Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quirky Katrina

This pictures used to show up larger on my computer, but now they don't. I should probably check if Katrina changed the resolution while playing with my phone. This is Katrina with her hair in a topknot. Sometimes she leaves it in for a few minutes. I wish I knew how to get her to leave it in all the time.
She likes to use her big stuffed frog as a pillow, or in this case, just is burrowing into him with her head. Also, I haven't been able to catch it on camera, but I have come across her several times, in her crib and outside of it, balancing on her head. It looks like she's trying to do the beginnings of a headstand. I'm not sure why, but it's pretty funny.

I guess she is a budding bookworm. I frequently find her looking at her books, or in this case, Daddy's Aaronic Priesthood manual for Deacons. It's really cute.

What else does she do? Well, you know that gurgling sound the dentist's suction tool makes when it sucks the water and spit out of your mouth? Katrina was making that today while I was preparing her lunch yam. It was so bizarre. She also has several large bruises from tripping and running into things. I was actually nervous to take her out in public on Monday because she had two huge bruises on one side of her face just from Sunday. Oh, she often comes up to me and brings me things she has found, and is pretty good about me taking them from her. She brings me hair that she has picked up off the floor and has gotten stuck on her hands, and I get it off for her. She also turns off the computer regularly, which is why I am typing this at warp speed in case she turns it off while I am typing. Also, I wish I had a photo of her sleeping, because she sleeps now on her stomach, with her bum really high up in the air. It's super cute.
Bad things she does--bites my toes. Ok, this one isn't too bad, but it's really weird. Sometimes she gets on these kicks and I have to go put my feet up out of her reach because she just won't stop biting them. Also, she is almost impossible to change on her changing pad. We'll have to start changing her on the floor, which stinks for me because it hurts my back. And she can crawl away if we do that. She rolls around and around and tries constantly to sit up. It's frustrating. Also, she will tell me she wants to eat initially, but when I ask her during the meal if she is still hungry, it's like pulling teeth (she's getting her molars, two are poking through!) to get her to tell me if she wants more food or not. Usually I just try to take the tray and if she pushes it, she's done, and if she pulls it back, she wants more. And when she pushes it and then pulls it back, I throw my hands in the air.
That's all, hope there aren't too many typos because I need to get back to Katrina. I'm letting her play with my phone and I need to protect it. Also, she is sitting on my lap and any minute will decided that she wants to type or play with the mouse too.


Momza said...

HI Tori,
For the bumps and bruises: use ARNICA GEL...IT REALLY WORKS!

Sarah GM said...

I sympathize with the diaper changing challenge. Sometimes I can find the right toy to distract her and sometimes she just cries while I pin her down and change her QUICKLY!

Elise said...

CUTE topknot! I love the little "sprout" look. Maybe someday she'll have long, luxurious hair like yours and then she really won't want to put it up!