Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial weekend

This weekend Adam and I enjoyed our first date night in over a year. We were able to see the Star Trek movie on Friday as well as go out to dinner beforehand. Adam's mom watched Katrina for us and apparently she did very well. She really likes her Nana James. Sometimes I have to pry her away, which results in a meltdown! Katrina especially liked playing Ring Around the Rosie, and, as always, was fascinated by her cousin who is a year older than her.

Adam and I loved the movie. We stayed the night in Jersey and hung out there the next day too. We went shopping and Katrina received her very first pair of real shoes! She has worn them a couple of times since and they are very cute and work well. She has figured out how to pull them off when sitting in her carseat, but there never will be a shoe that she can't figure that out within minutes.

Tonight we were invited over to eat cinnamon rolls with a family in our ward. They moved in the same week that we did last year. They are from Sweden! The two girls, who couldn't speak a work of English last year, now are able to correct their parents' English. They introduced us to a fun Swedish lawn came called kub (I don't know the spelling), and Adam and I actually beat them! It was a very close game, and we only won by some very close misses by the other team, but it was a lot of fun. Katrina really loves people these days, even strangers, so she was happy to sit with the wife (who is still recuperating from open heart surgery several months ago) and watch us throw wooden clubs around. I had to strip her down to her bloomers and shoes because it was so hot outside! Katrina also was happy to chow down on the pineapple, cinnamon buns, and cookies that they provided. It ended up being her dinner! Yikes. Oh well. :]

Tomorrow will be fun because Adam has work off! We wanted to go down to the beach, but Ocean City will be so crowded and traffic will be atrocious. I guess the water on other beaches is still too chilly. I don't intend on swimming, and Katrina will probably just want to play in the sand, but we are opting out of it because of the traffic. Maybe in a few weeks. We bought Katrina a bathing suit, so we need to make use of it.

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