Saturday, May 30, 2009

Horse show

Today we headed over to the Devon Horse Show and Fair, which apparently is a fairly big event in the horse community. This marks our one-year anniversary of moving here! We had tickets to go to it last year but opted out because we were exhausted and it was raining. Today, in contrast, was a gorgeous sunny day with plenty of clouds and breeze, which was very nice because we chose to walk the mile to the fair grounds.

We didn't get to see very many events, but we did enjoy walking around the different shops and carnival attractions. We spent a large chunk of time sitting in the shade and watching the practice arena. Katrina seemed pretty awed by the horses. I think this is her first experience with them. She seemed to like them, judging by the fact that when one would run by, she would sometimes clap. :] We also made sure to point out all the dogs to her, since she seems to like them. In fact, on our walk the other night, she squealed several times when we walked by dogs, especially the golden retrievers. I think she likes them because we spend so much time housesitting in January and February with two golden retrievers.

I'm off to bed! I hope Katrina doesn't wake up. She usually wakes up 1-2 times each night and lets out a few cries before falling back asleep. However, lately she's been having a harder time falling back asleep. Sometimes I have to go in and re-position her and her blankets. Last night that wasn't even enough. She woke up sobbing, and we immediately went in and got her. Adam held her for several minutes while she sobbed and kept saying, "Dadadada!" She sounded really frightened. When we tried to leave her, she would scream. After a few minutes, we tried leaving her again and left the nightlight on. That worked until an hour later, when she woke up crying again and we turned off the nightlight. Luckily, it was before we went to bed, so she didn't disturb us in the middle of sleeping, like she sometimes does. I was really bothered to hear her so upset. I really think she was scared. Can babies her age have nightmares? We figured maybe she had a bad dream about the bath we gave her earlier that evening. It was her second time in the big bathtub, outside of her little tub, and for some reason she hated it and cried the whole time. When we tried to wash her hair, she thrashed around and even got some water in her mouth (panic moment for mom!!). If anything was going to give her nightmares, maybe that was it? Anyways, we're back to the small tub and she's sleeping peacefully tonight, though it did take her over an hour to fall asleep, which is weird.

Anyway, I need sleep, so I'm off to bed!


Amber said...

My ped told me night terrors are common among 15-24 month olds. Megan sometimes will do that too, we just hold her and tell her we are there and then try to put her back down. Hopefully she'll sleep better tonight! And fun to go to the horse show. I'm always amazed at how beautiful those big creatures are.

Elise said...

Wow, a horse show? That is awesome! I'm so glad that you got to do that, and how fun for Katrina.

I don't know about the night terrors--we didn't come across that a whole lot with Everett. But I think you might be right. Don't you wish they could just tell you what they're thinking sometimes?

Kirst said...

Teancum had night terrors frequently between ages 1-3. It seemed like he mainly got them on the nights that he went to bed late or overly tired. He still gets them occasionaly when he goes to bed late and without a nap.