Thursday, August 27, 2009

A few language breakthroughs

Just a couple of days ago I was reading about this lady's sixteen month old who can say 75 words and string them together into phrases, and I told Adam that I thought Katrina was not very good at talking and I couldn't wait until she had a breakthrough. Well, I feel much more enthusiastic now. Last week Katrina could say Mama (very occasionally), Dada, a form of Thank You, HereYouGo, and Baby. She could sign several words too. Oh, and she could say four animal noises--moo, meow, woof, and hiss. Over the last couple of days she has widened her animal noises to include a monkey and occasionally when prompted, she can roar. I also caught her saying "Uh-oh" several times when she dropped things. She also has started saying "weeeee" while she dances in circles to music. Oh, and when we visited Jersey on Saturday she kept saying Nana.

Then, yesterday she brought me a block that has letters and animals on the sides. She just realized last week there are things on the sides of the blocks and since then I have been pointing them out to her. She brought me the T block, so I showed her the letter and told her there was a turtle on the block. Then, "can you say Turtle? Turtle." "Ter-tul." !!!!! I made sure to give her lots of praise and tried to reinforce it by showing her more pictures of turtles.

On the way home from the store, I told Adam about it and said that I had thought she might have tried to say "bubble" when we were blowing bubbles. "Katrina, say bubble." "Bub-bul." Whoo-hoo! Adam is always skeptical about these sorts of things so he had to make her say it several more times before he was positive she knew it, and then he expressed doubt that she knew what a bubble was. Ha, I proved him wrong when we got home and she screeched "Bubble!" when I took out the bottle of bubbles.

I've tried to get her to say more things, and for the first time she is actually trying to say things when I prompt her. Most things come out as vowel sounds only, or as some variant of Da, Do, or Dao. "Say star!" "Da!" Blanket turned into "Nana", so I stopped trying to push that. Oh, and she has finally started signing Please correctly (previously it was the same as Help, which she actually does wrong as well--she folds her arm like she's praying) and I got her to sign Again for the first time ever. Go Katrina!

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Shalyse said...

That is AWESOME! I love hearing new things that Katrina is doing! Thank you for sharing! What a sweet girl! Hey, I'd love to see video of her saying some cute things. I understand that getting kids to say things is totally different than getting it to happen on camera. Anyway, it would be fun for her to look back and see her saying some of her first words! I love your blog!