Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bouncing babies.

Katrina likes to bounce, whether in her crib or next to the couch or anyplace she is in the mood for it. She is always particularly animated after waking up from a nap, as you can see in the video.

It's been a little while since I wrote anything, I guess because nothing much has been going on. Last night we watched the LOST finale and it was awesome. Tonight I have book club (The House at Riverton. It's an excellent book.)

So I'll just talk about Katrina. She hasn't made a whole lot of progress lately in walking, and she still can't crawl, but she is very capable of moving around the entire house with little difficulty. She sits and stands easily by pulling up on furniture or my legs, she scoots on her bum, she sometimes even rolls, though that's rare. She still loves to circuit the living room and kitchen, and we're considering baby gates because all of the babyproofing supplies have to be screwed into the cupboards and we haven't asked the office yet if that's all right.

She still loves her four main sounds--ba,da,ya, and ma. Sometimes she adds a rararar. I have been trying to teach her a few signs for months with no success, but she finally uses the signal for "all done" when she is finished eating. The other day she was hitting her fingertips together and saying "mmmmm," which may have been "more." She also seems to say "hi," though it comes out "haaaaaaah." She definitely understands a lot, though she refuses to comprehend "don't throw your sippy cup/bread/cheerios/peas on the floor."

She currently has really bad diaper rash. It doesn't seem to bother her very much, but it's been going on for days. Yesterday she was in lots of pain after one diaper change, and so I had Adam bring home some expensive name-brand diaper cream as opposed to the generic pharmacy stuff that doesn't do anything. I thought she was better this morning, but it's pretty bad again. Last night we let her run around naked for half an hour before bedtime (no accidents!), and tonight Adam will probably do that again while I am gone. I also was fearing hemorrhoids, so I had Adam get some apple juice. It's the first time she's had juice, even watered down, and she doesn't seem to care for much for it. Consequently, she hasn't drunk as much as usual, and the result is constipation, more pain, more redness, more sadness.

Oh, and she's super cranky and clingy. Sometimes I have to just sit with her on my lap for what feels like forever, and if I don't entertain her, I'm in for a tantrum. Then she wiggles and I let her down, and then she'll cling to my knee and cry. I've figured out a few key toys (actually mostly just the baby orajel bottle) that entertain her pretty well, so sometimes I just sit at the computer or read a book while holding her, and she plays with the toy. Oh, and her other favorite game is to pick up a random toy, bring it to me, and hit me with it until I do something entertaining with it. If I fail, she cries. Today has been a restful day because she hasn't brought me as many toys! Also, she definitely has an issue with hitting me when she's upset. I think I've figured out a temporary solution. If I stop her, she just gets more upset and hits harder. The other day I taught her how to high-five and she loved it. So now, when she hits me, I offer her my hand and let her go to town on that. It seems to calm her down fairly quickly.

So that's our life these days! Entertaining a cranky child and hoping that she finally walks soon. I'm not sure she has any desire to. She is very skilled at walking between me and Adam, sometimes up to 8 steps or more. But she's so good at getting around by cruising that I don't think she really cares about walking by herself. She's 13 months now.

Hope everyone has a great day!

P.S. As soon as I started playing the video of her, Katrina ran over and tried to climb into my lap. She loves watching videos on the computer, especially those of her. She also loves playing with cell phones, so I stick it on the picture mode so she won't do anything dangerous and let her play to her heart's content. Next time I'll upload some of her artsy cell phone pictures. :]

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