Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Talk Panic

About three minutes before we arrived at church today, I remembered something very important. And very stressful. Namely, I was supposed to give a talk! Ahhhhhhh! I was asked three weeks ago and really appreciated that they gave me so much time. But then I forgot. And every time I remembered I promptly forgot again. It's not even as if I purposely procrastinated--I just was incapable of remembering long enough to do any more than vaguely think about the subject. Oh, and guess how broad my topic was? Prophets. Yep, that was my assignment.

I feel pretty bad about this, but after I got over hyperventilating and praying like crazy (do you know how fast you can say "Ahhh help me help me I have a talk I need help I'm sorry I forgot please help me" in your head? It takes a split second. Then I said, "Adam, tell me what to say!" Then I started writing down what he told me. We sat in the car in the parking lot while I flipped through the scriptures and scribbled down random thoughts. Adam found something about prophets in Preach My Gospel and I worked that in. I used the True To The Faith booklet as well, plus the pamphlet from that place we visited yesterday. The talk ended up all right. There were three speakers, so I didn't feel pressure to make it very long. I think it was about ten minutes. Three or four people told me how much they enjoyed my talk, so I count it as a success and have been very grateful all day.

Yesterday we finished off our Saturday with a trip to IKEA. Though we really wanted to use our gift card up on fun things, we ultimately decided to spend it on a new dresser. Up to this point we have been putting Katrina's clothes in a hanging organizer in her closet, but I dislike using it so much that her clothes are almost always on the floor in a pile. We have planned on giving her our dresser, which is pale pink and Adam's favorite piece of furniture in our room. :] However, even at IKEA, we didn't really find anything large enough at a price we wanted, so we went to the kids section.

This is what we ended up buying. We have it filled with green and white tubs of various sizes. After we picked up some newborn size clothes from my sister-in-law today (my newest nephew is a little chunk and has grown so quickly--he is the cutest little baby!), I was able to fill up the tubs with little boy and little girl clothes. I think I'll still have to use the hanging thing in the closet for some things, but for the majority, and for everything we'll need on a regular basis, I can fit it into this storage area. The biggest downside is that Katrina figured out right away how to pull out the tubs and tear everything out. That's actually a huge disadvantage. But at least the clothes have an easy-access place now to be stored. Also, the nursery is bursting at its seams now because we have all sorts of new baby things stored in there as well, like a swing and diapers and the carseat. New babies require so much stuff for being so little! :]


Elise said...

Wow Tori, you sure have good presence of mind in that situation. I think I would have gone home and cried! It sounds like your talk worked out really well.

And I love the storage system you have now. It must look so cute with those bins. Aren't you glad you have green and yellow in your nursery? Now it works for both kids!

Momza said...

:::APPLAUSE::: for creating a talk on the spot! Wow.

And you are brave for having clothes in little drawers that little hands can reach and pull...oh I couldn't do it.

Katrina is sure a cutie tho! How is your pregnancy going? Any names for a boy yet?
Dani and Brad haven't decided yet.
Have a super day!