Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angel baby?

(Edit: I just realized that Angel Baby is how people refer to a miscarriage on my birth boards on Babycenter. No miscarriage here!)

Since when does Katrina sit through Sacrament meeting on my lap? Since when does she only try to run away once and not even complain when I bring her back? Since when does she allow me to actually listen to both speakers enough to remember what the meeting was about?

My ride pulled through and this morning we all squished in their car (turns out they regularly give someone else a ride too) and made it just a little late. We all shared a bench and Katrina just sat on my lap, looking at people. She had this expression on her face as if she had never seen anything like this before. I had to remind myself that no, we did not skip church last week or anything. She sat there until the end of the first speaker's talk and then got down to walk a little. That was when she made her one dash to freedom, but didn't attempt it again. After the hymn, she saw a man on the bench behind us that she really likes. Since his in-laws were there and he had help from them with his own two children, I let Katrina go back to that bench and join their family. For almost the entire next speaker she sat on his lap and watched his older daughter play next to her. Katrina didn't even complain when I gave the other girl's toys back to her. Weird.

I think it was my blessing from above for having to go through church without Adam. I was able to give her to someone else to watch for part of Sunday School, and wow, she was upset when I left. Then she had a blast in Primary eating and running around with someone's strand of (fake) pearls. Her patience had no end, because we had to wait 45 minutes or so after church for our ride to interview with the Stake President for what I think were some new stake callings.

So the day is great so far. Earlier, I was so tired, and Katrina had just woken up from her nap. I kept dozing off, and listening to her play around me. I just couldn't stay awake, so I kept sending vague prayers heavenward like "please don't let her hurt anything" and got a few minutes of a nap. And now she is entertaining herself with one of her musical toys. I really wish I could get a video of her these days without her seeing the camera and immediately running to me. She hears music and starts dancing with these weird swaying motions and head jerks. And now she is throwing her blanket over her head like a ghost and making cute noises at me. Wow, I cannot handle her cuteness. If the other one is this cute, Katrina better get less cute, because their combined cuteness would probably do me in. For instance, she discovered the pile and box of stuffed animals in her room, a combination of my old favorites and hers. She regularly goes into her bedroom and comes out proudly holding a stuffed animal almost as large as she is. She loves to rest on and hit our exercise ball. She recently discovered my box of craft supplies in her room, so I went in to find her draped in pretty ribbons I have collected. The box is now in my room and I'm pretty sure her room is as childproofed as possible (oh, except she figured out how to pull socket protectors out), so when she goes in there, I don't automatically follow. If she starts crying, I know she probably just can't get her blanket through the crib slats. :] It's really nice having a more independent child who is also really good at entertaining herself, most of the time.

Okay, this ended up way long. I'm off to make plans for my first craft project in awhile. I want to make a soft quiet book with pictures of temples and prophets, etc, for church. No activities like her other quiet book (which I am still saving for Christmas, probably), just pictures. I think there are things you can get that you can print off pictures from the computer and then iron them on fabric. If that works, I might try a simple book like that to bring to church instead of our current features, "Touch and Feel Farm" and "Peek-a-boo I Love You."

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Elise said...

Wow, what a treat! I'm so happy she did well in church for you. I know it is tough when you're the only one there. I hope she will be a good baby for the whole time Adam is gone. Wouldn't that be nice?!?!

Oh, and I've fallen asleep on the couch with the kids awake more times than I care to admit. . .it was funny to read your account of it!