Saturday, August 29, 2009

Toddler Bed and a Surprise Daytrip

We had another successful Craigslist purchase yesterday. This person lives way out west and we met in the middle. Adam and I were waiting outside of the car looking for a blue Sienna minivan, but since we were in BabiesRUs parking lot, we actually saw three! Luckily we were able to fit the bed and mattress (if you're grossed out by re-using mattresses, we also bought a mattress cover and probably will buy a new one anyway, don't worry) into the car with only one of the seats down and with Katrina kicking the bed frame the whole way home.
She was initially hesitant, but once we made it up and put a soft afghan and her familiar stuffed animals and pillow on it, then she warmed up to it quickly.

We are trying to teach her to climb into it herself but she has only succeeded once. I'm sure she'll get better quickly.

I don't think she'll be using it to sleep in for awhile, but now we have one less big purchase to make and she can get used to the idea of it.

A bonus head shot for good measure.
Today we headed up to a huge consignment sale in a little town called Bryn Athyn. This place was a strange mixture of rich homes and old architecture. We felt like we had stepped a few hundred years into the past. Part of the reason was because of this:

A cathedral? In Pennsylvania? We went to the consignment sale but didn't find any pack n plays that we liked, though I did get my first maternity skirt and we bought our first non-diaper purchase for the new baby--a cute green sleeper.
We headed over to the church so I could take some pictures.

Then as we drove around the premises we found this other huge building. It said there was a museum inside with the first floor being free, so we headed inside.

Apparently this was the home of the family of the man who built the cathedral. Bryn Athyn was founded by a religion calling themselves the New Church. We had seen that phrase everywhere, on the schools and the college, and after watching an introductory film it made a lot more sense.

A beautiful mosaic. We really wanted to go on a tour of the rest of the place and see the art that this guy had collected, but it was 75 minutes long and Katrina was pretty antsy.
This place was Romanesque, but apparently when building it and the cathedral, the architect quit and the man, who had no architectural experience, had to take over. This place was built in the 20s and 30s, but they ended up using authentic medieval practices to build it because that's just how things worked better for them.
We had fun walking around the grounds, tiring Katrina out.
Anyway, it was a fun and pretty trip and we arrived home right at lunchtime, so we still have the whole day to let Katrina nap and have fun. This morning I woke Adam up before 8 and said urgently that he needed to take a shower. He thought I was just eager to go to the consignment sale, so he obliged, but I really just thought it was a workday! It turned out to be a good thing we didn't sleep in because we were able to get everything done in the morning. Plus I made french toast for breakfast and Katrina had her first non-oatmeal breakfast in months.

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