Friday, August 7, 2009

Progress and curtains

Yesterday Adam and I decided to take advantage of some good deals at IKEA and finally bought some curtains. The new windows in our apartment are awesome, but they have bulkier frames and the windows just look sad with only blinds. So we picked up some curtains for our bedroom and the living room. Here are the living room ones right after we put them up. My project today is to wash, iron, and hem them. We kind of thought they would be a little darker, and not so close to the color of our walls, but for $15 curtains, we're not too picky.
Remember my watercolor quilt? Here was the first design.
Here is the second:
And here is the third that I worked on last night. This one is made up of three smaller panels, one blue, one orange (as pictured below), with the intention of having the middle panel be made up of both colors.

This is the middle panel below. Can you tell it's a volcano? I know it's kind of hard to tell.

Anyway, this project is fun, but I really need to settle on a design, because every time I handle the squares they unravel more and more. It's tough because I didn't pick the individual fabrics, I just bought a set of blue fabric, one of orange, and one of multiple colors. I figured that for an experiment, I didn't want to slave super hard over picking my own fabrics when I could just see what I could do with the stuff I found on the internet. It's been difficult and frustrating so far to come up with a design that fits, and then put together in a satisfying way.
So yesterday my post was going to chronicle how the day was just going on and on, no matter how many things I tried to do to entertain Katrina. Adam came home to her crying and me laying on the couch doing my bext to ignore it--no fun for anyone! I also finished the quilting on my wall hanging. It was good for the first part, but then the needle and thread started acting up and I ended up with dropped stitches everywhere. I will go back and take them out and hand quilt those parts. I just need to bind it now and sew on the embroidery circles.
Katrina was systematically removing all of the DVDs, so I thought I would show her The Snowman, but she isn't that entertained, so I'm going to turn it off. Plus, the washer just stopped and I have to go figure out a place to hang more curtains since they can't be dried in the drier.

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Jolena said...

I love those kinds of curtains! Bill and I have 2 sets in our apartment. One navy blue and one lime green. We were able to get a set that didn't go to the floor, so I didn't have to hem them, though. I found a pretty cool idea for tie backs that cost me about $3. I'll tell you about it if you're interested.

I love all your designs for your quilt! I think my favorite is still that first one. What can I say? You're a creative genius!

Love ya and hang in there!