Friday, August 21, 2009

Some quick pictures

Quick, because Katrina just woke up. I don't understand why, she has only been asleep for a little over an hour and she ate lunch right beforehand, so she should be sleeping for another hour and a half!
It's blurry because I was fighting to keep the camera away from her grasping fingers, but you can see Katrina's banged up upper lip.
My quilt top is finished! I can't do anything more on it until I can find some fabric for the border and backing. I don't trust my local Jo-Anns to have much, so I've been looking online. My biggest temptation of Katrina's nap was to refrain from buying a 25 for $25 fat quarter sale. You never find batiks that cheap. Of course, I really don't need 25 fat quarters, I just need one yard. But 25 for $25! I closed the computer screen finally so I would stop lusting after it.

Here is a preview of my next quilt project.

And a belly picture, since I finally have one. Please ignore my obviously filthy mirror. I am 25 weeks tomorrow. Only a couple weeks and I will be in my final trimester!
Adam and I might go to the beach tomorrow. We are still deciding. If so, I will have lots of fun pictures of that. If not, well tomorrow will be really uneventful, but we'll probably do something productive and boring, like throwing away the random cardboard boxes in our apartment and moving Katrina's clothes from the floor to the closet. Maybe we'll clean the hallway closet. Whoo-hoo.


Momza said...

First, I hope Katrina's lip heals quick quick quick!
And I love your quilt top.
And your tummy looks wonderful! The baby will be here before you know it!
I hope you get to go to the beach...hall closets can wait. Just shut the door...winter will be here and you'll wish you spent one more day at the beach!

sb said...

So, where is this 25 for $25 sale and is it only on batiks? I don't think I have any projects that require batiks, but cute calicos in general could be a big temptation. Gosh, I love fabric!

Elise said...

Um, you're wrong. So very, very wrong. That is a very cute baby bump! You don't look lumpy like you said in your last post, you look cute and little and pregnant!