Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lounging around

There you go. A bunch of pictures of Katrina taken in the last week or so. And here is my latest iteration of my quilt design, the one that I am planning on going with. Oh, I don't think I ever told you about what a great husband Adam was this weekend! He did a bunch of chores with me on Saturday, bought me spontaneous flowers, treated me to Ritas, and set up a program on Publisher so that I could scan in some of my fabric squares and then arrange them to my heart's content without having to worry about them fraying. I made lots of geometric designs, a few other landscapes, and ended up putting together two previous designs. Then last night I spent a couple of hours arranging the squares according to the design, figuring out exactly which pieces should go where for the best color arrangement. So much fun!


Evenspor said...

That is awesome.

Momza said...

beautiful! you really have a natural talent Tori.

Tasha's Life said...

Really cool! And I love that picture of Katrina in the shoes. I love when you post pictures and videos. I started school today with kids and testing them. Summer is officially over! Bummer!