Friday, August 14, 2009

Anniversary presents and finished quilt

This is my new vacuum! Adam and I exchanged 3rd anniversary presents tonight. We are planning on going to dinner either tomorrow night or next weekend. Tomorrow we're going to the temple with Adam's family and his parents will switch off Katrina duty with us so we can all do a session. We might do dinner on the way home. Katrina does pretty well at restaurants.

Anyway, I'm excited for this vacuum because it's just what I need to take care of Katrina's mealtime messes and all of the stuff that gets tracked in by the sliding doors. For Adam I got RootsMagic, a family history program. If any of you are thinking about getting a program other than PAF, RootsMagic is on sale until the end of August! It's nice because it hooks up directly to and had some other perks that PAF just can't do.

Here is my completed wall hanging. I'm very happy with how it turned out. This picture isn't the best, but with the flash the colors didn't turn out right. Someone asked me how I do the big circles. They are made from embroidery thread that I use a special machine foot to sew onto the quilt.

This is the other quilt.

For some perspective, this is where it is on the wall.

And here's the quilt with a bonus view of our nicely hemmed curtains (did I mention how Adam hemmed them after I did a poor job? I think they look awesome.)

I had a great day today with Katrina. She was not very whiny, we read lots, I unplugged the tv so she wouldn't turn it on all the time, and she had a nice long nap. Then when we were at a church thing she melted down at about 8:10, so we had to leave early. Oh well. She can't be good all the time, can she? Oh, and I don't think I've mentioned her newest word: "Hereyougo." She says it as if it's one word, and it comes out "Eerygo." It's pretty cute.

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