Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mini vent

I'd like to make a statement--I am so mad at (unnamed cable company). We ended our service 2 months ago and they have twice tried to bill us for continued service, at a huge price increase. The first time I called them, they figured it out, and told me I owed nothing. Then this month they just took $200 straight out of our account without asking. We called and they pretty much said, oh sorry, we'll get that money back to you--in three weeks. !!!!!!! This week I was pretty much despairing over money and trying to figure out why our careful budgeting seemed to be doing absolutely nothing, since we were once again scraping the barrel at the end of the month. Then I remembered---I have more money than this!!! So, (stupid cable company), I hate you and I am so glad I cancelled with you. And if my money is not in my account in the next few days, as promised, my head might fly off.

That aside, Katrina has learned a few new things--saying "baby", and picking her nose. She likes the word "baby" and says it a lot, sometimes in reference to babies but mostly just when walking around or sitting in her highchair waiting for food. We also have looked over at her a couple times recently only to see her finger hanging out precariously right next to her nostril. Then we watch, almost in slow motion, as she brings it closer...and closer...and finally sticks it in. Joy.

One happy thing that has happened--I got out of jury duty! Now, normally, I am a big supporter of people doing their civic duty. I sure would rather not do it, but I think it's important. However, I really wish moms of young kids could get a waiver, especially those who are nursing (which I am not, but I am pregnant). So on the spot where it asked for any medical issues that might present a problem, I wrote that I was pregnant and might have problems sitting for a long time--very true. I really didn't think they would care. But I'm guessing that when they saw that I also had a very young child at home, they decided to pass me over this time. I don't even have to go in. This is so nice because Adam's mom was going to have to come the night before in order to beat rush hour traffic. So yay for nice people who are considerate of pregnant mothers!

Somehow this morning Katrina turned on the tv and the cable box, and managed to change the channel using the cable box too. She then watched Clifford the Big Red Dog, sprawled backwards on her big frog stuffed animal with her blanket. Somehow she manages to watch tv a lot more than I want her to. I'm still not sure how it happens each day.

Oh, and one more thing. We rearranged our furniture this week! I get these urges to do that periodically. We found a program online where you can enter in the dimensions of your room and furniture and then practice moving things before you actually do it. We finally figured out a new arrangement that allows the people sitting on both couches to actually interact, and there is still room for Katrina to play. I'm very glad we changed things. It definitely spices things up now and then. Also, our apartment complex is giving us new windows next week. I love where we live. They treat us so well.


Cindy said...

Sometimes I hate dealing with cable companies and the like (phone, internet, etc.). They try to make it impossible to quit. YAY for getting out of jury duty! I remember my mom (mother of 5) hated getting summoned for jury duty. One time they tried to get her to do it twice in one year needless to say she was not happy.

Elise said...

Ooooooohhh, I just hate these kinds of companies sometimes. What a pain! I really hope you were able to get your money back, because that is a lot for them to just take from your account. How annoying!