Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture Post

I finally pulled out the laptop. Our new furniture arrangment makes it easier to plug into the wall. So I finally downloaded the pictures on our camera. I can't promise they will be in order (have I mentioned how blogger stopped uploading my pictures in the order I list them?), but there are lots of cute ones.
Katrina with my sister Natasha. I thought this was a cute picture of both of them. And Natasha just got engaged! Whoo-hoo! Three Jones weddings in one year.
Katrina with Daddy. This is at the family reunion, like the previous one.

I actually thought Katrina was behind the couch, so I pointed the camera where I thought she was, and then realized she was starting to climb the stairs (this was her first encounter with stairs). I think it's a cute picture. She's much better at stairs now. She can scoot right up them, and when she realizes they are there, she has started turning herself around to scoot down them. But sometimes she doesn't see them and tries to walk off the edge.

Playing around in her high chair.

Clapping for the camera.

When I hear strange noises from the other room, or when I don't hear anything, I go to check. This is what I found! After that, my box of craft supplies was moved to my closet.

I kind of dislike messy baby shots, and Katrina is rarely ever this messy, but after feeding herself peach sauce (she refuses to eat most fruit anymore unless I trick her by pureeing it) and yougurt, I had to take a picture.
Katrina loves to play the piano with me. I put her on the chair and let her go to town.

See how long her hair is? It hangs down in her eyes and goes all the way down to her cheeks. I actually managed to get it into a ponytail today, but most of the time she pulls anything out, including rubber bands. Oh well, we're making progress, and she looks much more girly when I can get a bow or pony tail in there.

Cute baby.


Tasha's Life said...

Love, love, love the pictures!!!! Thanks for posting! I miss you guys so much and wish I could give Katrina a huge hug and kiss.

Elise said...

Cute pictures. . .but hello! Where's your baby bump, Tori??? Don't make me call you Tor Tor. Cause yeah. I'll do it.