Sunday, August 16, 2009

Valley Forge Picnic

I've been taking the camera out with us more lately, as you can tell from the abundance of pictures on the blog. Today we decided to have a picnic in Valley Forge. We didn't actually have the energy to pack dinner for all of us, so we just brought Katrina some food and we just enjoyed being outside.

Katrina couldn't figure out how to walk on a steep hill. Watching her struggle was pretty funny.
For us, at least.
And standing up was even harder!

But we brought some yummy food.
Can you eat cheese with a spoon? Possibly.

Valley Forge is always pretty. We picked a nice green spot without as much summer kill.

These hills were killer on me, with and without the stroller.
I told Adam to get a good picture of me, because I always am the one taking the picture.
He told me to stick my belly out and look more pregnant. I guess I tried for "more sexy" too.
Katrina is obsessed with our water bottles.

Then we headed back to our car...

...where we spent upwards of twenty minutes with Adam trying to get a bee out of the car and me following Katrina around a huge, empty parking lot. She played with her first stick and had tons of fun, and I got tired quickly and my belly was sore, which usually means a growth spurt! I thought for sure she would crash when we got home, but we've been home over half an hour and she's still going strong. Bedtime is in twenty minutes, so hopefully she will be tired enough by then to happily go to sleep.

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JenniferB said...

Sounds like a really fun time and the picture is so cute!