Monday, September 28, 2009

Our little walk

Today we went on a walk! That's a big deal for me. It's been too hot and I've been too unmotivated to go on a walk for awhile. This morning I had the stroller and so I decided Katrina and I needed to get out of the house while it was still breezy and cool.
Katrina was a fan. She doesn't always like strollers these days, so I was happy that she was content. I was feeling so good on the walk that I considered walking all the way to the library. But then I sat down for a little rest and when I got back up, I felt totally beat! Plus my abdomen seizes up when I walk for any length of time, and that gets pretty uncomfortable. So when we made it to the .5 mile marker I sat down again and considered what to do: get off the trail and go to the library, get off the trail and go to the park and have to push the stroller uphill a lot, or go back on the trail and let Katrina get out and run.
I chose option number three! It was fun. At first she voluntarily (!) gave me her hand to hold and we walked slowly like that for awhile. Then she got impatient and since we had made it to the point where there were fences on both sides, I let her go. She pretty much ran the rest of the way back. Why do kids have to run everywhere as soon as they figure out how to walk? All of the joggers and walkers thought she was hilarious and cute, and she loved seeing all of the dogs. Katrina also liked cleaning the leaves off the trail and giving them to me. I amassed quite the collection. A little over halfway back, she started to lag and sit down on the trail every few feet for a rest, so I popped her back in the stroller to mild protests and we continued home. It was great. We both enjoyed it and I just put her down for a nap.
Speaking of falling asleep, we think Katrina has finally figured out the bed thing for good. The last two nights when we've checked on her, she has been in her bed instead of on the floor. We know she gets out and plays because we can hear her, so it's really nice to know that she is crawling back into bed by herself and that she's not going to fall asleep on the floor behind the door every night.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Junior Primary Wisdom #3

It's time for another Junior Primary Wisdom! I've been lax about taking notes lately, but I have some from a couple of months ago that I wanted to share.

Teacher: "When are we going to seek for the Lord?" (This is while learning the song "I'll seek the Lord early while in my youth...")
Sunbeam (a 3-4 yr old): "In five minutes when Jesus tells us to."

Teacher: "What is this?" (holding a magnifying class)
Sunbeam: "That thing you look for ants with! And worms."

Teacher: "Why do you like your dad?" (on Father's day)
Same sunbeam: He wipes me when I go poop."

Again, that same sunbeam: "I threw up when I was sick because my dad tickled me too much."

Another kid: "YOU ARE A TOY!!!"

Little kid, giving a talk: "Last night I hit my brother and he cried a lot. And then he cried some more. (grins). . . We need to forgive people, even if your brother started it."

Anyway, that's my pearls of wisdom from Primary, most of them from the same little girl. She's been gone lately and when she's there she tends to cry and whine and gets taken out, so we haven't had any new exciting things lately.

Sacrament meeting was the usual ordeal today, but I still felt really good about it. Katrina picked up the program, pointed at it, and said "Jesus." It had a picture of him on it that I'm pretty sure she hasn't seen before, so that made me really excited. Then for each prayer she folded her arms and kept them folded for almost the entire prayer before getting bored and going to play. In fact, she seemed to sense when it was time for a prayer because she folded her arms at the right time several times during the meeting. Of course she was also a handful and we ended the meeting with me holding her in the hallway while she turned like a rototiller in my arms and cried and hit me in the face. We're working on "sorry," so she couldn't go back inside until she said (well, signed) "sorry." She understands better what it means now and refuses to say sorry if she is still really mad.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some pictures and fun games

First of all, I apologize for that last post having no spaces. Blogger is horrible to me about spaces. If Adam is around I get him to go into the code and fix it, but he's still gone camping.


I tried to catch a picture of Katrina's crazy hair after bathtime last night but she was hard to pin down for a picture.
Adam left the carseat here while on a camping trip, and it has been her favorite toy last night and this morning.
Those are her pjs still. That's the top that she loves so much.

Waving "hi!"

This is the game I came up with. I took her toy tub and filled it with water, then found some kitchen things to dip into it.
The game was a success! She remained enthralled for a long time.
Dipping was fun. She usually doesn't spend much time playing in the bathtub, so she enjoyed learning the different properties of water.

Mostly how fun it is to drink.
Dip, splash, drink.
Of course, it ended as most things seem to these days--with a huge tantrum. Since I only barely rinsed the tub out before filling it up, the water had things floating in it, and I was supper grossed out when all she was doing was drinking it. I had to take it away. This same tub is what I used to put my Barbies in, and then it used to hold extra bathroom supplies like contact solution and lotion. And then it became the toy tub. I really don't think it has been cleaned well in a long time. It caused a rolling-around-on-the-floor screaming fest, which I could have ignored if I hadn't been trying to coax her into her room to strip off the soaked clothing. Oh well. It was fun that once. I don't plan on doing it again soon, since I like that tub to be used for holding small toys.
I decided to make a list of all of the words Katrina can sign and all of the words she can say, mostly for my own benefit. I'm not sure if I remembered all of them, but the list has fifteen signs and thirteen words (and five or six animal noises!). I hear about other babies who are talking away with 50 words vocabularies at her age, and I'm just happy with how she's doing. It seems average. I am trying really hard these days to talk to her more, but it's so much easier sometimes to go around in silence. I think that me talking to her and holding better conversations would benefit her more than anything. She's also getting more interested in names of things than she has been. Just in the last couple of days, instead of wanting me to read the story, she just points out things on the page with a "Da," and I tell her what it is. When we play with crayons she sometimes will identify the colors correctly (but not often enough that I can be positive it's not just a fluke). When we point out shapes everything is a "Dar!" (star) except for ovals ("wowal"). I love seeing her learn new things everyday.

Living room project

So I finished my living room project, the one I said would only cost $30. It actually cost even less than that because I got things on sales and with coupons. But my overall reaction to it is, unfortunately, "meh."
Here is what it looks like. I got the idea from this blog post. She mod podged scrapbook paper onto canvas for a nice decorative touch. I decided that would be cool to do with some pictures for our living room. We currently have a nice framed picture of the First Presidency, but I want to move that into the dining room with my leafy wall hangings. We eventually want to get a large family history fan chart to go in the living room, but haven't found one yet that we like. So I thought this would be nice, and in the future if we get the family tree, these can go on either side of it.
Here's the final look above the couch. I'm not thrilled. I wish I had used 11"x14".

I really do like the pictures, though. And up close, they look rather cool with the mod podge giving them a nice texture, like an oil painting. The pictures are, from left to right: a picture of the Savior that my sister's EFY counselor drew years ago (which is why it says "A Season for Courage," since that is what the theme was), the Family Proclamation, an awesome photo of the Salt Lake temple that I found online (that's where we were married), and one of our wedding photos.
Here's what I wish had gone differently:
1. The canvases themselves. I thought I was ordering the kind that are stretched over a wooden frame. Well, I was, but then I switched my order to the value pack with three in a package because it was much cheaper. Turns out these canvases are just stretched over a board, which gives them virtually no depth. I still painted the sides, but you can't really tell.
2. I used an inkjet printer. Everything I read beforehand about mod podge said to only use it with stuff printed from a laserjet printer. But I did a project earlier this week with mod podge and photos printed off of my printer, and it worked well, so I went ahead and printed these pages with my printer because I was impatient to work on them. This turned out fine for three of the pictures, but it caused some definite blurring and streaking on the Family Proclamation. I still went ahead and used it instead of redoing it (I have two extra canvases), but I'm unhappy with that.
3. Once again, I was too impatient. The directions on the blog post said to get out lumps and bubbles with a hair dryer and your finger. I tried to just push them down with my finger. Only one of the pictures ended up bumpless, and all of the others have fairly lumpy textures. I should have just used the dang hair dryer!
4. Because I used the thin canvases, there is nothing to affix a picture hanger to. So I hotglued some ribbon on. Also, we don't have any hammers! Do you know how many times in the last two and half weeks I have wanted to use a hammer? Tons! But we took our hammers to Ringing Rocks Park and then left them in the car, which is in the shop indefinitely. So I used pushpins.
5. Like I said before, I wish I had used 11"x14".
All in all, it doesn't look bad. I had fun. The canvases look cool. And I still have two left, so that's like a project begging itself to be thought up. But first, I also bought four 5"x5" canvases for the nursery and I want to paint those or mod podge them into something cool. I just need to think what. It would really help if we could think of a name for our little boy, but we can't decide completely. And my next project after that is a couple of Christmas presents, which I am also excited about. Since they are for a couple of little kids, maybe I'll show them here when I'm done.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Productivity feels nice

I normally spend Katrina's naptime vegging, surfing the web, eating lunch, doing some token tidying just to make myself feel productive, and occasionally sewing. Lately I've been napping too, but that makes it so hard to sleep at night that I try to keep myself awake. Today I really wanted to get stuff done and I also had two meals to choose from for dinner that both required prep far in advance. So I am proud to say that during Katrina's nap today I:
-worked on a Christmas present and it looks great so far,
-made and ate lunch (blueberry muffins),
-took a shower,
-vegged and did my internet thing,
-and cooked dinner for tonight.

So I'm feeling pretty good. Katrina woke up in the middle of dinner prep but after I got all of the cutting and stove stuff out of the way I got her and she joined me for the rest. I am making slow cooker orange chicken. Someone pointed this blog out to me recently and it's pretty cool. She made a recipe a day in the slow cooker for a year. Now that challenge is over but she still puts recipes up. And they are all gluten-free or have modifications to make them so, which I know some of you can appreciate!

So yesterday I woke up and as the day went by I wondered if I had injured myself somehow without remembering. First, as I was taking Katrina around to the dentist and errands, I noticed that my wrist kind of hurt. I got home, and during her nap I realized that it really hurt, like a minor sprain or something. I finally located our ace bandage and that helped, but it throbbed even when not in use. I also noticed throughout the day that my ankle was kind of sore if I twisted it a certain way. Oh, and every night I deal with incredible amounts of pelvic pressure and even pain, so when I waddled to bed last night (I walk normally during the day and save my waddling for the nighttime) I felt like I had been rammed by a vehicle or something. Luckily the wrist pain is almost gone today, and my ankle is pretty manageable as long as I avoid twisting it. So weird. I get carpal tunnel while pregnant that makes my wrists hurt but that is different--it starts out as tingling while I sleep, and so far I only get it every few nights. So I just chalk this up to weird pregnancy joint stuff.

Katrina likes to gargle and to play with her tongue ("blble-blble-blble-blble"). Right now she is reading one of Adam's Aaronic Priesthood Deacon pamphlets for Duty to God, which is by far her favorite things to flip through, making funny noises. She also likes to say "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hello!"' It's cute and much better than a tantrum, so I just say hi back each time. Another favorite is "Weeeee!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Dental Appt

The zoo was fun yesterday. I took pictures and videos but there wasn't anything really of note to share. Half the pictures are just of Katrina sitting in her stroller looking at things. I was hoping she would get more excited about the animals, but she was pretty whiny. We did have fun playing in the Treehouse, which was a place for kids to run around and climb on big bugs and flowers and stuff. She also enjoyed her very first carousel ride. We petted the goats a little but then she fell forward, scraped her noise teeny bit, got dirt all over her face, and just lost it. Yikes!

Today has been similarly whiny. Dropping Dad off at work always makes her cry a lot. I am driving the rental car for the first time, because we finally had me added to the account. It looks like our car will take another couple of weeks to fix because the other party's insurance company is being way slow. It's a nice enough car but I really want ours back! Anyway, I took Katrina to the dentist. They were all thrilled to see her, because she's pretty cute, and she smiled and enjoyed the attention but still was super clingy. The doctor came in and had her sit on my lap facing me and lean backwards towards him so he could see into her mouth. This of course made her scream bloody murder until he was done. He pronounced her teeth perfect and that was all. It was a fast appointment! Then while she whimpered and got over the tears all of the nurses talked to her and gave her a new toothbrush and a toy, and she recovered quickly. They also took a picture of her and gave me a magnet with a picture of Baby's First Dentist Appointment. Then I gave it to Katrina to play with on the way home and she broke it in seconds. Sigh. Oh well. They scheduled an appointment for six months from now for her to get her teeth cleaned for the first time. I am not excited for that. It will be awful, I'm sure. I am tempted to skip it and wait another year but I know that's not smart. Luckily she doesn't drink juice (he told me juice keeps him in business) and only eats sweets occasionally. I am trying to remember to brush her teeth in the mornings and not just at night but I forget most days.

Oh great. She just woke up yelling after about half an hour of napping. This day is not going so well! I hope she falls back asleep because she really needs a nap.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pajama Attachment

Now that Katrina spends so much of her sleeping time on the floor, and our nights are pretty chilly, I decided to switch Katrina's pajamas from shorts and a t-shirt to more winter-appropriate attire. So two nights ago we dressed her in a fleece shirt and pants. Then yesterday I tried to change her clothes after she woke up, and not only did Katrina protest me taking off the fleece top, but she tried to put it back over her head and her arm into the sleeve. I was pretty impressed by her stubborness, but I put her in another shirt anyway. The complaining continued until I caved in and put her pajama top back on. Then this morning, Katrina went through the same performance. A large part of me is happy to see her have preferences, but I'd like her to not be super hot during the day and to not wear the same shirt for a week, so I prevailed. We usually watch tv for a half hour before breakfast and she followed me into the living room hollering and thrusting the shirt at me until I turned on the tv and hid the shirt while she was distracted. The nice thing is that we somehow have three almost identical pink fleece shirts, so if she continues to insist on only wearing it, at least I can switch them out and wash them.

This whole toddler bed thing is pretty amusing. Most night Katrina doesn't cry when we leave her, though last night she did. Each night Adam has to go in and put her back on the bed once, and I have to go in and put her back on the bed once. Then before we go to bed, we check on her to make sure she's covered by her blanket. Sometimes she's still in the bed, but last night we had to search around a bit to find where she was on the floor. I'm glad she thinks the floor is so comfortable. Yesterday, I told her it was naptime and went to the bedroom. She followed me in like a little duckling, found her blanket, and laid down on the floor. I laughed and moved her to the crib.

Today we are going to the zoo. Fortunately Katrina fell asleep soon after I put her down, so even though she won't get a full nap in, she'll get most of one. Then Nana will pick us up and we'll join my sister-in-law and her two cute sons at the zoo. I'm anticipating that Katrina will absolutely love it, though I'm sure she'll want to get down from her stroller. We really need to get a little harness backpack so she can run around without us worrying. They're pretty cheap, so we just need to pick one and buy it. Adam will probably be all for getting the frog one, but I think it would be appropriate for her to be introduced to animals other than frogs and penguins occasionally. :]

I'll post any fun pictures from the zoo later on. Oh, and tomorrow is her first dental appointment, so that should be interesting.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little miracles

Last night I was starting to practically have an anxiety attack because I still had no idea what we would do for Stake Conference today. After Adam got home and we ate dinner, it was way too late to search for toys or entertainment for Katrina. Finally, once she got to bed, I just had to do something. So I went and searched out my extra felt and fur and foam from the quiet books I made. I thought I could do something with animals and settled on finger puppets. I also had some extra wooden rings from the teethers I made and somehow came up with the idea of making a train with a little pocket that the animals could sit in. After several hours of sewing last night and some sewing this morning too, this is what I came up with:
I found different finger puppets on Etsy to imitate. Some turned out better than others. Most are too wide to fit in the pocket on the train, but some of the foam ones fit in there pretty well.
I like these foam ones a lot. These are a penguin, bunny, and owl. Katrina liked the penguin best once we told her it was a penguin.

A cat, pig, and lion. Yes, my lion looks weird, but I wanted to use some fur.

A tiger, frog, and chick.

And a reversible train!
Stake Conference ended up going awesome. Katrina was the very best she could have been. We arrived only five minutes before it started, which meant the closest seats were the ones behind the divider in the gym where you can't see the podium but you just have to look at the tvs. Luckily someone saw us eying those chairs with a frown and he told us that there were still a couple of rows at the very front that were empty. Why do people hate the front so much? We gladly sat there. We did share the row with an old man who fell asleep three minutes in and slept the entire meeting (maybe he was awake, but his eyes were very closed). Katrina played with the puppets a little. And then she found the jackpot--I included a bunch of foam circles that I didn't end up using for the quiet book, and Adam showed her a game with dropping them in the wooden hymnal holder. I swear that game entertained her for a good half of the meeting. Then she started playing with the people behind us and after a few minutes of that they swooped her away and she sat with them for over half an hour. The only difficult part was making it through the very last talk when she was sitting with us again. Oh, and she only napped on the ride home and is crying now, so apparently she didn't fall back asleep in her crib. Oh well. We can deal with her crankiness here. But the fact that during the entire two hours in the church today we never had to take her out when last week we had to take her out 3-4 times just during one hour of Sacrament meeting, that is a miracle.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend update

Adam is out getting a haircut and Katrina is eating a very late lunch (it's 4), so I am grabbing a minute to write. We've had a nice day today. We all slept in until 9 and then we headed to the craft store for me and the Scout office for Adam to prepare for his next Court of Honor. In an hour he has a church meeting and then later tonight we will go on our weekly Chipotle run and if we have time, I'd kind of like to pick up a new toy for Katrina. Tomorrow is Stake Conference, which means that church isn't until 1 and it's only two hours instead of three, but the entire two hours will be in the chapel. I've been struggling for awhile with entertaining her during Sacrament meeting and I'm hoping to find something special to designate as a Sunday toy. Her quiet books are too advanced for her still. I have a couple of church books I'm going to make for her from blank board books, but the site with the books only accepts orders of $25 or above, and so I am trying to incorporate Christmas gifts and other things into my order, and I'm waiting on a family member to let me know about a gift idea. So, in short--we need something else.

I had a dental visit on Thursday, something that I have been looking forward to and dreading, since it's been four years. Luckily, I didn't have any problems! I have had tooth pain for awhile but they said it was just from some tartar building up and irritating my gums. So that should be better now. The hygienist also gave me lots of compliments on how I take care of my teeth and the color of my teeth (I thought they were rather yellow, so that surprised me) and I am glad we seem to have a good dentist. Adam and Katrina will go in next week. They have a pediatric dentist, so that's cool. I don't think it will be too bad for her, since they won't be cleaning her teeth. And as the hygienist said, if she screams, they can see her teeth, at least!

Night two in the toddler bed went very well. We were at a church thing and didn't get her to bed until 9, which is an hour after bedtime. She got off the bed, of course, and cried a little, so Adam moved her back to the bed. A little while later I moved her again because she was right behind the door and I didn't want her to block it if she fell asleep there. When we checked her before we went to bed, she was snuggled on the bed. It looks like this is working! The first morning, I hadn't heard from her all morning and was of course picturing her falling out and breaking her neck, but when Adam went in to see her, she was in the middle of the floor. This morning I heard her wake up and talk and play for a little, like normal, and then when she heard our voices she ran to the door and knocked until we opened it up. Naptime still happens in the crib, but that's fine with me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Girl Bed

I am having a major mommy moment because we put Katrina to bed tonight in her toddler bed instead of the crib. My baby is a baby and needs to sleep in a crib! That's what part of me is saying. But the other part of me is the part that really wants her transitioned before the baby comes so we don't have to deal with that stress later on.

We put her in the toddler bed and sang to her several primary songs while she kept trying to get out. And then Adam left and I kept singing to her while struggling to keep her in. Finally I left, and unlike previous times when we have given this a tentative try, she didn't cry. However, she did talk and play for like an hour. That is pretty common, but when she's in her crib it's different--we know where she is! We watched tv for awhile and occasionally went up to her door to listen and try to hear where she was. A few times she scratched at the door. Once, we heard a loud thump. We're pretty sure that was her falling asleep and falling over. Eventually we went in, opened the door slowly, and moved her from the floor next to the door to the bed. She woke up, and tried to get off the bed, but halfway off she gave up and just laid there, so I quickly threw some blankets on the floor to cushion any possible falls and we left. We just went in again and she was very asleep, so I call this a success! Now we just need to see what happens if she wakes up in the middle of the night or if she wakes up early tomorrow. And I feel the same sort of mommy angst I felt when she abruptly went from 4 to 1 nursings a day. :[ Growing up is hard on parents!

Cooking with Daddy and playing with Playdoh

Last night Adam was cooking up some beef-o-lay for us and decided to use Katrina to help. Here she is supervising.
And here she was showing him how to properly stir.
Then she decided to make her own dinner.
Dinner prep moved to the floor because she really likes to spread out when she cooks.

Finally she moved to the hallway and donned her toke, because all the best chefs need a good toke.

So I have to share this, even though it goes into the realms of diaper-talk. Lately I've been letting Katrina shadow me everywhere, even though that means she follows me into the bathroom. I use this time to talk about how Mommy and Daddy use a toilet and she goes to the bathroom in her diaper (someday I'll get over my aversion to the phrase "go potty," but not yet). Also, whenever I see her with a certain, um, expression, on her face, I say "Oh, are you going to the bathroom in your diaper? Are you poopy?" Each time I use the sign for toilet. So today I was very happy when I looked over at Katrina and she lifted up her hand and made the sign for toilet. I was surprised, but sure enough, when I checked, the diaper was dirty. I promptly called Adam, who wasn't nearly as excited as I was. Conversation:
"Katrina just told me she has a dirty diaper!"
"No, really, it's good because they say babies can't potty-train very well until they can talk and communicate that they need to go, and she just communicated!"
"That's cool, I guess."
So yeah, I was much more enthusiastic about this development.

Today I brought out the playdoh for the first time in awhile because last time she just wanted to eat it. It was very successful, though she is only allowed to play with it in the high chair after a couple of pieces got ground into the carpet. I took a video. I tried to get her to talk a little, but all she would say was "Thank you", which she uses interchangeably with "heryago." And at the end, she's actually not saying "Bye-bye," she's saying "baby." But I still think it's cute, especially for those of my family that haven't gotten to see Katrina in months.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finished product

Here's my finished project! I am very happy with it. I don't have any close-ups of the quilting or anything because it's not very exciting; I just did basic stipling. It was difficult because the quilt was larger than other ones I have worked with and so I was a bit more sloppy. I understand now why quilters wear rubber gloves to move the quilt around.
I also figured out a project for our living room and Adam gave me the go-ahead. We've been trying to decorate our living room and dining room for awhile but haven't been able to figure out what to do. I think what I have in mind will look good but I'm actually a bit nervous it won't. Oh well. The entire project will cost me only $30, so that's good.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quilting and Breathlessness

I got some sewing done today! This watercolor quilt has taken forever. I sewed the border on and started the machine quilting. Then my thread bobbin ran out at the same time Katrina woke up, so I'll have to finish it later. I've been delaying it because I couldn't figure out whether to work on the quilt or the curtains, and so I did neither. I hope to finish it in the next day or two and then I'll post pictures.

Katrina was so bored so easily this morning and I was happy to put her down for quiet time at 10. Then she fell asleep. Normally I wouldn't let her nap so early, but I was having difficulties breathing and whenever I stood up and walked around my heart raced more than that amount of exercise should warrant. I am used to breathlessness because whenever I get a Braxton Hicks contraction (luckily only a couple a day now, not like last week when I had them back-to-back one night and then regularly the entire next day), I get all breathless. It's strange. But anyway, this morning was different, and very uncomfortable. I started to get worried, mostly because I had labored breathing and a racing pulse last pregnancy at 32 weeks and it ended up being a precursor to a horrible cold. Finally I lurched my way from the computer chair to the bedroom and lay there for awhile. After that I felt better enough to quilt and I was fine the rest of the day. Phew! Hopefully I won't wake up tomorrow with an awful cold, since that cold that I had while pregnant with Katrina was so horrible my mom had to come and take care of me for several days because I was so incapacitated.

Katrina says "hi" in this cute little voice. It's quite cute, but it's gotten out of hand. As in, this is a conversation with her: "Hi." "Hi." "Hi." "Hello Katrina." Hi." "Hi, how are you?", etc. We went to Wal-mart tonight and she said her little hi to everyone we saw. At least I also got her to say "oval" and "bunny" today, and she has made several valiant attempts at "Jesus." Oh, and I've taught her "I love you" in sign language and she repeats it back to me when I sign it at her. Most words that I try to get her to say are still gibberish, and she turns most one-syllable words into two syllables. Oh, and most words she tries to say come out as "Daddy." Where's the Mama-love? :]

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bug Bites

Church was another struggle, like always. The weirdest things set Katrina off during Sacrament mtg. During the first prayer when we tried to have her fold her arms she started yelling, and then when someone came and joined us at the end of the bench she dissolved into tears. One of the brothers in the ward is in a wheelchair and he left halfway through, so she yelled so much I had to take her out to follow him. We picked the back row instead of our usual second or third row, thinking we'd be close to the back for when we had to take her out and also that there wouldn't be other kids around to distract and tempt her with their toys. Instead, I just felt guilty the whole time that we were bothering the people without kids. When she wasn't yelling, crying, or occasionally distracted enough to be quiet, she had this persistant whine: "Unnnnnnnhhhhh. Unnnnhhhh." Joyous. The next two hours were much better and I even took her away from Adam during my first sharing time break to introduce her to Nursery. Katrina is 17 months old! That means only one more month until she's old enough for Nursery! I think she'll do great. It was singing time and she was really intrigued, though she had a hard time sitting down like all of the other kids. We have brand new nursery leaders, but one of them Katrina knows from when she subbed in primary this summer and the other one she latched onto really easily today. I think she'll do great.

Adam had Bishop's Youth Committee tonight but I was pathetic and didn't want to spend all evening with a whiny baby, so we packed in the car and joined him. I tried to go on a walk with Katrina, but while I was changing her diaper and putting her in the stroller I managed to get six or more really bad bug bites on my legs. I react really badly to bug bites. They swell up, get all white and red, and drive me absolutely crazy. If I can keep from scratching them, they go down a lot in an hour or so. But then the next day they are usually back and itch like crazy, especially if my clothes and socks rub against them. So I tried to go on a walk, but Katrina didn't want to be in the stroller and I wanted to cry from the itchiness, so we headed back and joined the youth. They were past the discussion and onto the guest speaker, and I tried to just stand in the back with Katrina. But this is the same family we house sat for several months ago, the ones with the two golden retrievers, and Katrina was in absolute heaven. Heaven for her means ear-piercing shrieks of joy. Plus she was pounding her little feet around on the wood floor and the dogs were chasing her and basically half the kids were too distracted by the spectacle to listen. Ahh! Luckily it was over soon and then she could run around people's legs to her heart's content. Now we're home and Adam is mourning the fact that he sacrificed his last box of cake mix for the meeting tonight and can't make any "cakies" (cookies made with cake mix) for us to eat. I do admit, they are delicious, and I don't even really like cake or cookies.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lazy Saturday

As fun as outings are, it's nice to have a lazy Saturday sometimes too. We all slept in until 9, only getting up when a phone call woke us up. While Katrina was her usual level of energy and tantrums, it's so much easier to deal with it with two of us around. Unfortunately, Adam had to go into the office, so he's there right now. I've been doing small occasional cleaning jobs around the house with the goal of picking everything up enough to vacuum later on. So a nice lazy day.

The last few days have had lots of ups and downs. Basically, Wednesday and Thursday were down, and Friday was up. I'm glad I finally got a break, because constant whiny, crying, tantrum-y Katrina was really wearing on me. Yesterday we somehow hit a good groove and transitioned between free play, tv, blowing bubbles, drawing with crayons, and lunchtime with almost no complaints. Those are all activities that she loves but hates to stop doing, which is why I'm reluctant to ever turn the tv on, pull out the bubbles, or let her draw. But she gets bored faster these days with just running around playing with random things, so we've had to become more organized. One of my favorite activities is room time. Basically, I go and sit on the floor in her room and either read or watch as she plays with stuffed animals, the clothes in her drawers, her bed, and of course me (she finds it hilarious to come sit on me and bounce, whether it's on my face, chest, belly, or lap). She also can turn anything into a telephone and we have lots of conversations like this. "Hello, is this Katrina?" "Hi!" "How are you doing?" (she grabs phone, then gives it back to me). "Hello, are you there?" "'Ello!" (grabs phone, runs away).

The one thing that I'm really struggling with figuring out how to handle is Katrina's desire to hurt us. If she does something and we say "ow," she immediately does it again and harder. Or if I tell her stop doing something she throws it at me. I have been punched in the face, had my hair yanked, had phones and crayons thrown into my face, and Adam narrowly ducked a remote control today. Because hitting has been such a problem lately, I have been trying to keep timeouts to a minimum and finding other ways to get her to stop. But deliberately hurting us is a sure way to end up in timeout for a couple of minutes. Then I go to her door and open it, she stops crying, runs up and says "Hi!", closes it, waits for me to knock, opens it, "Hi!" She loves that game too. Except when she gets into her drama queen mode, her anger fizzles out pretty quickly.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dining room quilt hangings

Last night I finally got around to sewing the last seam around my wall hangings. They are now done! I do still have to attach little loops on top to hang it on the wall, but first I have to figure out where to hang them in the dining room.
I got the idea for the design from a quilt on Etsy that unfortunately was removed right after I discovered it. Maybe the shop owner saw so many hits on that one entry and decided to remove it so it couldn't be sold? It was an old listing.
It didn't turn out quite as I envisioned--I had a hard time finding the perfect fabric. I was supposed to have a light, medium, and dark green, a light, medium, and dark gold, and a fabric with both green and gold. If I did it again I would switch a couple of the fabrics.

I also didn't have enough brown fabric for the binding because I used it to practice quilting on and forgot I would still need more. But I had cut the backs large enough that I just folded the sides over twice and sewed them down to the front.

One thing I planned to do with this project was to quilt it by hand. I thought it would be a nice project that I could do in the living room and still be able to spend time with Adam. Well, my hand quilting wasn't turning out very well and I decided to try my hand at machine quilting leaves. I practiced a lot and it wasn't that hard! I really like the varigated thread that I used.. It makes it look extra cool.

Here's some closer detail on a section that doesn't have any glaring mistakes.
I am so relieved right now to finally have Katrina asleep. All morning has been filled with power struggles over sippy cups, crayons, tv, bubbles, and finally a nap. Her last molar has popped through so I don't think it's teething, but I really feel like something is up. We're keeping an eye out for any signs of an ear infection. Most days we struggle over the same things, but today she has spent more of it upset that not.
Adam is on his way to get the car damage appraised. It's pretty scraped up, but the real problem is the door. It's dented in so much that Adam has to climb over from the passenger side in order to get into the car! So I have more details on what happened. The main road near us is two lanes in both directions with no turn lanes, so people are in the habit of whipping around cars that are waiting to turn left or right. This kid got impatient waiting behind a car turning left, and shifted into the right lane, just like everyone else does. Only he didn't really look and shifted lanes right into the side of our car. I'm glad Katrina and I weren't in the car because it would have been pretty stressful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grateful Sigh

I just got the kind of phone call that you hate to have to get--"I just got in a car accident." Luckily I could tell from Adam's tone that he was perfectly fine, just quite shook up. He wanted a number for insurance and then hung up. Several things went through my mind. We just had a conversation the other day about how I prayed we wouldn't get in an accident so we wouldn't use up our savings on the deductable. But at the same time, I felt peace that we do have savings right now. I am so happy with how we are doing money-wise. We have enough to save a little, pay off lots of student debt, be frugal, and sometimes still have enough leftover for little extras, like buying fabric or getting pizza. We would love another car and to be saving for a house, but those things can wait. So anyway, I waited impatiently for the follow-up call. No wonder Adam was shaken up! The poor teenager didn't see him and pretty much turned right into Adam's door. So right now I'm feeling mostly just relief that Adam's okay, that our car isn't totalled, and that he wasn't the one at fault! :] We also had a conversation just the other day about someone else who was in an accident, and when he called his wife her first response was "What did you do?!" I am happy to say that was not my first response. It was, "How bad was it? Are you all right?"

I had one of those days where it felt like I was constantly wasting time on the computer, draining my life away. I much prefer when I have library books to read. I did do a load of laundry, organize a little in the baby's room, and I managed to get dinner on the table! Sometimes I don't feel like a very good homemaker, since, well, I'm not! I clean as little and as rarely as possible, I sit around all day when I could be cleaning, and I rarely cook since being pregnant. I just try to do one or two productive things each day and call it good. I don't stress over it, because if I do, I know I'll get depressed. I read an LDS internet board a lot lately and I realize both that I have a lot of work to do to be a better homemaker, and that Adam is the most awesome husband ever because he supports me and doesn't ever complain about what I do and don't accomplish.

So here's my funny Katrina story of the day. I was in the bathroom/laundry room working on the laundry and Katrina was playing behind me, as usual. I turned around to look at her and felt briefly disoriented as my brain tried to figure out what my mind was seeing. She was standing on her head in the tub! I watched as she slowly tipped over onto her back, and then I shook myself into action and rescued her. She whimpered a little and looked pretty shocked, but I don't think she was any worse for wear. As far as I can tell, she was reaching for something at the bottom or trying to climb in and ended up head first.

So I just had to remove Katrina's sippy cup from her because every time I turned my back she was using it to pour water on the side table. After the last time, I gave her the cloth to wipe up the water, which she did obediently, but I decided to take away the cup just in case she got too fond of the wiping! I love it when she's helpful. While I was putting clothes away today she kept picking them up off of the pile and handing them to me nicely.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ringing Rocks

We went on a family outing today that was pretty fun. How often do you get to bring hammers for your hike? We went to Ringing Rocks Park, which is this little county park about an hour north of us. The interesting thing about this field of boulders is that some of the rocks let out this ringing noise when you hit them with hammers or other rocks. Apparently it's a bit of a mystery why they ring like that, and why only some of them ring while others don't. Also, most rock fields like this are from glaciers but glaciers aren't supposed to have come down this far south. Adam's parents called us and invited us along. Right after we left I remembered that I had made arrangements to get a pack n play off of Craigslist, so we had to go home, call the man, and then go pick it up. Adam set it up tonight and it looks great! It's clean, not very old, and had the bassinet attachment. It will be nice both to have something to travel with and to put the new baby in to keep him away from Katrina. It's also a relief because now we have pretty much everything for this new baby except a stroller and clothes. We know which stroller we want and are just waiting until Christmas. As for clothes, I've discovered that you really just have to wait and plenty of clothes find their way to you! We didn't buy Katrina any clothes until right after my shower and that was smart. I already have a little drawer of little boy clothes that I am accumulating. :]

The drive to the park was gorgeous, through lots of farms and luxury communities and quaint towns. At the park, I had some problem climbing around the rocks, since my balance is off, but I have excellent shoes and I just took it slow. We didn't take Katrina with us for the rock banging part, but she did come with us to see a little waterfall further along the path. The little punk insisted on her Nana holding her almost the entire way down and back, so Adam's mom definitely got her weight-bearing exercise! Katrina is so awful around her grandparents these days. She screams when Nana gets out of eyesight, and then a few minutes later she'll scream when Adam or I goes away too, but if we take her away from her Nana all heck breaks loose. Also, she's taken to calling me Nananama or something like that. At church she also has her favorites--Adam brought her by to wave at me while I was playing piano yesterday and Katrina attached herself to her favorite counselor in the Primary presidency, not even looking at me. Adam had to take her away yelling then too.

When she is not yelling or throwing herself on the floor in a tantrum, Katrina is pretty cute. She liked to say "Weee" whenever she is having fun, which means whenever she is sliding backwards on her tummy down stairs, going down slides, climbing on and off of her bed, dancing to music, and other random times. In the past day or two she has also picked up "Whoa" and "Wow." Speaking of the bed, Katrina loves to play on it. She figured out how to climb on and off of it and transferred that knowledge to the couch. The couch is much harder, but she has succeeded a few times. Unfortunately, she then stands up on the very edge and I have to quickly stabilize her so she doesn't fall right off. Oh, and one more anecdote, that's all, I promise. We were waiting for our food on Saturday while eating lunch with Nana and Great Grad. I had brought a bag of whole strawberries with just the tops cut off, intending on cutting them up while we were eating. Katrina stuffed an entire one into her mouth, juice dripping everywhere (insert huge cringe). She then picked up the wad of napkins that I had put near her and wiped off her own face! She ate the whole bag of strawberries and cleaned herself up after every bite. We thought that was awesome! I tried to get her to clean herself off this morning with her own wet paper towel, but she just sucked on it. Still, progress is good. My baby might be a pain in the neck, but she has manners (she signs please and says thank you!) and she is fairly tidy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm exhausted, in a good way

We have really been having eventful Saturdays lately. Oh, and Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I love three-day weekends. We haven't even discussed what to do Monday, but I bet it will be fun.

Today we treated Adam's grandmother and mother to a day at Chanticleer gardens, which is a beautiful estate near us. I loved it because instead of having carefully groomed flower beds, everything was much more wild and it was fun looking around for all of the flowers peeking out here and there. The architecture was fun, there were some gorgeous ruins, and they allowed people to walk on the lawns, so Katrina could run around to her heart's content. Grad and I hung out together, me walking with the stroller and her with her walker. Even though I walked super slowly, my stomach is worn out from the hills. We then went to a delicious little cafe and finished up at a candy store that Adam has been eyeing for months. It was awesome! I barely could keep myself from buying bags of it. We each got ice cream and made use of the endless toppings bar. Oh, and the little chairs looked like ice cream cones and the tabletops were chalkboards!

Now we're watching Ninja Warrior while Katrina naps. Good day! Even though I had to wake up early to go take my glucose tolerance test. Bleh, never choose the fruit punch kind if you have a choice. Oh, and yesterday I quilted my dining room wall hangings! They are almost done, and I will take pictures when I am done. I'm super happy with how the machine quilting went, since I was making leaves and those were kind of tricky.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I stand corrected

I have been corrected on an important issue regarding pronunciation. First of all, this is Katrina's favorite stuffed animal.

Katrina has a book, Personal Penguin, by one of my favorite kids authors, Sandra Boynton. It has a song that goes with it and we end up playing it several times a day on the computer. Katrina likes to bring either the stuffed animal or the book over to us and that means, please sing. So this morning she was putting her hand in the sign for "book" and saying "Deddy." Somehow I figured out she was asking for her penguin. I helped her find it, and sure enough, she saw it and kept squealing "Deddy!" I tried to correct her several times by saying "Penguin. Peng-guin." She looked back at me and said, "Ded-dy." So there you go. Penguin is pronounced "Deddy," blanket is pronounced "Nana," and Mommy really needs to figure these sorts of things out!

I spent yesterday in New Jersey while Adam went to New York with his dad. I was pretty tired and wanted to just stay at home, but we were concerned because of the large number of Braxton Hicks I was experiencing. I called the on-call doctor the night before when they started happening pretty frequently, but he just told me they were probably muscle spasms and I should get off my feet and drink more water and that I had probably overdone it. This made me a little mad, because I spend most of my days sitting, laying down, and try not to carry Katrina much. It was also hard for me to tell if they were Braxton Hicks contractions or not, since they didn't feel like what I had last pregnancy. Those would grab me painfully when I walked too fast or for too long, and I would have to stop walking until they subsided. These come in as waves of pressure and take my breath away even though they aren't really painful. Anyway, I had them all day yesterday even though I was taking it as easy as possible and so today I drove Adam to work so I can go to the doctor if necessary. I have only had two weak ones today, so it seems like things are improving. Everyone always says "Call your doctor!" when things like this happen, but I absolutely hate doing that because they make me feel stupid even though I've researched and am only calling them because I seriously am worried.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas in... September

I am in a Christmas mood today. I have spent most of Katrina's nap searching online, planning, and beginning Christmas presents! This may seem way early, but it actually seems way too close to me! We normally start thinking about Christmas presents in October and buying them in November and the beginning of December. Since I'd kind of like to cut down on all non-baby stress as much as possible around delivery time, I am already working on Christmas. Also, we are cutting back on finances for Christmas gifts as much as possible. We did that last year to a point, but it helped that we made the same gift for Adam's whole family. We digitized their family photo collection. I spent most of November and December scanning! That was great, but this year we are back to individual presents for people, and as much as I lobbied for fudge or hot cocoa, Adam remained unenthusiastic. But over the past day or two we have had a couple of brain waves about presents for hard-to-shop-for relatives and I have been coming up with some homemade gift ideas for others. In my (not-so-) humble opinion, I have come up with some awesome gifts. :]

Of course I can't share these ideas, but I can share that of the 17 people on my family gift list, I have 8 gift ideas taken care of. Five of those people are yet to be determined (my immediate family has a Christmas list so each person only has to give to one sibling or niece/nephew, and my extended family has a similar list), and I just haven't thought hard enough yet about a couple others, which only leaves two horribly impossibly family members to think of gifts for. Well, the people aren't horribly impossible, just thinking of gifts for them is! Oh, and I haven't even thought about what to get Adam. Maybe I'll pull a cheap shot and claim that I'm giving him the best Christmas gift of all--a son. Adam James, Jr. Ooo, or I could insist on a Christmas-themed name, like Angelo, or Noel.