Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Library walk

Thanks for all of the support and ideas! I love how I can come on here and say "I have no idea what to do with this whole parenthood thing," and everyone helps me out and commiserates!

Today I really wanted to go to the library. I picked up a bunch of young adult fiction the other day and really hit the jackpot--I found four authors I liked and all of them have more books to read! I knew it would be no problem to go tonight with Adam, but I wanted to try going in the morning with Katrina. This is the first time in a long time I've walked there, because I normally do it right before Adam gets off of work so he can pick me up, and it's been way too hot in the afternoons lately to do that. This is the very first time that I planned on walking there and back. It's about 35 minutes each way when you include a couple of breaks and me slowing down occasionally so my uterus can stop squeezing so tight!

I'm sure I got sunburned. I forgot sunscreen. Also, all of our adult hats are in the car still from beach day! I really wish I would have at least put sunscreen and a hat on Katrina, but I remembered too late. Halfway through, I sat down in a shaded area and called Adam to tell him what I was up to (I was secretly nervous the whole time that I would have to call him and tell him to come rescue me). Right then I put my arm down on the picnic table and yikes! There was a wasp there! I jumped up, it flew away drunkenly because I had probably squished it, and I let out a huge screech. Then I remembered I was on the phone, and told Adam about it as Katrina and I quickly strolled away. I kept lifting up my forearm and craning my neck to see if it was reacting at all, because I had definitely felt a poke. I've never been stung by anything before, and I've always been really nervous that I'm allergic, since a couple of my family members are and I react really strongly to bug bites. The area really hurt, and sure enough, a few minutes later it was all raised and white, surrounded by a red area. Since I could still breathe, I stopped being worried. Adam told me to put ice on it, so at the library I got some ice from a nice worker. Now that I'm home I can't even see where it was and I only get little pangs now and then.

Katrina was great. She followed me as I looked for books and was fairly obedient about staying close by me. Once I was done we went to the kids section and she played with the toys. I felt a little self-conscious because all the other mothers were there reading books to their kids, but I read to Katrina all the time, so I just sat there with my ice and helped her play with the blocks and wire bead mazes. Her favorite toy was the computer keyboard. She had lots of fun carrying it around and pounding on it (she likes to do that on ours too, but I am mean and make her stop). I was a little nervous that she wouldn't want to go and would make a scene, but then she discovered the multi-colored shapes in the carpet and ran around finding them and bending down to hit them. That conveniently led to the door and I was able to get her out, into the stroller, and on our way home with absolutely no crying. Whoo-hoo! We got home, stopping by the park so she could run around a little more, and I just put her down for a nap. I am exhausted and hungry, but I've gotten my exercise for the week (I wish that were a joke but it's not!) and most of the day is past once you include her nap. Then I'll stick some tv on for her and make dinner, since I actually defrosted some meat and that always helps me motivated to cook.

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Sarah GM said...

How much fun! Aside from the sting. I am allergic to bee stings, so I carry an epipen. It was not fun finding out, but I haven't gotten stung since.

I checked out the chasing cheerios blog and second its recommendation. I really like and will have to go to the dollar store now for some supplies.

Katrina banging around on the keyboard got me thinking. Look around on craigslist or freecycle for someone getting rid of an old computer (for free of course) and let Katrina have at it. Charlotte does it on our computer too. I have to unplug it from the tower so she doesn't reprogram the whole computer!