Thursday, May 21, 2009

New accomplishments

I present to you----Katrina crawling! Huzzah! At 13 months old, my baby girlie has finally learned how to crawl!

It's funny to watch her move around. She still prefers cruising and walks without hands between obstacles that are close together, like the couch and coffee table. And now she has finally figured out that she can move around to other places that don't have convenient walls and pieces of furniture to hold on to! It happened yesterday. Today her crawling style developed even more. You can kind of see it in the video. She now moves diagonally, using her left foot and right knee. It's really funny and reminds me of Mowgli in the Jungle Book movie. I was initially worried that this would prevent her progress with walking, but maybe it will just make her more eager to get herself around. She is definitely getting bolder about letting go of furniture and walking to me, though never more than four or five steps.

Also, Katrina's communication has taken off, mostly because she finally learned the sign for "more." She uses it whenever she is hungry, along with the actual "eat" sign, though she prefers "more." It's great. For a couple of days she stopped using "all done" and just kept signing "more" even after she was finished eating, but I think she's figured it all out now. It really helps me because Katrina has adjusted her own nap schedule to napping in the afternoon, and until she started signing, I was always unsure about when to feed her lunch. I compromise by feeding her two smaller meals, one at noon before the nap, and one at 3:00 afterwards. I also am able to ask her if she's "all done?" in other instances than just meals, like at bathtime tonight, and she lets me know very clearly. I am trying to figure out what sign to teach her next. I think I might teach her "help" and "again." She's pretty clear about when she wants me to do something, like shoving a book in my face over and over again until I no longer need to look at the pages because I have them memorized and know exactly when to turn them, but I think it would be nice if she could sign "again."

On a less positive front, she has taken to yanking on my hair for fun and then hitting me in the face when I object. It happens several times each day and I am at a loss at how to get her to stop. She also has a nasty diaper rash that has lasted for weeks and no diaper cream can touch it. I called a nurse today and she told me to try some anti-fungal cream, so I'm hoping that it will be improved tomorrow. We try to let her run around without a diaper each night, but have had two accidents so far. They were both easy to clean up, but I prefer not to have to do that. I had to laugh at her a few minutes ago when the second accident occured, because unlike the first time, when she didn't seem to notice anything, this time she was staring at the floor in front of her in extreme interest. I don't think she has any clue what the function of her diaper is!

And because I have foolishly stayed up late reading the past few nights, my lymph nodes are now swollen and I think I have a cold coming on. When Adam came home tonight I had to crash in the bedroom and try to sleep it off a little. No such luck. As soon as I got up, the symptoms were much worse. Dang addicting books.

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Elise said...

Wahoo! Awesome! I'm glad for you that she's crawling; I know you've been waiting for this moment. Don't you love the silly crawl movements?

And for what it's worth, I heartily endorse the "help" sign. So nice to have in the repertoire.