Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Katrina discovered her bellybutton today. I thought I would share.

Yesterday the visit to the pediatrician went very well. Katrina was an ideal patient. She usually is on her best behavior at the doctor's (though not at my doctor's appointments). She didn't even cry for the first two shots, just the third. We did find out that the main reason she has been so fussy lately has not been just routine fussiness, like I thought, but an ear infection. I was dosing her up with her first dose last night and the smell of the "pink stuff" took me way back. Sigh. Adam didn't have any memory of taking it, but I had tons of ear infections as a kid. Her statistics are pretty much the same as ever; the doctor said she could draw the line on the chart with her stats. Just under average weight, average height, and large head.

The nurse asked if Katrina can say 6 words. I told her the words Katrina tries to say, and she counted those. I was worried about her lack of vocab but I'm not now because she is signing and tries to say a handful of words, and once I counted the words that she attempts to say, I felt much better. She attempts dog ("ada), cheese ("eece"), hi, and thank you ("day doo"), as well as mama and dada. Plus we've gotten her to bark, meow, baa, hiss like a snake, and moo.


Tasha's Life said...

That video is SO SO So cute!!!! I love it! What a discovery.

Jolena said...

I love how she's perfectly serious while she points at her belly button. So cute!

Deidre said...

So I should e-mail you about my WORST experience at the OB with David. It was so bad. But then I don't want to scare you either. Hang in there!!