfway through, so she yelled so much I had to take her out to follow him. We picked the back row instead of our usual second or third row, thinking we'd be close to the back for when we had to take her out and also that there wouldn't be other kids around to distract and tempt her with their toys. Instead, I just felt guilty the whole time that we were bothering the people without kids. When she wasn't yelling, crying, or occasionally distracted enough to be quiet, she had this persistant whine: "Unnnnnnnhhhhh. Unnnnhhhh." Joyous. The next two hours were much better and I even took her away from Adam during my first sharing time break to introduce her to Nursery. Katrina is 17 months old! That means only one more month until she's old enough for Nursery! I think she'll do great. It was singing time and she was really intrigued, though she had a hard time sitting down like all of the other kids. We have brand new nursery leaders, but one of them Katrina knows from when she subbed in primary this summer and the other one she latched onto really easily today. I think she'll do great.

Adam had Bishop's Youth Committee tonight but I was pathetic and didn't want to spend all evening with a whiny baby, so we packed in the car and joined him. I tried to go on a walk with Katrina, but while I was changing her diaper and putting her in the stroller I managed to get six or more really bad bug bites on my legs. I react really badly to bug bites. They swell up, get all white and red, and drive me absolutely crazy. If I can keep from scratching them, they go down a lot in an hour or so. But then the next day they are usually back and itch like crazy, especially if my clothes and socks rub against them. So I tried to go on a walk, but Katrina didn't want to be in the stroller and I wanted to cry from the itchiness, so we headed back and joined the youth. They were past the discussion and onto the guest speaker, and I tried to just stand in the back with Katrina. But this is the same family we house sat for several months ago, the ones with the two golden retrievers, and Katrina was in absolute heaven. Heaven for her means ear-piercing shrieks of joy. Plus she was pounding her little feet around on the wood floor and the dogs were chasing her and basically half the kids were too distracted by the spectacle to listen. Ahh! Luckily it was over soon and then she could run around people's legs to her heart's content. Now we're home and Adam is mourning the fact that he sacrificed his last box of cake mix for the meeting tonight and can't make any "cakies" (cookies made with cake mix) for us to eat. I do admit, they are delicious, and I don't even really like cake or cookies.

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