Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sticking around

I woke up this morning at 6 or so, and thought, "Not again, why can't I just sleep all the way until the alarm goes off?" I woke up several more times, like when Adam left, and about an hour later, and then finally at 9:40 I dragged myself out of bed to go see why Katrina wasn't up yet. Right then I heard her wake up. She refused to go to sleep last night and I finally stopped hearing her about 9:30--which means she really is conditioned to sleep 12 hours, no matter when she goes to bed!

Speaking of Katrina, she is currently sitting on her big stuffed frog and bouncing on him repeatedly. He ribbits when squeezed. It's pretty cute. What not cute is that now she is going over and pressing buttons on our tv. For some reason, when she presses the channel or volume buttons, the tv turns on! It's super annoying, because she can't get the power button to work, which should ensure that she can't turn the tv on. I don't understand why the other buttons are turning it on.

Well, our good news is that we are sticking around in these apartments for another year. We thought we were going to have to move to a cheaper place, but we're able to make it work now and we signed a year lease again. We're very happy because the apartment itself is very nice, and we are so close to a park and the grocery store, which is important to me because I won't be having a car of my own for probably another year and a half. Having always lived with housing contracts (in my adult life), it's weird for me to be out of college and have no timeline to my life. So in this small way, knowing that I will at least be here in these apartments for another year is a comfort to me.

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