Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back in the swing of things

I had a wonderful time in Texas! It was a nice break from normal life and so much fun to visit with my brother, his new wife, and my other family. So here's how it all went:

Adam drove me bright and early to the airport, where I flew to Dallas. I met my mother and sister there and we hung out together until our flight to College Station. The second airplane was tiny. I've been on airplanes that small before, but it's still always a little weird. I was able to switch with someone and sit with my mom and sister. Unfortunately, it was raining as we taxied around, and then we found out that all planes had been grounded because of the weather. We hung out in the pouring rain, wind, and lightning for an hour or so with a bunch of other planes. When the weather cleared, we were told that lightning had struck the runway and they had to clear up the "debris." Debris? We watched them sweeping up something as we went to another runway, but it looked like all they had to clean up were some small chunks of asphalt or something. Kind of funny. That was a super turbulent flight, but short, luckily.

We went to the reception at Josh's professor's house. I wish I had some pictures of he and Ann. They looked great in their outfits. Josh was dressed in some Filipino clothing (did I mention that his wife is Filipino? He served his mission there years ago, and so he speaks Tagalog). After some pictures, which my brother was able to take himself with a remote shutter (how cool is it to be your own wedding photographer?), they got into casual clothes. It was a fun night. We left before everyone jumped in the pool, but apparently there was a fun pool party for a few hours after we left. Oh, and my other brother was there too, having come from California. It was fun to see him, even though he had to leave several hours before us on Sunday.

We got together with the others the next morning. Rob had to leave to catch his plane, but we had several hours still. We went and spent a couple hours at a really nice park. Luckily it was overcast for our whole trip, so the heat and humidity were bearable. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned that my brother is an entomologist. He is getting his doctorate in a specific species of bugs. So he spent some time off the trails catching various bugs and looking for a specific fly. Ann has already picked up the skills to help him, which is cool. Josh caught an awesome dragonfly. He also caught a bee-mimic, which is a fly that looks just like a bee. Later on he caught a moth that he thought was wasp-mimic, only to exclaim after looking at it, "Oh, no, it's actually a wasp." That made us laugh, and also I was glad that one less wasp was around!

We went to lunch but had to make it quick because we had to catch our flight. It was no problem; we made it to the airport in plenty of time. College Station has a pretty small airport. Not the smallest I've been in (that was Trenton), but still pretty small. It had two gates--one for American Airlines and one for Continental. We headed back to Dallas. Our layovers were much shorter than the day before, so I walked with my mom and sister to their gate, said goodbye, and then walked to mine. It was a long walk! I wanted to get in some exercise, so I didn't use the skylink rail that circled the airport. I think it took me about 25 minutes to walk to my gate. Part of that was speed-walking to get to my mom and sister's gate in time, and the rest was very leisurely.

Shortly after I arrived, they delayed my flight an hour because of weather, which I assume was on the Philly end. Then a few minutes later they said, "Ok, the weather restriction is lifted, but we can't take off until the flight attendants get back from dinner." I think we were only about 20 minutes late in taking off. I was in the very back of the plane for that flight. It was so loud! The small planes were pretty loud too, so I was used to it.

Adam picked me up at about 11:30. I looked in the backseat at Katrina and waved. She gave me a big grin and squealed. She was so happy to see me! When I got her out of the car to put her to bed, she gave me more huge smiles and was so happy, even though she was so tired too. The next morning she gave me lots of smiles too. Adam said she definitely missed me this weekend. He had his hands full since it was stake conference and he had to attend a session on Saturday too. I'm not sure he got much out of church this weekend. Katrina is stuffed up and coughs while she's sleeping, and I think her molars are coming in as well, so she gets pretty cranky. Apparently any time Adam tried to do something to her that she didn't like, like change her diaper or her clothes, she would cry out, "Mamamama!" So she definitely knows that's my name! :] "Dada" is her preferred sound, so I always wonder if she realizes Adam is Dada and I'm Mama. I think she does.

Yesterday I was so tired that the day was pretty hard. Today is better. We're in a better schedule, Katrina seems set on taking two naps instead of one, and the rain is sporadic enough that we may get a walk in today. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


J-Squared said...

I wish I could have been there! It sounds like it was so much fun! I'm glad everything went so well. Mom said Josh and Ann are really happy, and that makes me feel really good.

Elise said...

I'm glad you had fun in Texas, and that you survived the plane. It must have been nice to travel without a baby! Major Kudos to Adam for taking Katrina for the weekend. It was fun to read your rundown!