Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I did not stage this

I've mentioned before that whenever Katrina is in another room, I listen like a hawk so I know what she is doing, and if there are unfamiliar sounds or no sound at all for too long, I go to investigate. So this is what I found today. :] I think this little girl is pretty smart.

She's also a pain in the neck. The past week has been horrible in relation to entertaining her. If I am at the computer, she wants up. If I am sitting down on the couch to read, she wants up, and then she runs around and jumps on the couch and gives me a heart attack every time she almost falls off. Then she turns the tv on. Occasionally I will give in to her and turn on the cable box, but then after a little while of inane shows (and a few that I really enjoy too, but those are of course never the ones on), I turn it off. And then there's the resulting tantrum. Right now I am dealing with her wanting to eat some snacks directly from the bowl she found in my diaper bag, and I'm insisting that she eat the ones I put on the table instead.

Another fun thing is that her naps are crazy again. She's getting tired earlier in the day, but not taking afternoon naps, so days like today are tough because she slept from 11:00-12:00 and that's all. So the rest of the day will be awful unless I can get her to take another nap, which is highly unlikely.

I had my appointment finally with the Ear Nose and Throat doctor. They said exactly what I thought they would--you had a bad cold, sometimes that just causes loss of smell, who knows if it will ever get completely better. Deal with it, and here's some steroid nasal spray to open up your nasal passages (they couldn't get the probe up my nose, which was very unpleasant because the numbing spray apparently hadn't been able to get up there either. But that's likely because I am still recovering from a mild cold.) I was not happy to pay my huge copay to hear that, but I guess it's better than nose cancer! Honestly, my taste is 85% back to normal, and I can smell things, they just don't smell how they used to. And some things I can't smell very well at all, luckily one of which is her dirty diapers.

I have more pictures and a fun video to post, though that will wait until later today or tomorrow. I have to read "There's a Wocket in My Pocket" to Katrina. Or not. She has found something else to entertain herself (finally!) and I might even be able to sneak in some lunch, though if not, Adam will be home in an hour and we'll just eat dinner. Have I mentioned she makes it difficult for me to eat?


Jolena said...

I love the picture! Every child has to try on her parent's shoes sometime. It just has to happen. :)

Evenspor said...

Is it possible the smell/taste thing could be in part due to pregnancy hormones?