Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Each night when Katrina goes to bed I pull out my wall hanging and do more quilting. Right now I am working on the hand quilting part, and then I am going to try machine quilting the rest. I was so frustrated with it last time, but this time I bought more expensive metallic thread and metallic needles, so I hope it works better. I already had to pull out a bunch of the machine quilting because it pulled all of the straight vertical lines to the left and it looked horrible. I wanted to cry, because it seems like this wall hanging is turning out worse than the other one even though I have more experience and am being more meticulous. You can see the problem in the picture. It should look better now that I've pulled out the problem stitches and will handquilt it.

My next project is fun. Adam's grandmother showed me a beautiful quilt she did made of a bunch of small squares carefully arranged to look like a picture. It was breathtaking, and I immediately went home and researched how to make one. They are called watercolor quilts, or impressionist quilts. Normal block quilts don't really interest me (or fit with my decor), but I love quilts that are more like art. I found some really cheap batik on eBay (now that I know that eBay is a great place to find fabric, I may have created a monster), and it came in the mail yesterday. I've been busy arranging all of the squares and coming up with some fun patterns. This was the first that I came up with. I am still experimenting with value, as well as with the basic design, which will probably be very different from what is below.

I have a list of fun projects to do that just keeps growing. Fortunately, I know that my true love is coming up with project ideas and figuring out the cheapest way to do them. I don't always actually enjoy doing the project or the finished result. Because of that, I am having lots of fun planning but restraining my impulses to buy supplies (except with the batik, because it was gorgeous!). Some ideas that I have are: some sort of family history chart for the living room, fabric books for Katrina, coasters that match the wall hangings, crocheting a blanket for the new baby, painting some tiles to hang on the walls in the bathroom... The list goes on.

In other news, we figured out that water did get into our car the other day when we were in that flash flood. I couldn't figure out why the floor carpet on my side was still so wet. Adam took it out of the car and it was dripping. He checked the backseat and the other floor carpet on my side was also sopping. Since my side of the car was in deeper, apparently water came up from underneath. Yikes! I'm glad we got out of there when we did.


Jolena said...

So you're telling me that your quilt looks horrible and you aren't doing a very good job on it even though it's your second, but I'll I'm hearing/seeing is, "My sister is so creative and amazing and I can't believe she came up with that cool quilted wall hanging and the quilt art is pretty much incredible." Yeah, that's definitely what I'm hearing. love ya!

Elise said...

Ditto on what Jolena said. Also: Um, Holy cow! You are a genius. I should not be surprised at how amazing and beautiful your quilts are, because you are a very, very talented person. But I am. I think this means I lack foresight (right sight?).

I am really digging that impressionist quilt. Batik fabrics are the best!

Anonymous said...

Wow Tori - that is beautiful!