Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I seem to have figured out the perfect naptime formula. Katrina wakes up between 8-9. Around 11 or so, she usually gets to a point where she's unhappy, whiny, and hits me a lot. At that point she gets plopped in her crib for 20-30 minutes of "quiet time" in which she happily plays with her blanket, feet, does laps, talks, and sometimes is quiet for long enough that I think she might actually doze off. Then when she complains, I let her out. Around 12:30 I feed her lunch, at about 1:00 I put her down, and then she either talks to herself for awhile or, like today, she falls asleep right away. Then she naps for 2-3 hours. Ahhh, naps. I ate right away today, so now I have tons of options. I will probably sew for awhile and then take a shower. I'm not sure what ever happened to taking a shower at the beginning of the day, but it hasn't happened in a long time! I'd rather sleep.

My quilt is coming along slowly. It takes awhile to sew all the squares into strips. If I work really hard on that during the nap and tonight, I think I'll finally be done. Then I have to sew all the strips together. Bleh. Oh well. I designed some more small quilts for the dining room using Publisher and scanning in the fabric, because I really liked doing that before. The colors don't turn out as accurately, but I get a good idea of what it will look like. I like to troll Etsy and get ideas from what other people have done, and then play with their designs to make something I like. After this, I'm pretty sure I'll take a break from quilting and try to figure out how to decorate the other two walls in Katrina's bedroom. I found an awesome blog with tons of pictures of nurseries, but since my budget=cheap, or already in my possession, it cuts down on my options. The room already looks so cute that it doesn't need much. I might forego adding things until the new baby is here and I can personalize something with his name (which is, as of right now, still Baby Y). In that case, my next project should probably be making coasters for the living room so we can retire our thick, heavy ones that are dangerous when they come into contact with toddlers.

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mom said...

Does baby Y have his own theme or a continuation of frogs---turtles??