Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What to do?

I am relaxing after just putting Katrina to bed half an hour early. I couldn't handle her anymore, and I didn't feel guilty since she was such a mess and obviously exhausted. Oh dang, I just heard her coughing. I guess she's still awake, but this still will probably be successful. She usually talks to herself for awhile these days before falling asleep, and to me, talking to herself is infinitely better than yelling at me.

So what do I do now? Well, I most likely will work on my other wall hanging. I started last night and I'm currently cutting out all of the pieces. I tried doing it on the bed today while Katrina played in my room, but she spent most of the time standing next to the bed with her hands up in the air trying to get me to pick her up, so it looks like I'll have to work on it during naptimes and after bedtime.

Life around here is pretty slow. Adam is slogging along through the doldrums at work. The summer is the slowest time for them. He had so much fun going to Newport and sailing with his dad this last weekend. I was happy because he got home on Sunday before I got home from church, so I still felt like I saw him for some of the weekend.

The apartment just feels generally cleaner than it usually feels. I've been good about cleaning up all of Katrina's toys every night and that helps. The whole place needs vacuuming and some parts of the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in, um, a very long time, but I can ignore those things and enjoy the rest of it.

Today I spent much of the afternoon researching cloth diapers. It doesn't look too bad--it's a lot cheaper in the long run and there are options so that it's not nearly as gross or time-consuming as it used to be. Adam is tentatively interested (once I showed him flushable liners for poo), it's just an investment of several hundred dollars up front. Now that Katrina wears bigger diapers and there are fewer in a package, we spend something close to $40 a month on diapers, and that will surely double with two.

Adam's mom came up last night to watch Katrina so we could go see Harry Potter 6. That was lots of fun to have a date! We enjoyed the movie, though I was left feeling depressed and unresolved, just like the sixth book. Maybe now that I've seen the movie, I should have another Harry Potter re-read.

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my time until Adam gets home from scouts and I have to run to the store. Katrina was super hungry today, which was unfortunate because we had run out of most of the normal things she eats and she decided to be really picky.

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