Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swim baby!

We just had our first family swim outing to our apartment complex pool. Unfortunately it was also our last. Apparently it is $150 a person to swim there in the summer. No wonder it's never very crowded. I was really upset. We pay a lot in rent and I know it's the highest in the neighborhood. This is the first time I've had reason to complain about our apartment complex though, so I guess I can live with it.

It was still a fun outing. First of all, I was able to fit in my bathing suit, which I bought when I was 16. It's a really pretty bathing suit and I've always loved it, but I obviously don't wear it very often because it hasn't worn through yet! I wore shorts too, and was pretty comfortable. Katrina had on her brand new bathing suit. Our camera was almost out of charge, so I snapped some pictures before we left but didn't bring it to the pool.

We started off it in the baby pool and it was freezing. Katrina was willing to dabble her feet and that was it. We watched some other kids play and I really thought that would be the extent of the day's fun. But then we tried the big pool and it was so much warmer. I sat on the step and Katrina sat on my lap, and we just watched the other little kids. Adam entertained her by blowing bubbles in the water. She let out huge belly laughs each time. Then we took her out into the center of the pool and she absolutely loved it. She even tried kicking! It was so fun and we stayed for an hour until Katrina's little feet were super pruney. I'm going to look into other pools in the area because we simply can't afford $300 unless we were going to swim every single day, which I know we wouldn't. My swimming suit was good for one day's trip, but I would need another one if I wanted to swim more often.

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Deidre said...

I think this is common in the East which totally blows my mind. We had an apartment in Phoenix and there SEVERAL pools are included in the cost of rent...must have something to do with maintenance or just the "school of thought" on swimming out here. Our complex charged $300 but that did include pool and weight room for however long we choose to live here. Try a community pool? An indoor one may be warmer anyway.