Friday, June 19, 2009

Reunion pictures

Blogger always uploads my pictures backwards, so rather than the usual extensive planning to make sure things are in chronological order, I just loaded them however.

Clapping the van getting pulled out.

I look fairly pregnant here, which I blame on walking downhill and the maternity shirt. I really don't have to wear maternity yet, I was just bored of my normal clothes.

I was on the couch and snuck the camera around to try to get a picture of Katrina, without realizing she had already walked away. I still got a cool picture, though.

Katrina was such a mama's girl all weekend. Did I mention how she wouldn't let even Adam hold her during the Oquirrh Mountain Temple walkthrough, so I had to carry her up all the stairs? Ahh! While at the reunion itself, she liked interacting with a lot of people, but she preferred my two sisters.

Ah yes, the van that got super stuck. This pushing attempt did nothing.

Such a beautiful cabin in a beautiful valley. I'm not sure this picture does the driveway justice though. It was so steep.

And the family picture. This one was the best. I wish I had lifted Katrina just a little higher though.

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Tasha's Life said...

Great pictures! I don't have a copy of the CD yet, so I haven't seen any pictures except my own.