Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angel baby?

(Edit: I just realized that Angel Baby is how people refer to a miscarriage on my birth boards on Babycenter. No miscarriage here!)

Since when does Katrina sit through Sacrament meeting on my lap? Since when does she only try to run away once and not even complain when I bring her back? Since when does she allow me to actually listen to both speakers enough to remember what the meeting was about?

My ride pulled through and this morning we all squished in their car (turns out they regularly give someone else a ride too) and made it just a little late. We all shared a bench and Katrina just sat on my lap, looking at people. She had this expression on her face as if she had never seen anything like this before. I had to remind myself that no, we did not skip church last week or anything. She sat there until the end of the first speaker's talk and then got down to walk a little. That was when she made her one dash to freedom, but didn't attempt it again. After the hymn, she saw a man on the bench behind us that she really likes. Since his in-laws were there and he had help from them with his own two children, I let Katrina go back to that bench and join their family. For almost the entire next speaker she sat on his lap and watched his older daughter play next to her. Katrina didn't even complain when I gave the other girl's toys back to her. Weird.

I think it was my blessing from above for having to go through church without Adam. I was able to give her to someone else to watch for part of Sunday School, and wow, she was upset when I left. Then she had a blast in Primary eating and running around with someone's strand of (fake) pearls. Her patience had no end, because we had to wait 45 minutes or so after church for our ride to interview with the Stake President for what I think were some new stake callings.

So the day is great so far. Earlier, I was so tired, and Katrina had just woken up from her nap. I kept dozing off, and listening to her play around me. I just couldn't stay awake, so I kept sending vague prayers heavenward like "please don't let her hurt anything" and got a few minutes of a nap. And now she is entertaining herself with one of her musical toys. I really wish I could get a video of her these days without her seeing the camera and immediately running to me. She hears music and starts dancing with these weird swaying motions and head jerks. And now she is throwing her blanket over her head like a ghost and making cute noises at me. Wow, I cannot handle her cuteness. If the other one is this cute, Katrina better get less cute, because their combined cuteness would probably do me in. For instance, she discovered the pile and box of stuffed animals in her room, a combination of my old favorites and hers. She regularly goes into her bedroom and comes out proudly holding a stuffed animal almost as large as she is. She loves to rest on and hit our exercise ball. She recently discovered my box of craft supplies in her room, so I went in to find her draped in pretty ribbons I have collected. The box is now in my room and I'm pretty sure her room is as childproofed as possible (oh, except she figured out how to pull socket protectors out), so when she goes in there, I don't automatically follow. If she starts crying, I know she probably just can't get her blanket through the crib slats. :] It's really nice having a more independent child who is also really good at entertaining herself, most of the time.

Okay, this ended up way long. I'm off to make plans for my first craft project in awhile. I want to make a soft quiet book with pictures of temples and prophets, etc, for church. No activities like her other quiet book (which I am still saving for Christmas, probably), just pictures. I think there are things you can get that you can print off pictures from the computer and then iron them on fabric. If that works, I might try a simple book like that to bring to church instead of our current features, "Touch and Feel Farm" and "Peek-a-boo I Love You."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a little mopey

Adam left for Scout Camp this morning. It's a week long. He does come back late Sunday night so he can work two days next week, and then he'll be gone again. I will be fine these first two days, though I really wish he had left me the car, because I don't know how I am going to get to church. I called some people that live near us and they haven't returned my call. Everyone else has too many kids to fit us in. A little later today, if I haven't heard back from that one couple, I will call the only other person who lives nearby who could take me, though she's the ward organist and gets there over an hour early to practice, so I'm not too keen on that.

Katrina is delightful, so we've been having fun. But she is also more challenging because she is getting into more things and being a little more willful. Usually, when she picks something off of the floor, I ask her to bring it me and she does, no problem. But today she was throwing tantrums even when I took trash from her, not just the things she loves like the phone and remote. She also refuses to tell me during mealtimes whether she is still hungry or not, so I have to guess, and today I guessed wrong. She was cranky all morning, and I think it was because she didn't get enough to eat for breakfast.

Blah, she's not asleep in her crib, like I thought. I better go pick her blanket up, since she likely threw it on the floor and of course she can't fall asleep without it! :] Then I can get back to the huge stack of books I picked up from the library yesterday. The first one I read was a little weird (girl turns highwayman and then somehow ends up in a conspiracy plot against England and must run away to France, where she is barely saved from the guillotine by the death of Robespierre. Weird. I don't think I'll read more by that author.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quirky Katrina

This pictures used to show up larger on my computer, but now they don't. I should probably check if Katrina changed the resolution while playing with my phone. This is Katrina with her hair in a topknot. Sometimes she leaves it in for a few minutes. I wish I knew how to get her to leave it in all the time.
She likes to use her big stuffed frog as a pillow, or in this case, just is burrowing into him with her head. Also, I haven't been able to catch it on camera, but I have come across her several times, in her crib and outside of it, balancing on her head. It looks like she's trying to do the beginnings of a headstand. I'm not sure why, but it's pretty funny.

I guess she is a budding bookworm. I frequently find her looking at her books, or in this case, Daddy's Aaronic Priesthood manual for Deacons. It's really cute.

What else does she do? Well, you know that gurgling sound the dentist's suction tool makes when it sucks the water and spit out of your mouth? Katrina was making that today while I was preparing her lunch yam. It was so bizarre. She also has several large bruises from tripping and running into things. I was actually nervous to take her out in public on Monday because she had two huge bruises on one side of her face just from Sunday. Oh, she often comes up to me and brings me things she has found, and is pretty good about me taking them from her. She brings me hair that she has picked up off the floor and has gotten stuck on her hands, and I get it off for her. She also turns off the computer regularly, which is why I am typing this at warp speed in case she turns it off while I am typing. Also, I wish I had a photo of her sleeping, because she sleeps now on her stomach, with her bum really high up in the air. It's super cute.
Bad things she does--bites my toes. Ok, this one isn't too bad, but it's really weird. Sometimes she gets on these kicks and I have to go put my feet up out of her reach because she just won't stop biting them. Also, she is almost impossible to change on her changing pad. We'll have to start changing her on the floor, which stinks for me because it hurts my back. And she can crawl away if we do that. She rolls around and around and tries constantly to sit up. It's frustrating. Also, she will tell me she wants to eat initially, but when I ask her during the meal if she is still hungry, it's like pulling teeth (she's getting her molars, two are poking through!) to get her to tell me if she wants more food or not. Usually I just try to take the tray and if she pushes it, she's done, and if she pulls it back, she wants more. And when she pushes it and then pulls it back, I throw my hands in the air.
That's all, hope there aren't too many typos because I need to get back to Katrina. I'm letting her play with my phone and I need to protect it. Also, she is sitting on my lap and any minute will decided that she wants to type or play with the mouse too.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to some great dads

Happy Father's Day, Dad, Dad-Bill, and Adam!

My dad is wonderful and I was happy to be able to see him this last week. I really miss his wisdom and his hugs! Adam is such a good dad to Katrina and I'm sure will be a wonderful daddy to baby X too. I really can't express my love and gratitude to him so I thought I'd stick some beautiful pictures in of him and Katrina.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Reunion pictures

Blogger always uploads my pictures backwards, so rather than the usual extensive planning to make sure things are in chronological order, I just loaded them however.

Clapping the van getting pulled out.

I look fairly pregnant here, which I blame on walking downhill and the maternity shirt. I really don't have to wear maternity yet, I was just bored of my normal clothes.

I was on the couch and snuck the camera around to try to get a picture of Katrina, without realizing she had already walked away. I still got a cool picture, though.

Katrina was such a mama's girl all weekend. Did I mention how she wouldn't let even Adam hold her during the Oquirrh Mountain Temple walkthrough, so I had to carry her up all the stairs? Ahh! While at the reunion itself, she liked interacting with a lot of people, but she preferred my two sisters.

Ah yes, the van that got super stuck. This pushing attempt did nothing.

Such a beautiful cabin in a beautiful valley. I'm not sure this picture does the driveway justice though. It was so steep.

And the family picture. This one was the best. I wish I had lifted Katrina just a little higher though.

We're Back!

Wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it? We've had a big week. We were at a family reunion in Utah since Monday. Also, Adam's sister had her baby on Saturday morning before we left, so we were excited to hold him and see the new family member. He's adorable and tiny.

The family reunion was a great vacation, one with a healthy mix of big family time and our small family time. We left on Monday at 7 (which meant we got up at 5) to catch a thankfully nonstop flight to Salt Lake. Katrina was as excellent as she possibly could have been. She only had trouble midway because she wanted to fall asleep but her car seat wasn't as reclined as it normally is, so she struggled a bit. We arrived at last, and got to visit my parents who are serving as missionaries at Church Headquarters. They took us to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan where we were able to walk through it as part of the Open House before it is dedicated. It was a very pretty temple! After that we wandered around Provo a bit before heading up the canyon to the cabin in Heber where the reunion was. I'll post some pictures after I find the DVD with all of the pictures people took. I'm pretty sure it's in Adam's bag in the car, with him.

The first night was a little crazy. We were so exhausted. Katrina, even though she was tired too, and must have been confused by this day that wouldn't end, did really well with all of the noise and attention she received. She also loved walking around everywhere, especially right under people's feet. I was freaking out a little all night because there was a set of stairs I was afraid she would fall down. We kept trying to teach her how to go down stairs on the two steps between the kitchen and living room, but she would scoot down one and then go face first down the other. So I was very nervous about her falling down the large staircase. We finally rigged up a baby gate with one of the tables, which worked except when we needed it at family meals. I was much happier after that. She also figured out how to climb stairs on the other staircase, but she didn't do that too often, so I could follow behind her and save her when she got tired of climbing.

Our second day was mostly free time. We headed out to the grocery store for diapers and didn't get back home until after 3! First we decided to just drive around and ended up looking at huge houses in Midway and then finding this fun place called Memorial Hill. We had to circle it several times and it had awesome views of the whole valley. We also checked out a cemetery and just had fun driving around. Then we got a call to join everyone else in a short hike farther down the canyon. We agreed, even though we had only eaten M&Ms and Jelly Bellies all morning, since we thought it would be short. Turns it it took a long time to get there, and was on a super windy road deep into the mountains. The hike around was short and pretty, but we had to head back quickly just to go get food! My brother entertained Katrina in the back seat, and she went from giving him wary smiles (he has long hair and intimidates some small children at first) to absolutely loving him. We did have to stop for a few minutes after she got into a screaming fit. That happened a couple times this trip. We figured she must have been fed up with her carseat and just needed a break. Hey, I would too!

That evening and Wednesday morning were mostly family time. We always have a family meeting and we also celebrated a handful of June birthdays with decadent pies made by my brother. Oh, and then we had to orchestrate the family picture. I had kept my camera in my bags because it is so big and I didn't want to carry it around, but it turns out we have the nicest camera! So it took the pictures. That afternoon we decided to explore Park City up the road. We didn't actually make it to Park City because we got distracted by Olympic Park. We walked through a ski museum and got to watch aerial sky jumpers practice. During the summer, they train by skiing and snowboarding into a pool! We got some cool videos from that.

Wednesday night was the incident that I'm sure everyone will remember the reunion by. My nephews play hockey and about half the family decided to drive to the older one's game in Salt Lake. I really wanted to go, but Adam and I were still on Eastern time and we got wiped out each day at about 9 or 9:30. Most of the cars were about to leave, when we realized that my brother's van was absolutely stuck. This driveway was horrible. Fitting everyone on it was difficult enough, without the fact that it was so steep and it was rainy! We were afraid our rental PT Cruiser wouldn't make it back up, and I saw several other Hondas and Hyundais and other cars struggle too. But in order to make room, the van had been moved forward to the very bottom of the hill, and with all the rain, well, the front two tires were absolutely stuck. All the able bodied men tried to push it out, but that didn't work. We had my dad's truck, but no one had keys. Luckily it was unlocked and we were able to locate the key to his metal box in the back that had ropes. The only other car with 4 wheel drive was my uncle's rental Yukon. Adam and my grandma tied the knots and the Yukon and my brother got ready to back out. At first they tried to just pull it out, but it wasn't quite enough, so they reversed at the same time and the van popped right out. There were many cheers all around!

Yesterday was the last day, and it was mostly traveling. We left the cabin at 11 and drove to Salt Lake, but stopped in Park City first to see what it was like. We would have loved to have gotten out and walked on Main Street, but Katrina was asleep. So we headed to Salt Lake. We walked around Temple Square and tried to go to ZCMI Mall to eat at the food court. Umm, that mall isn't there anymore. When did that happen? So we ate at the Lion House and headed back to my parents' apartment. They took us on a tour of the translation part of the Conference Center! It was really cool to see what goes on right underneath the balcony floor. They have fifty or more translation booths and my parents explained the process that goes on to translate each talk at General Conference or for any other event (like the Stake Conferences that are broadcast). It's way impressive. We got to see a couple of rooms full of servers and other equipment that monitor everything going on. I'm sure it's quite a production come General Conference! After that we headed to the airport.

The flight back was not as nice as the one over, even though it was about an hour less time in the air. Katrina was super hungry and ate most of her food before the plane took off. She kept complaining and we had a hard time entertaining her. We had had pretty bad turbulence on the way over, but this was so much worse. The whole plane was rolling from side to side and we were bouncing around in our seatbelts. The flight attendants in the aisle just had to sit down on someone's armrest and stay there for maybe ten minutes or more until it settled down. Katrina finally fell asleep when there was less than an hour left, and slept through the whole landing. I wish I could say we were able to go straight home, but after we got our luggage we had to go on a 20 minute or so shuttle ride to long term parking. We finally got home at 12:30.

Katrina slept until 9:30 this morning. We were woken up at 7:15 by a chainsaw outside our window chopping branches off our our bushes. 7:15! With a chainsaw! It lasted forever and I wanted to kill somebody. At least I got to go back to sleep, but Adam had to go to work. He has a campout tonight. No rest! I hope he doesn't get sick. The other bad thing is that we have no food. I really stretched my imagination to give Katrina breakfast (graham crackers, a cheese stick, and applesauce). We will be going shopping with the stroller sometime today.

Katrina just told me she wants to take a nap. I'm not sure she understands that sign quite yet, but I put her down anyway even though she's only been up for an hour and a half. I like teaching her sign language! It's so fun to communicate with my baby.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big News

So I usually don't like posting twice in a day, but since Adam wrote one and I'm writing the other, it's all good, right?

Well, it's probably leaked out to many of you, but I thought I'd let out an official announcement--we're having another baby! Baby X is due December 5. Yesterday we went in for my 14 week check-up and got to hear the heartbeat. Everything is normal and healthy and I've even gained less weight than I had at this point with Katrina. :]

Main difference between this pregnancy so far and my first--all of my symptoms come and go from week to week. I had a few weeks of horrible nausea and then it went away, came back, etc... I feel great this week and have even had energy to do more cleaning than has become the norm. We don't find out for another month or so whether it's a boy or a girl, though we're kind of hoping for a girl just so we can reuse the closetful of clothes we already have! It's nice that we already have all the gear.

So now you know why my postings have been so sporadic and rather negative--the first trimester is not my happiest time, sporadic symptoms or not! I'm happy to be in the second trimester and may even pull out some maternity clothes soon.

Three cheers for babies!

She Walks!

As you can see, Katrina has finally taken the final "step" into full, baby mobility. She's officially become a toddler! Today Katrina has been walking all over the house. From furniture to us, from us to furniture, and just walking for the fun of it. It's funny, it isn't very hot in the apartment but Katrina is pretty sweaty. She's been exercising a lot today just by her sheer joy of walking.

So I found out this good news this morning. Tori called me at work and told me that Katrina has walked from the couch to the computer (where she was) without any cruising. That was cool but not really exceptional. Evidently, Tori kept mum all day while Katrina was practicing for when I get home. So, on my way home I bet Tori that Katya won't walk at all that evening when I get home (just to make a liar out of Tori). However, as soon as I opened the front door, the familiar squeal from Katya came, and she came toddling over to me. It was GREAT!

For those of you who a frequent readers, it comes as no surprise that this is long overdue and welcomed news. We've been waiting for Katrina to cross this hurdle for months. Now, what can we push her to accomplish next? I'm thinking triathlons (hey, she likes to walk and swim, why not throw cycling in there too?).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby shoes

Katrina's Nana bought her a nice pair of Stride Rites a couple of weeks ago. We love them because before nothing would stay on Katrina's feet and these ones do for the majority of the time. They are easy to get on and off for us, and Katrina finally has something to wear on the playground and any time we go out in public. She's even worn them with her dresses for the last two Sundays because her silver dress shoes are so flimsy. Unfortunately, now Katrina doesn't want to take them off.

I first noticed it on Sunday at church. Katrina was walking back and forth on the bench and would occasionally lose a shoe. Each time she sat down, located the shoe, and held it out to us for us to put it back on her. Then yesterday we got home from the park and she lost one on the floor. I pulled the other one off, and wow! She was mad. Today I went walking with my visiting teachers and when I got home, the same thing happened: I took off her shoes and she freaked out. So I put them back on and she happily cruised around while wearing them. I had to removed them to change her diaper and that was another tantrum. I did give her one to play with in her crib for her nap, so she can, you know, cuddle with her shoe or something. I think it's kind of hilarious. I suppose there's nothing wrong with wanting to walk around with shoes. If she just has socks on, then she pulls them off quickly and ends up with clumps of hair wrapped around her toes. Adam and I just figure that her genetic tendencies as a girl towards liking shoes and jewelry (remember her arm bling?) are already displaying themselves.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swim baby!

We just had our first family swim outing to our apartment complex pool. Unfortunately it was also our last. Apparently it is $150 a person to swim there in the summer. No wonder it's never very crowded. I was really upset. We pay a lot in rent and I know it's the highest in the neighborhood. This is the first time I've had reason to complain about our apartment complex though, so I guess I can live with it.

It was still a fun outing. First of all, I was able to fit in my bathing suit, which I bought when I was 16. It's a really pretty bathing suit and I've always loved it, but I obviously don't wear it very often because it hasn't worn through yet! I wore shorts too, and was pretty comfortable. Katrina had on her brand new bathing suit. Our camera was almost out of charge, so I snapped some pictures before we left but didn't bring it to the pool.

We started off it in the baby pool and it was freezing. Katrina was willing to dabble her feet and that was it. We watched some other kids play and I really thought that would be the extent of the day's fun. But then we tried the big pool and it was so much warmer. I sat on the step and Katrina sat on my lap, and we just watched the other little kids. Adam entertained her by blowing bubbles in the water. She let out huge belly laughs each time. Then we took her out into the center of the pool and she absolutely loved it. She even tried kicking! It was so fun and we stayed for an hour until Katrina's little feet were super pruney. I'm going to look into other pools in the area because we simply can't afford $300 unless we were going to swim every single day, which I know we wouldn't. My swimming suit was good for one day's trip, but I would need another one if I wanted to swim more often.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In which the baby becomes more entertaining

Katrina is making me laugh so much these days. For instance, just a moment ago, I handed her a sandwich to eat. She had just thrown her milk sippy on the floor, so I handed it back to her and gave her a sippy with water in it too. A moment later, I looked over to see her with a handle of a cup in each hand, alternating gulps of water and milk.

For Christmas we gave Katrina a giraffe-shaped stackable rings toy. It has three rings of different patterns that tinkle and rattle and crinkle when you play with them. She's always liked it, but it's been at the bottom of the toybox for awhile. This week she found it and decided to put one of the rings around her upper arm and walk around with it. I laughed and tried to put the other one on her other arm, but she protested. Then yesterday, I noticed her walking around with a ring on each arm. She even likes to put the smallest ring around her wrist sometimes like a bracelet. Yesterday she ran to the door to meet Adam and he had to laugh out loud when he saw her with what we affectionately term her "arm bling."

We always peek in on her before we go to bed. In the past, we used this time to reposition her so that she wouldn't wake up and cry because her face was stuck in the corner or something. Now we typically just adjust her blankets so she won't get cold. She often stirs a little, and occasionally wakes up enough to start sitting up, but we still love looking at her, so we do it anyway. :] More and more often, we find her asleep on her belly, which for some reason is infinitely cuter than on her back. Yesterday she stirred when we came in and tucked her knees underneath herself even more so that her bum was super high in the air.

Another thing that makes me laugh, but with delight, is that Katrina loves to use the three signs that she knows--eat (actually, "more", but it means she's hungry), all done, and cheese. It has taken her months to start responding to my signs, so I'm pretty happy. Communicating at meals is so easy now. I made a list of other words to teach her and put sticky notes with illustrations of those signs on the computer so I can practice them. They are: again, sleep/nap, book, drink, help, mommy and daddy, love, milk, please, and thank you.

One last funny thing related to her signing: Katrina is cranky a lot these days and cries for no apparent reason. I suspect either her awful diaper rash that has returned after the anti-fungal cream made it go away, or her molars that are swelling up her gums. Anyway, if I know she is hungry I try to get her to sign it at me before putting her in her highchair, even if I know for sure that is why she is crying and holding her arms up to be lifted. The other evening I was asking "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat? Katrina, tell me if you're hungry." Instead of signing, she grabbed my fingers and pushed them together to make me make the sign. Adam was there and we both thought it was hilarious and very cute.

So that's the end of a long post. As for my miserable post from a few days ago--well, these last few days have been horrible. Today I still feel a little nauseated, but my stomach doesn't ache for the first time in three days. It was hard because I needed bland food for my digestive system, but bland food tastes more strongly of whatever it is I keep tasting, and that taste made me not want to eat and feel sicker. No fun. Also, I am regaining my sense of smell, but one of the only things I can smell is Katrina's poop. Yuck.

On that note, have a great day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pity me!

I'm having my own little pity party right here and thought I would share.

I can't smell properly, and I can't taste properly, and everything I eat tastes the same at first and it tastes bad!

I am sooooo hungry right now, because all I have had today is a bowl of cereal, an apple, and four crackers, and it is now 3:30. The cereal and crackers both tasted funny. The apple made me feel sick after about half of it, but I forced the rest down. I have discovered that anything with cheese or eggs or other protein in it (not most meat, however), tastes awful, especially at first, and then the normal taste comes through somewhat. The popcorn, the grilled cheese sandwich, and even the cookies I had last night all tasted the same. Oh, and my sense of smell has been slowly improving, but things still don't smell quite right.

I set up an appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor today, but the appointment isn't until the 19th. I really should have made the appointment much earlier, but I kept waiting to see if the symptoms would improve on their own. They have, a little, but now it's almost worse because food tastes so weird! And it's the same funny taste everywhere. It's all been since last week, when I had a minor cold. Since a cold is what brought this on in the first place (well, more likely the nasal decongestant spray I used), I suppose it makes sense that another cold would change symptoms. Maybe I just need to keep having colds until the symptoms sort themselves out. :]

And I was so determined to make dinner for Adam tonight, which I haven't done in awhile. But at this point I'm having a hard time taking care of myself and the baby because of hunger. Oh, and we are going shopping tonight, so my fridge is fairly empty.

Anyway, I was throwing a pity party and thought I'd spread the "joy". At least Katrina is a trooper and is mostly entertaining herself while I lay around feeling bad. I have a book with ideas of games to play with toddlers, and I've tried a few today, but she lost interest so quickly each time, that I'm just going to let her walk around entertaining herself and call it good.