Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Day!

Beach Day was fun, but awful at the same time. We debated whether or not to go, since the weather was so rainy where we are at, but the forecast looked better this morning than it did last night, so we headed to the beach. Then we got there, and realized we forgot the stroller! It's usually in the car, but Adam got it out for me yesterday so I could take a walk with Katrina if I wanted to.
The weather was super hot and humid, but cloudy. Because of Hurricane Bill, the water was very choppy and there was a perpetual mist. We started off on the beach. Adam forgot his bathing suit, so we decided to just wade. Katrina liked running around on the sand.

However, she hated when the water came in and got her all wet. You can see her sad face.

We also ended up parking past the end of the shops part of boardwalk. We didn't realize that until we had got to the boardwalk. This wouldn't have really been a problem with the stroller, but I was acting as packhorse (diaper bag, food, water bottles, towel, camera) and Adam had the baby, and when we switched it wasn't really a relief because the stuff weighed as much as she does. Katrina sometimes was happy to walk, but she sometimes refused to hold our hands and follow our lead, in which case we had to carry her. We were exhausted after just one block. We also forgot our hats in the car and it was miserable until we ducked into a shop and bought some hats.
The whole purpose of this trip was not just to have fun, but to have the best beach day ever with our gift card that we received from changing cable services. We wanted to get Polish water ice, caramel corn, salt water taffy, other junky food, and go to the Christmas store and buy an awesome nativity scene or something like that. However, since we forgot the stroller, we were too exhausted to do most of that. Our sole goal became to get to the Christmas store, get to the Christmas store... It was so far down the boardwalk! We finally reached it and had fun wandering around. However, I was doing everything to not fall over from exhaustion at this point and kind of having problems focusing my vision. Nothing stuck out to us. So we headed back. We ended up spending two hours there and it was fun, but like I said, kind of awful! Oh, and because most of the stuff had to be paid with cash, and we didn't buy much stuff, we still have the majority of our gift card left. We definitely will have to go back after Labor Day and try things out again, complete with swimming and the stroller.

This shows how exhausted Katrina was after everything. She fell asleep right after this, but unfortunately she woke up twenty minutes or so later. She definitely had an early bedtime tonight!

I had to go shopping for food because we are feeding the missionaries on Monday and I also wanted to pick some fabric up. It involved so much more walking and I am so sore and tired now! But I have a feeling I will sleep so well tonight. :]

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Elise said...

Aw man, that sounds like a good/bad day for sure. I am just glad you got such cute pictures! But where are you and your cute baby bump?