Thursday, June 4, 2009

In which the baby becomes more entertaining

Katrina is making me laugh so much these days. For instance, just a moment ago, I handed her a sandwich to eat. She had just thrown her milk sippy on the floor, so I handed it back to her and gave her a sippy with water in it too. A moment later, I looked over to see her with a handle of a cup in each hand, alternating gulps of water and milk.

For Christmas we gave Katrina a giraffe-shaped stackable rings toy. It has three rings of different patterns that tinkle and rattle and crinkle when you play with them. She's always liked it, but it's been at the bottom of the toybox for awhile. This week she found it and decided to put one of the rings around her upper arm and walk around with it. I laughed and tried to put the other one on her other arm, but she protested. Then yesterday, I noticed her walking around with a ring on each arm. She even likes to put the smallest ring around her wrist sometimes like a bracelet. Yesterday she ran to the door to meet Adam and he had to laugh out loud when he saw her with what we affectionately term her "arm bling."

We always peek in on her before we go to bed. In the past, we used this time to reposition her so that she wouldn't wake up and cry because her face was stuck in the corner or something. Now we typically just adjust her blankets so she won't get cold. She often stirs a little, and occasionally wakes up enough to start sitting up, but we still love looking at her, so we do it anyway. :] More and more often, we find her asleep on her belly, which for some reason is infinitely cuter than on her back. Yesterday she stirred when we came in and tucked her knees underneath herself even more so that her bum was super high in the air.

Another thing that makes me laugh, but with delight, is that Katrina loves to use the three signs that she knows--eat (actually, "more", but it means she's hungry), all done, and cheese. It has taken her months to start responding to my signs, so I'm pretty happy. Communicating at meals is so easy now. I made a list of other words to teach her and put sticky notes with illustrations of those signs on the computer so I can practice them. They are: again, sleep/nap, book, drink, help, mommy and daddy, love, milk, please, and thank you.

One last funny thing related to her signing: Katrina is cranky a lot these days and cries for no apparent reason. I suspect either her awful diaper rash that has returned after the anti-fungal cream made it go away, or her molars that are swelling up her gums. Anyway, if I know she is hungry I try to get her to sign it at me before putting her in her highchair, even if I know for sure that is why she is crying and holding her arms up to be lifted. The other evening I was asking "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat? Katrina, tell me if you're hungry." Instead of signing, she grabbed my fingers and pushed them together to make me make the sign. Adam was there and we both thought it was hilarious and very cute.

So that's the end of a long post. As for my miserable post from a few days ago--well, these last few days have been horrible. Today I still feel a little nauseated, but my stomach doesn't ache for the first time in three days. It was hard because I needed bland food for my digestive system, but bland food tastes more strongly of whatever it is I keep tasting, and that taste made me not want to eat and feel sicker. No fun. Also, I am regaining my sense of smell, but one of the only things I can smell is Katrina's poop. Yuck.

On that note, have a great day!

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Elise said...

HILARIOUS baby! I love all these stories; you should make this a regular feature. Kids are so entertaining.

BTW, whenever you say nauseated, I remember how in our freshmen year you told us that nauseous indicates that you are giving off the whatever-it-is to everyone else, while "nauseated" means that you feel that sick to your stomach feeling. Makes me smile.

And I also think about. . .well, you know. . . :)