Saturday, July 25, 2009

All my wishes were granted

The Pioneer Day program was rained out. I was relieved/disappointed because once I'd put that practice in, I was looking forward to actually performing. But not really. So when we arrive and it started raining the minute we stepped out of the car, I breathed a sigh of relief but didn't feel comfortable leaving. The next 20-30 minutes was pretty crazy as we huddled in our car with the rain pouring and the lightning crashing. Katrina was fine until she saw some lightning and got incredibly scared. I left at that point to find someone in charge and after a long search, found him. He relieved me of my duties as music person and said I could always come and play in the morning if I wanted. Instead, we went shopping because our local JoAnn fabric store didn't have the wooden teething rings and I had to go traipsing around the superstore. For some reason they never have employees in easy access. After that we went to PetsMart to see the animals, because Katrina loves doing that.

My two projects were much more difficult than they should have been. For one, all I needed was to sew two pieces of fabric together and then turn them inside out. The chenille was so much heavier than the flannel that I ended up with lots extra when I got to the end of each side. Then the wooden rings were troublesome because they were smaller than the instructions called for, and so I had to struggle a little to get the fabric to fit. It all turned out well in the end. My gift went over well at the baby shower (and made up for the fact that I used kleenex instead of tissue paper and lost the card on the way, so I wrote who it was from on the kleenex--yep, I'm classy), and I came home with a baby swing! We borrowed one for Katrina and she never liked it much, but I wanted one for the new baby, so when a friend offered, I was very happy to take it off her hands.

Finally, Adam and I were treated to dinner tonight, so we got to go to a really nice, expensive steakhouse. We had so much fun. I ate tons of food, and it was all soooo good. Katrina came along too and charmed everyone in her highchair. I don't think they get babies in there often, especially because we were some of the only people there under 35. Luckily she was on her best behavior. She deigned to try the asparagus bisque, but everything else was beneath her sophisticated palate, and she was content with a cheese stick and gold fish crackers. I had a chance to wear my non-jeans maternity pants and to my delight, they actually fit better than I remember. If I actually hem them correctly, I think they will look classy, not just baggy. I also made sure to wear a maternity top because in non maternity clothes I still just look larger, not pregnant. With Katrina, I got noticeably more pregnant at about 24-25 weeks, so I am anticipating that same thing. Right now, my "pregnancy bump" is really just my stomach and intestines being pushed up, and I am anxious for the actual baby to move up.

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Elise said...

Oh, I was wondering how your Pioneer Day performance was going to go. I am relieved to hear that it didn't go at all!

Your teething rings sound delightful. Could you post pictures, if you have them?

Where did you go out to eat? Was it Ruth's Chris? That is an awesome place. Tell me what you ordered!