Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Babyproofing woes

I can't figure out how I'm going to babyproof this apartment adequately. The office told me to not use anything that puts holes in the cabinets. Unfortunately, I can only find one adhesive-mount lock thing online, and it's $8 per lock and they have poor reviews anyway! So today I have been moving all the chemicals into higher places, which just leaves all of the pots, pans, glass dishes, etc. We don't have a large enough kitchen that I can put everything breakable in higher cabinets. Another solution is to buy baby gates for both doors. But I've been looking around online and a lot of good, easy-to-use gates are $40-$50. Craigslist usually has some, but it's pretty empty right now. This all makes me so irked, because I could just pay $10 and outfit every drawer and cabinet in the apartment, but instead we have to pay tons more money for gates or for special adhesive locks.

Anyway, I'm probably going to just keep the bathroom doors closed anyway, so that takes care of those rooms. Every time she's followed me in there, she ends up playing with the toilet and pulling on the toilet paper. Oh, and today I was in the middle of moving chemicals into the hallway cabinet and she managed to pull the shower curtain rod down on top of herself. We have pretty much decided to remove it permanently, since this is the second time it has fallen on her/us (last time was bathtime, so it hit everyone). I love our apartment, but I get so fed up with it sometimes.

Speaking of frustrations, I get so anxious for Katrina to actually walk! How long has it been since she took her first steps? One month? Two? And yet she is too much of a scaredy-cat to walk on her own except from the furniture to mom or dad. And only then if she's in the right mood. If not, she will crawl the three steps instead. I know she'll figure it out eventually, but I'm ready. And everyone keeps telling me I'll be sad I wished for her to be walking once she is running around getting into things, but no, I'm pretty sure I'm ready. She already is going everywhere and getting into everything, and walking would sure make things less frustrating.

Sorry for the negative post. I just get really annoyed sometimes at this whole parenting thing. I definitely have worries, some which I know are stupid, but some which I feel are very legitimate. But anytime I voice those concerns, people tell me not to worry, usually in a well-meaning but rather condescending fashion. I would just like for someone to take my concerns seriously sometimes. Occasionally I'll express something and someone will say "I know what you mean! I also worry about my kid doing this or that..." and it is such a breath of fresh air. Thankfully, Adam is good at listening to my concerns without discounting them immediately. Some things he's worried about too, some he's not. But it's really nice to have him around when I'm feeling especially concerned.

I'm off to do...something. I don't know what. I read all my books. I'm actually saving some of the chores for when Katrina's awake because I want her to see me doing them and eventually get to the point where she can help me. So folding laundry will wait until after the nap.


lsj said...

I was thinking the same thing about our apartment. This ought to be an interesting visit.

Elise said...

Oh wow, good luck with the baby-proofing. We didn't do it too much with Everett, but we probably should have! We had round knobs on our cabinets, so we just rubber-banded them. You're awesome for thinking so thoroughly about this.

And BTW, you are totally right about not regretting her walking. People used to say that to me all the time about Everett, and not once did I wish he could "only" crawl instead of walk, mostly for the reasons you said. One plus was that once he got good enough, he could walk around on the playground and so sometimes I could sit down myself. So yeah. You're right on with that one.

But holy cow! It takes kids FOR-E-VER to really start walking. I was definitely too impatient to stand it very well!

Amber said...

I'm with you. I was so ready for Megan to walk. I was tired of her wearing out the knees in her outfits and getting her hands all nasty on the ground. Walking was a nice change. Climbing on the other hand...not my favorite skill.
Good luck with the baby proofing. I'm naughty and didn't ask at our apartment and just used the kind that put holes in the cabinets. If your cabinets have hardware, you can sometimes find things that will hold the handles of cabinets together so they can't be opened. If you don't have hardware, maybe that is something your landlord would let you add?

Brad said...

I've heard of a magnet type thing for cabinets...but we didn't ask either just did it holes and all. Let me tell you life is so much better! How much of your deposit will you loose? Sometimes if you just leave the stuff in they don't even charge you...but we were naughty.


Sarah GM said...

From our experience, life got much better once our daughter could walk. You'll love it! She's less frustrated and you'll be less frustrated in turn.

And when you start to worry, just remember, no one gives out blue ribbons at the end of this thing (parenting). At the end you just need a happy baby and a happy parent.

Kirst said...

I've never once wished my kids could go back to crawling instead of walking...I agree about the climbing business though.

As for babyproofing, we didn't do much for Mr. T. With Jacob we did more becuase Teancum would get into the cleaning stuff and Jacob would follow. So we've done rubber bands on the round knobs and the baby chain links on other handles (only works if you've got double doors) and finally we have a place we can install latches on. The cheap latches can be over rated though we've already had two break on us in the 6 months we've been here.

Good Luck