Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Yah, Yah" and "Dao"

Katrina still can't say any words, though she tries to say "dog" in a variety of ways (usually with "ba" or "ma"), but we figured out this week that she can bark and meow. When we were at Nana and Pop Pop's last week, I noticed her trying to bark at their dog Gigi. We experimented and when we tell her to bark and make the noise for her, she imitates us with a "Yah! Yah!" Nana asked her to meow and Katrina said "Dao." Sometimes she gets the "m" sound in there. I tried other animal sounds but the only other one she imitated was my sheep baa, or "aaaa."

This is exciting to me! It means she actually has a desire to talk and communicate! Katrina also has been using new sounds a lot since last week, which I think is because of the time spent with her cousin who is a year older than her.

Mealtimes are easier once I figured out that she signs to me that she is "all done" when she is finished with the food on her tray, not necessarily completely done eating. I still have to occasionally resort to the pull-the-tray-away-and-see-if-she-pulls-it-back method, but usually she signs "more" if she is still hungry.

Oh, and I had a video of her saying animal sounds, but then Katrina was holding the camera and watching the video, and managed to delete it.

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