Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unnamed Cable Company

I don't have the sense of propriety that Tori has. The cable company sounds like Komcast, and I couldn't leave them fast enough.

Mini vent

I'd like to make a statement--I am so mad at (unnamed cable company). We ended our service 2 months ago and they have twice tried to bill us for continued service, at a huge price increase. The first time I called them, they figured it out, and told me I owed nothing. Then this month they just took $200 straight out of our account without asking. We called and they pretty much said, oh sorry, we'll get that money back to you--in three weeks. !!!!!!! This week I was pretty much despairing over money and trying to figure out why our careful budgeting seemed to be doing absolutely nothing, since we were once again scraping the barrel at the end of the month. Then I remembered---I have more money than this!!! So, (stupid cable company), I hate you and I am so glad I cancelled with you. And if my money is not in my account in the next few days, as promised, my head might fly off.

That aside, Katrina has learned a few new things--saying "baby", and picking her nose. She likes the word "baby" and says it a lot, sometimes in reference to babies but mostly just when walking around or sitting in her highchair waiting for food. We also have looked over at her a couple times recently only to see her finger hanging out precariously right next to her nostril. Then we watch, almost in slow motion, as she brings it closer...and closer...and finally sticks it in. Joy.

One happy thing that has happened--I got out of jury duty! Now, normally, I am a big supporter of people doing their civic duty. I sure would rather not do it, but I think it's important. However, I really wish moms of young kids could get a waiver, especially those who are nursing (which I am not, but I am pregnant). So on the spot where it asked for any medical issues that might present a problem, I wrote that I was pregnant and might have problems sitting for a long time--very true. I really didn't think they would care. But I'm guessing that when they saw that I also had a very young child at home, they decided to pass me over this time. I don't even have to go in. This is so nice because Adam's mom was going to have to come the night before in order to beat rush hour traffic. So yay for nice people who are considerate of pregnant mothers!

Somehow this morning Katrina turned on the tv and the cable box, and managed to change the channel using the cable box too. She then watched Clifford the Big Red Dog, sprawled backwards on her big frog stuffed animal with her blanket. Somehow she manages to watch tv a lot more than I want her to. I'm still not sure how it happens each day.

Oh, and one more thing. We rearranged our furniture this week! I get these urges to do that periodically. We found a program online where you can enter in the dimensions of your room and furniture and then practice moving things before you actually do it. We finally figured out a new arrangement that allows the people sitting on both couches to actually interact, and there is still room for Katrina to play. I'm very glad we changed things. It definitely spices things up now and then. Also, our apartment complex is giving us new windows next week. I love where we live. They treat us so well.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

All my wishes were granted

The Pioneer Day program was rained out. I was relieved/disappointed because once I'd put that practice in, I was looking forward to actually performing. But not really. So when we arrive and it started raining the minute we stepped out of the car, I breathed a sigh of relief but didn't feel comfortable leaving. The next 20-30 minutes was pretty crazy as we huddled in our car with the rain pouring and the lightning crashing. Katrina was fine until she saw some lightning and got incredibly scared. I left at that point to find someone in charge and after a long search, found him. He relieved me of my duties as music person and said I could always come and play in the morning if I wanted. Instead, we went shopping because our local JoAnn fabric store didn't have the wooden teething rings and I had to go traipsing around the superstore. For some reason they never have employees in easy access. After that we went to PetsMart to see the animals, because Katrina loves doing that.

My two projects were much more difficult than they should have been. For one, all I needed was to sew two pieces of fabric together and then turn them inside out. The chenille was so much heavier than the flannel that I ended up with lots extra when I got to the end of each side. Then the wooden rings were troublesome because they were smaller than the instructions called for, and so I had to struggle a little to get the fabric to fit. It all turned out well in the end. My gift went over well at the baby shower (and made up for the fact that I used kleenex instead of tissue paper and lost the card on the way, so I wrote who it was from on the kleenex--yep, I'm classy), and I came home with a baby swing! We borrowed one for Katrina and she never liked it much, but I wanted one for the new baby, so when a friend offered, I was very happy to take it off her hands.

Finally, Adam and I were treated to dinner tonight, so we got to go to a really nice, expensive steakhouse. We had so much fun. I ate tons of food, and it was all soooo good. Katrina came along too and charmed everyone in her highchair. I don't think they get babies in there often, especially because we were some of the only people there under 35. Luckily she was on her best behavior. She deigned to try the asparagus bisque, but everything else was beneath her sophisticated palate, and she was content with a cheese stick and gold fish crackers. I had a chance to wear my non-jeans maternity pants and to my delight, they actually fit better than I remember. If I actually hem them correctly, I think they will look classy, not just baggy. I also made sure to wear a maternity top because in non maternity clothes I still just look larger, not pregnant. With Katrina, I got noticeably more pregnant at about 24-25 weeks, so I am anticipating that same thing. Right now, my "pregnancy bump" is really just my stomach and intestines being pushed up, and I am anxious for the actual baby to move up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Day craziness

Somehow I went from agreeing to play violin for the Pioneer Day campout to planning and organizing a group to play prelude and accompany the songs, to being the sole performer. Bleh. There will possibly be a teenager from our ward there with me to play flute, but I'm not holding my breath. I also haven't practiced in a week and a half, so I need to do some serious playing when Katrina wakes up. I am still hoping that it will be raining and then I won't have to play! It would have been much better, but our guitar player had an emergency appendectomy this week. Oh well.

I have a baby shower tomorrow for a friend and decided to make some homemade presents. I found this tutorial online for teething rings, and I am going to make a simple chenille and flannel blanket. Little projects like that make me really happy. Unfortunately, because I don't have much of a stash of fabric and supplies, whenever I want to do a "cheap and easy" craft project online, it usually ends up costing $20+ in order to buy all of the supplies. That adds up, so that's part of the reason I haven't been doing very many projects lately (and I lost all motivation when I got pregnant. That's the main reason!). I have been working on my other quilt hanging in the evenings and that is fun to work on again. Since we will be having this baby at the beginning of December, you can imagine how nervous I am getting about Christmas and gifts this year. Yes, we typically buy most of our presents online anyway, but I'd be happier to get gifts out of the way earlier rather than later this year. For that reason, and in a possibly vain attempt to save money, I am trying to think of as many handmade projects I can do in the next few months rather than wait until November to buy gifts. I have a few ideas. I am definitely being bitten by the crafting bug this week, I can tell. I spend my extra time during Katrina's naps looking for good craft blogs and websites. I can't really find any I like. There are lots of craft ideas out there, but many are rather corny or directed towards kids. Or they have expensive materials. My favorite resource currently is the SewMamaSew blog, because they have showcased a bunch of projects last November and the one before that to give people holiday gift ideas.

I also have been counting calories lately. My weight started rising quickly these last two weeks and I've been despairing, since I was doing so well up until now. Surprisingly, I'm not getting as many calories as it tells me I'm supposed to get. So I'm eyeing what I eat and trying to get more protein and veggies, since those are my weak areas. But two days ago I ate when I was hungry, I had seconds for both lunch and dinner, I ate fairly balanced, and I ended up eating less than 1400 calories. So I probably need to eat more.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What to do?

I am relaxing after just putting Katrina to bed half an hour early. I couldn't handle her anymore, and I didn't feel guilty since she was such a mess and obviously exhausted. Oh dang, I just heard her coughing. I guess she's still awake, but this still will probably be successful. She usually talks to herself for awhile these days before falling asleep, and to me, talking to herself is infinitely better than yelling at me.

So what do I do now? Well, I most likely will work on my other wall hanging. I started last night and I'm currently cutting out all of the pieces. I tried doing it on the bed today while Katrina played in my room, but she spent most of the time standing next to the bed with her hands up in the air trying to get me to pick her up, so it looks like I'll have to work on it during naptimes and after bedtime.

Life around here is pretty slow. Adam is slogging along through the doldrums at work. The summer is the slowest time for them. He had so much fun going to Newport and sailing with his dad this last weekend. I was happy because he got home on Sunday before I got home from church, so I still felt like I saw him for some of the weekend.

The apartment just feels generally cleaner than it usually feels. I've been good about cleaning up all of Katrina's toys every night and that helps. The whole place needs vacuuming and some parts of the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in, um, a very long time, but I can ignore those things and enjoy the rest of it.

Today I spent much of the afternoon researching cloth diapers. It doesn't look too bad--it's a lot cheaper in the long run and there are options so that it's not nearly as gross or time-consuming as it used to be. Adam is tentatively interested (once I showed him flushable liners for poo), it's just an investment of several hundred dollars up front. Now that Katrina wears bigger diapers and there are fewer in a package, we spend something close to $40 a month on diapers, and that will surely double with two.

Adam's mom came up last night to watch Katrina so we could go see Harry Potter 6. That was lots of fun to have a date! We enjoyed the movie, though I was left feeling depressed and unresolved, just like the sixth book. Maybe now that I've seen the movie, I should have another Harry Potter re-read.

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my time until Adam gets home from scouts and I have to run to the store. Katrina was super hungry today, which was unfortunate because we had run out of most of the normal things she eats and she decided to be really picky.

Friday, July 17, 2009


We had the big ultrasound today! Adam and I got up early (neither of us could sleep), got Katrina up, and took her over to my visiting teacher's house. Her husband called and asked us to bring the stroller, so we did, and he took Katrina off on a walk that lasted the whole time we were gone (almost two hours!). Katrina loved it, especially when they saw a family of deer. I feel bad that I don't get her outside every day, so I'm glad she got a nice long walk in today.

The ultrasound lasted probably 40 minutes. I thought 20 minutes for Katrina's big ultrasound was long. We have lots of little printouts of feet, the profile, the gender, etc. I even had a perinatologist come in to scan everything again and just make the baby is just fine. All looks healthy!

Guesses on gender? Anyone? Well, we were definitely surprised. We are having a boy. Crazy, huh? We thought it would be another girl, though I'm not sure why we were so certain. Luckily everything we have is gender neutral except clothes, so that's all we have to buy. Now it's the difficult task of finding names. We probably won't be sharing the name before the baby is born, so you might as well not ask. :] We probably won't have any idea until then anyway what the final name will be!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Katrina discovered her bellybutton today. I thought I would share.

Yesterday the visit to the pediatrician went very well. Katrina was an ideal patient. She usually is on her best behavior at the doctor's (though not at my doctor's appointments). She didn't even cry for the first two shots, just the third. We did find out that the main reason she has been so fussy lately has not been just routine fussiness, like I thought, but an ear infection. I was dosing her up with her first dose last night and the smell of the "pink stuff" took me way back. Sigh. Adam didn't have any memory of taking it, but I had tons of ear infections as a kid. Her statistics are pretty much the same as ever; the doctor said she could draw the line on the chart with her stats. Just under average weight, average height, and large head.

The nurse asked if Katrina can say 6 words. I told her the words Katrina tries to say, and she counted those. I was worried about her lack of vocab but I'm not now because she is signing and tries to say a handful of words, and once I counted the words that she attempts to say, I felt much better. She attempts dog ("ada), cheese ("eece"), hi, and thank you ("day doo"), as well as mama and dada. Plus we've gotten her to bark, meow, baa, hiss like a snake, and moo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am very happy right now. I just told Katrina I loved her through sign language and showed her how to cross her arms over her chest to sign "love." She immediately started doing it back to me. She's never picked up a sign that quickly. It's very cute and endearing and makes my weepy hormones show themselves.

We have a doctor's appt today. I've heard that the 15-month shots can have some nasty side effects (fever, etc), so I'm not too thrilled. But I'm pretty sure that this time she'll be able to pass all of her milestones, unlike last time (crawling and walking).

Oh, and yesterday we were going to the library and we instructed Katrina to go to her room and get her shoes--and she did! I am constantly amazed when this child follows instructions and acts more like a child and less like a pretty toy! Because a baby really does feel like a cute little toy sometimes.

I am feeling this new baby inside me a lot this week, which makes sense because this Saturday marks 20 weeks. On Friday we are going to get an ultrasound and hopefully find out the gender. We're actually trying to figure out a place to drop Katrina off (probably one of my visiting teachers) because after seeing how horribly she reacted to a blood pressure cuff and to the doctor feeling my stomach last week, I don't want to deal with her screaming at a doppler and then Adam having to miss the ultrasound to calm her down. Then Adam is leaving me for the weekend to go off with his dad sailing. He is being very considerate and leaving the car with me. And he keeps hinting that he has a surprise for me as a thank-you for letting him go away for three days, so I'm excited about that too. :]

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why can't Mormons send flowers

I saw this video on a blog the Tori follows, and couldn't help but share. Enjoy!

"Yah, Yah" and "Dao"

Katrina still can't say any words, though she tries to say "dog" in a variety of ways (usually with "ba" or "ma"), but we figured out this week that she can bark and meow. When we were at Nana and Pop Pop's last week, I noticed her trying to bark at their dog Gigi. We experimented and when we tell her to bark and make the noise for her, she imitates us with a "Yah! Yah!" Nana asked her to meow and Katrina said "Dao." Sometimes she gets the "m" sound in there. I tried other animal sounds but the only other one she imitated was my sheep baa, or "aaaa."

This is exciting to me! It means she actually has a desire to talk and communicate! Katrina also has been using new sounds a lot since last week, which I think is because of the time spent with her cousin who is a year older than her.

Mealtimes are easier once I figured out that she signs to me that she is "all done" when she is finished with the food on her tray, not necessarily completely done eating. I still have to occasionally resort to the pull-the-tray-away-and-see-if-she-pulls-it-back method, but usually she signs "more" if she is still hungry.

Oh, and I had a video of her saying animal sounds, but then Katrina was holding the camera and watching the video, and managed to delete it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sticking around

I woke up this morning at 6 or so, and thought, "Not again, why can't I just sleep all the way until the alarm goes off?" I woke up several more times, like when Adam left, and about an hour later, and then finally at 9:40 I dragged myself out of bed to go see why Katrina wasn't up yet. Right then I heard her wake up. She refused to go to sleep last night and I finally stopped hearing her about 9:30--which means she really is conditioned to sleep 12 hours, no matter when she goes to bed!

Speaking of Katrina, she is currently sitting on her big stuffed frog and bouncing on him repeatedly. He ribbits when squeezed. It's pretty cute. What not cute is that now she is going over and pressing buttons on our tv. For some reason, when she presses the channel or volume buttons, the tv turns on! It's super annoying, because she can't get the power button to work, which should ensure that she can't turn the tv on. I don't understand why the other buttons are turning it on.

Well, our good news is that we are sticking around in these apartments for another year. We thought we were going to have to move to a cheaper place, but we're able to make it work now and we signed a year lease again. We're very happy because the apartment itself is very nice, and we are so close to a park and the grocery store, which is important to me because I won't be having a car of my own for probably another year and a half. Having always lived with housing contracts (in my adult life), it's weird for me to be out of college and have no timeline to my life. So in this small way, knowing that I will at least be here in these apartments for another year is a comfort to me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Word of the Day: Itchy

I spent a total of about ten minutes outside yesterday and got an average of a bite a minute. My poor legs are so itchy right now that I couldn't take my normal Sunday afternoon nap! Horrors. My bites always swell up right away, so they were pretty bad yesterday, but then they subsided, until I must have spent the whole night rubbing the blankets all over my legs, judging by how huge and red they were this morning. And now my lacey skirt is just the right length to rub against them too, so I can tell these bites are going to be here for awhile.

I didn't realize it's been a week since my last post. Adam was gone at Scout Camp this week, so I spent Thursday-Saturday down in New Jersey with his family. I am so glad to have Adam back. We both expected Katrina to be so excited to see him, but instead she barely reacted when he came home. She just looked at him with a half-smile, half-grimace on her face, and the only sign she gave that she missed him was when he walked into the other room and she complained. I think she definitely let her opinion be known that it's not cool when Daddy leaves town for that long!

I am gathering quotes for another Junior Primary Wisdom, but I'm still hoping for a couple more good ones first. The girl that says most of the funny things was gone this week, so maybe next week will be more fruitful. :]

I just realized Katrina is due to wake up in about ten minutes, so I need to run and eat something before she gets up. Have a great Sunday!