Monday, August 31, 2009

Monkeys on the Bed

Katrina perfected the art of climbing in and out of her toddler bed this morning. Oh, and she took a lot of clothes out of the dresser, but luckily she always pushes the bins back in. Such a tidy girl.

So I took a video of her on the bed. This is why I don't like her being on my bed or even the couch, because she dances around like this. Oh well. At least a fall from her bed won't hurt as much.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Talk Panic

About three minutes before we arrived at church today, I remembered something very important. And very stressful. Namely, I was supposed to give a talk! Ahhhhhhh! I was asked three weeks ago and really appreciated that they gave me so much time. But then I forgot. And every time I remembered I promptly forgot again. It's not even as if I purposely procrastinated--I just was incapable of remembering long enough to do any more than vaguely think about the subject. Oh, and guess how broad my topic was? Prophets. Yep, that was my assignment.

I feel pretty bad about this, but after I got over hyperventilating and praying like crazy (do you know how fast you can say "Ahhh help me help me I have a talk I need help I'm sorry I forgot please help me" in your head? It takes a split second. Then I said, "Adam, tell me what to say!" Then I started writing down what he told me. We sat in the car in the parking lot while I flipped through the scriptures and scribbled down random thoughts. Adam found something about prophets in Preach My Gospel and I worked that in. I used the True To The Faith booklet as well, plus the pamphlet from that place we visited yesterday. The talk ended up all right. There were three speakers, so I didn't feel pressure to make it very long. I think it was about ten minutes. Three or four people told me how much they enjoyed my talk, so I count it as a success and have been very grateful all day.

Yesterday we finished off our Saturday with a trip to IKEA. Though we really wanted to use our gift card up on fun things, we ultimately decided to spend it on a new dresser. Up to this point we have been putting Katrina's clothes in a hanging organizer in her closet, but I dislike using it so much that her clothes are almost always on the floor in a pile. We have planned on giving her our dresser, which is pale pink and Adam's favorite piece of furniture in our room. :] However, even at IKEA, we didn't really find anything large enough at a price we wanted, so we went to the kids section.

This is what we ended up buying. We have it filled with green and white tubs of various sizes. After we picked up some newborn size clothes from my sister-in-law today (my newest nephew is a little chunk and has grown so quickly--he is the cutest little baby!), I was able to fill up the tubs with little boy and little girl clothes. I think I'll still have to use the hanging thing in the closet for some things, but for the majority, and for everything we'll need on a regular basis, I can fit it into this storage area. The biggest downside is that Katrina figured out right away how to pull out the tubs and tear everything out. That's actually a huge disadvantage. But at least the clothes have an easy-access place now to be stored. Also, the nursery is bursting at its seams now because we have all sorts of new baby things stored in there as well, like a swing and diapers and the carseat. New babies require so much stuff for being so little! :]

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Toddler Bed and a Surprise Daytrip

We had another successful Craigslist purchase yesterday. This person lives way out west and we met in the middle. Adam and I were waiting outside of the car looking for a blue Sienna minivan, but since we were in BabiesRUs parking lot, we actually saw three! Luckily we were able to fit the bed and mattress (if you're grossed out by re-using mattresses, we also bought a mattress cover and probably will buy a new one anyway, don't worry) into the car with only one of the seats down and with Katrina kicking the bed frame the whole way home.
She was initially hesitant, but once we made it up and put a soft afghan and her familiar stuffed animals and pillow on it, then she warmed up to it quickly.

We are trying to teach her to climb into it herself but she has only succeeded once. I'm sure she'll get better quickly.

I don't think she'll be using it to sleep in for awhile, but now we have one less big purchase to make and she can get used to the idea of it.

A bonus head shot for good measure.
Today we headed up to a huge consignment sale in a little town called Bryn Athyn. This place was a strange mixture of rich homes and old architecture. We felt like we had stepped a few hundred years into the past. Part of the reason was because of this:

A cathedral? In Pennsylvania? We went to the consignment sale but didn't find any pack n plays that we liked, though I did get my first maternity skirt and we bought our first non-diaper purchase for the new baby--a cute green sleeper.
We headed over to the church so I could take some pictures.

Then as we drove around the premises we found this other huge building. It said there was a museum inside with the first floor being free, so we headed inside.

Apparently this was the home of the family of the man who built the cathedral. Bryn Athyn was founded by a religion calling themselves the New Church. We had seen that phrase everywhere, on the schools and the college, and after watching an introductory film it made a lot more sense.

A beautiful mosaic. We really wanted to go on a tour of the rest of the place and see the art that this guy had collected, but it was 75 minutes long and Katrina was pretty antsy.
This place was Romanesque, but apparently when building it and the cathedral, the architect quit and the man, who had no architectural experience, had to take over. This place was built in the 20s and 30s, but they ended up using authentic medieval practices to build it because that's just how things worked better for them.
We had fun walking around the grounds, tiring Katrina out.
Anyway, it was a fun and pretty trip and we arrived home right at lunchtime, so we still have the whole day to let Katrina nap and have fun. This morning I woke Adam up before 8 and said urgently that he needed to take a shower. He thought I was just eager to go to the consignment sale, so he obliged, but I really just thought it was a workday! It turned out to be a good thing we didn't sleep in because we were able to get everything done in the morning. Plus I made french toast for breakfast and Katrina had her first non-oatmeal breakfast in months.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A few language breakthroughs

Just a couple of days ago I was reading about this lady's sixteen month old who can say 75 words and string them together into phrases, and I told Adam that I thought Katrina was not very good at talking and I couldn't wait until she had a breakthrough. Well, I feel much more enthusiastic now. Last week Katrina could say Mama (very occasionally), Dada, a form of Thank You, HereYouGo, and Baby. She could sign several words too. Oh, and she could say four animal noises--moo, meow, woof, and hiss. Over the last couple of days she has widened her animal noises to include a monkey and occasionally when prompted, she can roar. I also caught her saying "Uh-oh" several times when she dropped things. She also has started saying "weeeee" while she dances in circles to music. Oh, and when we visited Jersey on Saturday she kept saying Nana.

Then, yesterday she brought me a block that has letters and animals on the sides. She just realized last week there are things on the sides of the blocks and since then I have been pointing them out to her. She brought me the T block, so I showed her the letter and told her there was a turtle on the block. Then, "can you say Turtle? Turtle." "Ter-tul." !!!!! I made sure to give her lots of praise and tried to reinforce it by showing her more pictures of turtles.

On the way home from the store, I told Adam about it and said that I had thought she might have tried to say "bubble" when we were blowing bubbles. "Katrina, say bubble." "Bub-bul." Whoo-hoo! Adam is always skeptical about these sorts of things so he had to make her say it several more times before he was positive she knew it, and then he expressed doubt that she knew what a bubble was. Ha, I proved him wrong when we got home and she screeched "Bubble!" when I took out the bottle of bubbles.

I've tried to get her to say more things, and for the first time she is actually trying to say things when I prompt her. Most things come out as vowel sounds only, or as some variant of Da, Do, or Dao. "Say star!" "Da!" Blanket turned into "Nana", so I stopped trying to push that. Oh, and she has finally started signing Please correctly (previously it was the same as Help, which she actually does wrong as well--she folds her arm like she's praying) and I got her to sign Again for the first time ever. Go Katrina!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Library walk

Thanks for all of the support and ideas! I love how I can come on here and say "I have no idea what to do with this whole parenthood thing," and everyone helps me out and commiserates!

Today I really wanted to go to the library. I picked up a bunch of young adult fiction the other day and really hit the jackpot--I found four authors I liked and all of them have more books to read! I knew it would be no problem to go tonight with Adam, but I wanted to try going in the morning with Katrina. This is the first time in a long time I've walked there, because I normally do it right before Adam gets off of work so he can pick me up, and it's been way too hot in the afternoons lately to do that. This is the very first time that I planned on walking there and back. It's about 35 minutes each way when you include a couple of breaks and me slowing down occasionally so my uterus can stop squeezing so tight!

I'm sure I got sunburned. I forgot sunscreen. Also, all of our adult hats are in the car still from beach day! I really wish I would have at least put sunscreen and a hat on Katrina, but I remembered too late. Halfway through, I sat down in a shaded area and called Adam to tell him what I was up to (I was secretly nervous the whole time that I would have to call him and tell him to come rescue me). Right then I put my arm down on the picnic table and yikes! There was a wasp there! I jumped up, it flew away drunkenly because I had probably squished it, and I let out a huge screech. Then I remembered I was on the phone, and told Adam about it as Katrina and I quickly strolled away. I kept lifting up my forearm and craning my neck to see if it was reacting at all, because I had definitely felt a poke. I've never been stung by anything before, and I've always been really nervous that I'm allergic, since a couple of my family members are and I react really strongly to bug bites. The area really hurt, and sure enough, a few minutes later it was all raised and white, surrounded by a red area. Since I could still breathe, I stopped being worried. Adam told me to put ice on it, so at the library I got some ice from a nice worker. Now that I'm home I can't even see where it was and I only get little pangs now and then.

Katrina was great. She followed me as I looked for books and was fairly obedient about staying close by me. Once I was done we went to the kids section and she played with the toys. I felt a little self-conscious because all the other mothers were there reading books to their kids, but I read to Katrina all the time, so I just sat there with my ice and helped her play with the blocks and wire bead mazes. Her favorite toy was the computer keyboard. She had lots of fun carrying it around and pounding on it (she likes to do that on ours too, but I am mean and make her stop). I was a little nervous that she wouldn't want to go and would make a scene, but then she discovered the multi-colored shapes in the carpet and ran around finding them and bending down to hit them. That conveniently led to the door and I was able to get her out, into the stroller, and on our way home with absolutely no crying. Whoo-hoo! We got home, stopping by the park so she could run around a little more, and I just put her down for a nap. I am exhausted and hungry, but I've gotten my exercise for the week (I wish that were a joke but it's not!) and most of the day is past once you include her nap. Then I'll stick some tv on for her and make dinner, since I actually defrosted some meat and that always helps me motivated to cook.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Totally unproductive

For some reason it takes me until about 3 every day to have any desire to be productive. I'm sitting here waiting for Katrina to wake up--she's just making little noises right now and I'm waiting for full-out babbling. I've had three hours of her naptime to do things and couldn't really even think of stuff to do, let alone get a desire to do them. So I read a book and enjoyed myself. Now I'm thinking about doing laundry, cleaning up the pile of clothes in front of my closet, getting dressed--nah, cleaning the highchair...

Today was another one of those days (which every day seems to be lately) that I just counted down the hours until naptime. I just don't know how to entertain this girl. It's still too hot to go outside. I try to get her to draw but then we end up with power struggles over her eating the crayons. I play with blocks with her but she loses interest quickly. We spend most of the time with me reading or being on the computer and her bringing me books to read to her. Then she gets bored and runs away to play, then comes back a few minutes later with more books. I feel like I should be playing with her more and maybe giving her some structured things to do but I have no idea what to do. The hitting problem continues. I hate timeouts, so I only save them for when she's really bad, like hitting me really hard in the eye today. Then I stand outside her door telling her why she was bad. (That reminds me, I need to look up "sorry" in sign language and see if I can start getting her to apologize--if she can learn please and thank you maybe she can learn sorry too). Other times I try to either turn her hits into "pats" or tell her she's lost her moving priviliges and restrict her arms. I tried putting her on my lap and hugging her tightly while holding her arms and telling her not to hit, but I'm getting bruises on my collarbone from her head banging on me, so now I just hold her arms and tell her to be nice and not hit. I'm trying everything except ignoring it, because I don't want her to think hitting is acceptable, but you know what? I might just try ignoring it and see how that strategy works.

What are kids this age supposed to do? I've always let her entertain herself for most of the time, but I am feeling like a bad mommy these days because I can tell she's bored. I think it would help if I actually did things. I clean as little as possible and save it for her naptimes, but maybe I can clean more while she's awake and then she can run around getting in my way, but having fun. Occasionally I'll think of something like letting her play with my scrap felt, but mostly I just don't have ideas. I actually have two books from my sister-in-law about how to play with toddlers, but last time I looked at them most of the games were beyond Katrina. I bet she would be better at them now.

She's a little more awake now, so I'm going to go get her. Thankfully she slept for three hours today, instead of the short, hour or hour and a half naps she's been giving me lately.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Day!

Beach Day was fun, but awful at the same time. We debated whether or not to go, since the weather was so rainy where we are at, but the forecast looked better this morning than it did last night, so we headed to the beach. Then we got there, and realized we forgot the stroller! It's usually in the car, but Adam got it out for me yesterday so I could take a walk with Katrina if I wanted to.
The weather was super hot and humid, but cloudy. Because of Hurricane Bill, the water was very choppy and there was a perpetual mist. We started off on the beach. Adam forgot his bathing suit, so we decided to just wade. Katrina liked running around on the sand.

However, she hated when the water came in and got her all wet. You can see her sad face.

We also ended up parking past the end of the shops part of boardwalk. We didn't realize that until we had got to the boardwalk. This wouldn't have really been a problem with the stroller, but I was acting as packhorse (diaper bag, food, water bottles, towel, camera) and Adam had the baby, and when we switched it wasn't really a relief because the stuff weighed as much as she does. Katrina sometimes was happy to walk, but she sometimes refused to hold our hands and follow our lead, in which case we had to carry her. We were exhausted after just one block. We also forgot our hats in the car and it was miserable until we ducked into a shop and bought some hats.
The whole purpose of this trip was not just to have fun, but to have the best beach day ever with our gift card that we received from changing cable services. We wanted to get Polish water ice, caramel corn, salt water taffy, other junky food, and go to the Christmas store and buy an awesome nativity scene or something like that. However, since we forgot the stroller, we were too exhausted to do most of that. Our sole goal became to get to the Christmas store, get to the Christmas store... It was so far down the boardwalk! We finally reached it and had fun wandering around. However, I was doing everything to not fall over from exhaustion at this point and kind of having problems focusing my vision. Nothing stuck out to us. So we headed back. We ended up spending two hours there and it was fun, but like I said, kind of awful! Oh, and because most of the stuff had to be paid with cash, and we didn't buy much stuff, we still have the majority of our gift card left. We definitely will have to go back after Labor Day and try things out again, complete with swimming and the stroller.

This shows how exhausted Katrina was after everything. She fell asleep right after this, but unfortunately she woke up twenty minutes or so later. She definitely had an early bedtime tonight!

I had to go shopping for food because we are feeding the missionaries on Monday and I also wanted to pick some fabric up. It involved so much more walking and I am so sore and tired now! But I have a feeling I will sleep so well tonight. :]

Friday, August 21, 2009

Some quick pictures

Quick, because Katrina just woke up. I don't understand why, she has only been asleep for a little over an hour and she ate lunch right beforehand, so she should be sleeping for another hour and a half!
It's blurry because I was fighting to keep the camera away from her grasping fingers, but you can see Katrina's banged up upper lip.
My quilt top is finished! I can't do anything more on it until I can find some fabric for the border and backing. I don't trust my local Jo-Anns to have much, so I've been looking online. My biggest temptation of Katrina's nap was to refrain from buying a 25 for $25 fat quarter sale. You never find batiks that cheap. Of course, I really don't need 25 fat quarters, I just need one yard. But 25 for $25! I closed the computer screen finally so I would stop lusting after it.

Here is a preview of my next quilt project.

And a belly picture, since I finally have one. Please ignore my obviously filthy mirror. I am 25 weeks tomorrow. Only a couple weeks and I will be in my final trimester!
Adam and I might go to the beach tomorrow. We are still deciding. If so, I will have lots of fun pictures of that. If not, well tomorrow will be really uneventful, but we'll probably do something productive and boring, like throwing away the random cardboard boxes in our apartment and moving Katrina's clothes from the floor to the closet. Maybe we'll clean the hallway closet. Whoo-hoo.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Banged up lip

Katrina has figured out the secret to getting her non-spill cup to spill. If you have it upside down and push the mouthpiece sideways, whatever is inside comes right out. Also, one day I playfully drippled water on her head from the sippy, and now she occasionally comes to me and tries to get me to do so again. Just now was one of those instances, and I refused, so she retaliated by soaking my entire thigh by systematically squishing the sippy up and down it.

She has a major hitting problem. It has resulted in her first time outs, where she has to go to her room and I close the door and leave her in there for a couple of minutes. She knows she's being bad. When she doesn't get her way, she hits, and if I put my hand there for her to hit instead she moves to somewhere else on my body because she knows it's alright to hit my hand and wants to hit me somewhere else where it's not all right. She was hitting my belly the other day and I told her firmly that that wasn't nice, so the rest of the day, if she got mad, she purposefully tried to hit my belly. I've got a little stinker, it looks like.

Yesterday we went shopping for maternity clothes for me because I've been trying to get by with my clothes from last pregnancy and with my pre-prego capris. The capris are done for, so I really wanted to get some. Well, Old Navy was out of capris. I got another pair of pants because I don't like the ones I have, but I'm still out of luck for beach day, which we are hoping to do Saturday. I hate maternity clothes. I have "popped" this last week and finally look pregnant, but it's a pain because I don't have a cute bump, I just look lumpy and large and it's only going to get worse. My self-esteem is non-existent and I don't feel comfortable in any of my clothes, so I usually don't get dressed and stay in my yoga pants all day. I only have five shirts to wear anyway, three of them maternity and the other two just long stretchy shirts that have been the two staple shirts in my wardrobe since I was about 4 months pregnant with Katrina, al the way through post-partum weight loss, and then in this pregnancy too. I really hate leaving the house because then I have to get dressed and be uncomfortable. It's really making things miserable right now.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a vent. I really just wanted to mention how Katrina fell while we were at Barnes and Noble walking around. She was having tons of fun in the kids area but, like she often does at home, she started running faster than she could keep up with, and fell on her face on the floor. I am super paranoid about her knocking out a tooth, for some reason, so whenever she falls and hits her face I check her mouth. She had blood everywhere, but it was obvious that the culprit was her top lip. I got her some wet paper towels to suck on and the whole way home Adam and I listened to the "suck, suck, suck" sound in the backseat as she sucked on it. It swelled up so large! Today it is much better. I'm hoping we'll have a better day than yesterday but she's been fairly cranky ever since she woke up at around 7:30, which is early for her. She definitely needs some quiet time, but I'm afraid to do that because yesterday she fell asleep during quiet time, slept until only 1:30, and then wreacked havoc the rest of the day.

K, she's done eating her snack, so I have to go get her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I seem to have figured out the perfect naptime formula. Katrina wakes up between 8-9. Around 11 or so, she usually gets to a point where she's unhappy, whiny, and hits me a lot. At that point she gets plopped in her crib for 20-30 minutes of "quiet time" in which she happily plays with her blanket, feet, does laps, talks, and sometimes is quiet for long enough that I think she might actually doze off. Then when she complains, I let her out. Around 12:30 I feed her lunch, at about 1:00 I put her down, and then she either talks to herself for awhile or, like today, she falls asleep right away. Then she naps for 2-3 hours. Ahhh, naps. I ate right away today, so now I have tons of options. I will probably sew for awhile and then take a shower. I'm not sure what ever happened to taking a shower at the beginning of the day, but it hasn't happened in a long time! I'd rather sleep.

My quilt is coming along slowly. It takes awhile to sew all the squares into strips. If I work really hard on that during the nap and tonight, I think I'll finally be done. Then I have to sew all the strips together. Bleh. Oh well. I designed some more small quilts for the dining room using Publisher and scanning in the fabric, because I really liked doing that before. The colors don't turn out as accurately, but I get a good idea of what it will look like. I like to troll Etsy and get ideas from what other people have done, and then play with their designs to make something I like. After this, I'm pretty sure I'll take a break from quilting and try to figure out how to decorate the other two walls in Katrina's bedroom. I found an awesome blog with tons of pictures of nurseries, but since my budget=cheap, or already in my possession, it cuts down on my options. The room already looks so cute that it doesn't need much. I might forego adding things until the new baby is here and I can personalize something with his name (which is, as of right now, still Baby Y). In that case, my next project should probably be making coasters for the living room so we can retire our thick, heavy ones that are dangerous when they come into contact with toddlers.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Valley Forge Picnic

I've been taking the camera out with us more lately, as you can tell from the abundance of pictures on the blog. Today we decided to have a picnic in Valley Forge. We didn't actually have the energy to pack dinner for all of us, so we just brought Katrina some food and we just enjoyed being outside.

Katrina couldn't figure out how to walk on a steep hill. Watching her struggle was pretty funny.
For us, at least.
And standing up was even harder!

But we brought some yummy food.
Can you eat cheese with a spoon? Possibly.

Valley Forge is always pretty. We picked a nice green spot without as much summer kill.

These hills were killer on me, with and without the stroller.
I told Adam to get a good picture of me, because I always am the one taking the picture.
He told me to stick my belly out and look more pregnant. I guess I tried for "more sexy" too.
Katrina is obsessed with our water bottles.

Then we headed back to our car...

...where we spent upwards of twenty minutes with Adam trying to get a bee out of the car and me following Katrina around a huge, empty parking lot. She played with her first stick and had tons of fun, and I got tired quickly and my belly was sore, which usually means a growth spurt! I thought for sure she would crash when we got home, but we've been home over half an hour and she's still going strong. Bedtime is in twenty minutes, so hopefully she will be tired enough by then to happily go to sleep.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Temple trip and anniversary meal

Katrina was wiped out after a couple hours of nature walks and running around the visitor's center with her Nana and Pop Pop.
She was very cute after the temple trip and made up for the last hour of the trip there, where she pretty much let out one continuous yell except for when we recited stories and sang songs to her. Luckily we have a lot of her books memorized!
Adam, looking suave and giving his parents instructions to the restaurant. We were so excited to go to Olive Garden. It's one of our favorites but we haven't been there in over a year. I'm happy now at the thought that I still have leftovers to have later on tonight.

Winding down. Luckily she slept almost the whole trip home.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Anniversary presents and finished quilt

This is my new vacuum! Adam and I exchanged 3rd anniversary presents tonight. We are planning on going to dinner either tomorrow night or next weekend. Tomorrow we're going to the temple with Adam's family and his parents will switch off Katrina duty with us so we can all do a session. We might do dinner on the way home. Katrina does pretty well at restaurants.

Anyway, I'm excited for this vacuum because it's just what I need to take care of Katrina's mealtime messes and all of the stuff that gets tracked in by the sliding doors. For Adam I got RootsMagic, a family history program. If any of you are thinking about getting a program other than PAF, RootsMagic is on sale until the end of August! It's nice because it hooks up directly to and had some other perks that PAF just can't do.

Here is my completed wall hanging. I'm very happy with how it turned out. This picture isn't the best, but with the flash the colors didn't turn out right. Someone asked me how I do the big circles. They are made from embroidery thread that I use a special machine foot to sew onto the quilt.

This is the other quilt.

For some perspective, this is where it is on the wall.

And here's the quilt with a bonus view of our nicely hemmed curtains (did I mention how Adam hemmed them after I did a poor job? I think they look awesome.)

I had a great day today with Katrina. She was not very whiny, we read lots, I unplugged the tv so she wouldn't turn it on all the time, and she had a nice long nap. Then when we were at a church thing she melted down at about 8:10, so we had to leave early. Oh well. She can't be good all the time, can she? Oh, and I don't think I've mentioned her newest word: "Hereyougo." She says it as if it's one word, and it comes out "Eerygo." It's pretty cute.