Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am very happy right now. I just told Katrina I loved her through sign language and showed her how to cross her arms over her chest to sign "love." She immediately started doing it back to me. She's never picked up a sign that quickly. It's very cute and endearing and makes my weepy hormones show themselves.

We have a doctor's appt today. I've heard that the 15-month shots can have some nasty side effects (fever, etc), so I'm not too thrilled. But I'm pretty sure that this time she'll be able to pass all of her milestones, unlike last time (crawling and walking).

Oh, and yesterday we were going to the library and we instructed Katrina to go to her room and get her shoes--and she did! I am constantly amazed when this child follows instructions and acts more like a child and less like a pretty toy! Because a baby really does feel like a cute little toy sometimes.

I am feeling this new baby inside me a lot this week, which makes sense because this Saturday marks 20 weeks. On Friday we are going to get an ultrasound and hopefully find out the gender. We're actually trying to figure out a place to drop Katrina off (probably one of my visiting teachers) because after seeing how horribly she reacted to a blood pressure cuff and to the doctor feeling my stomach last week, I don't want to deal with her screaming at a doppler and then Adam having to miss the ultrasound to calm her down. Then Adam is leaving me for the weekend to go off with his dad sailing. He is being very considerate and leaving the car with me. And he keeps hinting that he has a surprise for me as a thank-you for letting him go away for three days, so I'm excited about that too. :]


Jolena said...

I can't wait to find out what you're having! And it's so fun to hear all the things Katrina's doing. She's getting so big!

Elise said...

15 months is a magical age. It sounds like you have one bright little girl there!

I am so excited to hear about what you're having. Those 20 week ultrasounds are so fun, aren't they! I hope you find a place for Katrina.