Saturday, May 30, 2009

Horse show

Today we headed over to the Devon Horse Show and Fair, which apparently is a fairly big event in the horse community. This marks our one-year anniversary of moving here! We had tickets to go to it last year but opted out because we were exhausted and it was raining. Today, in contrast, was a gorgeous sunny day with plenty of clouds and breeze, which was very nice because we chose to walk the mile to the fair grounds.

We didn't get to see very many events, but we did enjoy walking around the different shops and carnival attractions. We spent a large chunk of time sitting in the shade and watching the practice arena. Katrina seemed pretty awed by the horses. I think this is her first experience with them. She seemed to like them, judging by the fact that when one would run by, she would sometimes clap. :] We also made sure to point out all the dogs to her, since she seems to like them. In fact, on our walk the other night, she squealed several times when we walked by dogs, especially the golden retrievers. I think she likes them because we spend so much time housesitting in January and February with two golden retrievers.

I'm off to bed! I hope Katrina doesn't wake up. She usually wakes up 1-2 times each night and lets out a few cries before falling back asleep. However, lately she's been having a harder time falling back asleep. Sometimes I have to go in and re-position her and her blankets. Last night that wasn't even enough. She woke up sobbing, and we immediately went in and got her. Adam held her for several minutes while she sobbed and kept saying, "Dadadada!" She sounded really frightened. When we tried to leave her, she would scream. After a few minutes, we tried leaving her again and left the nightlight on. That worked until an hour later, when she woke up crying again and we turned off the nightlight. Luckily, it was before we went to bed, so she didn't disturb us in the middle of sleeping, like she sometimes does. I was really bothered to hear her so upset. I really think she was scared. Can babies her age have nightmares? We figured maybe she had a bad dream about the bath we gave her earlier that evening. It was her second time in the big bathtub, outside of her little tub, and for some reason she hated it and cried the whole time. When we tried to wash her hair, she thrashed around and even got some water in her mouth (panic moment for mom!!). If anything was going to give her nightmares, maybe that was it? Anyways, we're back to the small tub and she's sleeping peacefully tonight, though it did take her over an hour to fall asleep, which is weird.

Anyway, I need sleep, so I'm off to bed!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Babyproofing woes

I can't figure out how I'm going to babyproof this apartment adequately. The office told me to not use anything that puts holes in the cabinets. Unfortunately, I can only find one adhesive-mount lock thing online, and it's $8 per lock and they have poor reviews anyway! So today I have been moving all the chemicals into higher places, which just leaves all of the pots, pans, glass dishes, etc. We don't have a large enough kitchen that I can put everything breakable in higher cabinets. Another solution is to buy baby gates for both doors. But I've been looking around online and a lot of good, easy-to-use gates are $40-$50. Craigslist usually has some, but it's pretty empty right now. This all makes me so irked, because I could just pay $10 and outfit every drawer and cabinet in the apartment, but instead we have to pay tons more money for gates or for special adhesive locks.

Anyway, I'm probably going to just keep the bathroom doors closed anyway, so that takes care of those rooms. Every time she's followed me in there, she ends up playing with the toilet and pulling on the toilet paper. Oh, and today I was in the middle of moving chemicals into the hallway cabinet and she managed to pull the shower curtain rod down on top of herself. We have pretty much decided to remove it permanently, since this is the second time it has fallen on her/us (last time was bathtime, so it hit everyone). I love our apartment, but I get so fed up with it sometimes.

Speaking of frustrations, I get so anxious for Katrina to actually walk! How long has it been since she took her first steps? One month? Two? And yet she is too much of a scaredy-cat to walk on her own except from the furniture to mom or dad. And only then if she's in the right mood. If not, she will crawl the three steps instead. I know she'll figure it out eventually, but I'm ready. And everyone keeps telling me I'll be sad I wished for her to be walking once she is running around getting into things, but no, I'm pretty sure I'm ready. She already is going everywhere and getting into everything, and walking would sure make things less frustrating.

Sorry for the negative post. I just get really annoyed sometimes at this whole parenting thing. I definitely have worries, some which I know are stupid, but some which I feel are very legitimate. But anytime I voice those concerns, people tell me not to worry, usually in a well-meaning but rather condescending fashion. I would just like for someone to take my concerns seriously sometimes. Occasionally I'll express something and someone will say "I know what you mean! I also worry about my kid doing this or that..." and it is such a breath of fresh air. Thankfully, Adam is good at listening to my concerns without discounting them immediately. Some things he's worried about too, some he's not. But it's really nice to have him around when I'm feeling especially concerned.

I'm off to do...something. I don't know what. I read all my books. I'm actually saving some of the chores for when Katrina's awake because I want her to see me doing them and eventually get to the point where she can help me. So folding laundry will wait until after the nap.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial weekend

This weekend Adam and I enjoyed our first date night in over a year. We were able to see the Star Trek movie on Friday as well as go out to dinner beforehand. Adam's mom watched Katrina for us and apparently she did very well. She really likes her Nana James. Sometimes I have to pry her away, which results in a meltdown! Katrina especially liked playing Ring Around the Rosie, and, as always, was fascinated by her cousin who is a year older than her.

Adam and I loved the movie. We stayed the night in Jersey and hung out there the next day too. We went shopping and Katrina received her very first pair of real shoes! She has worn them a couple of times since and they are very cute and work well. She has figured out how to pull them off when sitting in her carseat, but there never will be a shoe that she can't figure that out within minutes.

Tonight we were invited over to eat cinnamon rolls with a family in our ward. They moved in the same week that we did last year. They are from Sweden! The two girls, who couldn't speak a work of English last year, now are able to correct their parents' English. They introduced us to a fun Swedish lawn came called kub (I don't know the spelling), and Adam and I actually beat them! It was a very close game, and we only won by some very close misses by the other team, but it was a lot of fun. Katrina really loves people these days, even strangers, so she was happy to sit with the wife (who is still recuperating from open heart surgery several months ago) and watch us throw wooden clubs around. I had to strip her down to her bloomers and shoes because it was so hot outside! Katrina also was happy to chow down on the pineapple, cinnamon buns, and cookies that they provided. It ended up being her dinner! Yikes. Oh well. :]

Tomorrow will be fun because Adam has work off! We wanted to go down to the beach, but Ocean City will be so crowded and traffic will be atrocious. I guess the water on other beaches is still too chilly. I don't intend on swimming, and Katrina will probably just want to play in the sand, but we are opting out of it because of the traffic. Maybe in a few weeks. We bought Katrina a bathing suit, so we need to make use of it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New accomplishments

I present to you----Katrina crawling! Huzzah! At 13 months old, my baby girlie has finally learned how to crawl!

It's funny to watch her move around. She still prefers cruising and walks without hands between obstacles that are close together, like the couch and coffee table. And now she has finally figured out that she can move around to other places that don't have convenient walls and pieces of furniture to hold on to! It happened yesterday. Today her crawling style developed even more. You can kind of see it in the video. She now moves diagonally, using her left foot and right knee. It's really funny and reminds me of Mowgli in the Jungle Book movie. I was initially worried that this would prevent her progress with walking, but maybe it will just make her more eager to get herself around. She is definitely getting bolder about letting go of furniture and walking to me, though never more than four or five steps.

Also, Katrina's communication has taken off, mostly because she finally learned the sign for "more." She uses it whenever she is hungry, along with the actual "eat" sign, though she prefers "more." It's great. For a couple of days she stopped using "all done" and just kept signing "more" even after she was finished eating, but I think she's figured it all out now. It really helps me because Katrina has adjusted her own nap schedule to napping in the afternoon, and until she started signing, I was always unsure about when to feed her lunch. I compromise by feeding her two smaller meals, one at noon before the nap, and one at 3:00 afterwards. I also am able to ask her if she's "all done?" in other instances than just meals, like at bathtime tonight, and she lets me know very clearly. I am trying to figure out what sign to teach her next. I think I might teach her "help" and "again." She's pretty clear about when she wants me to do something, like shoving a book in my face over and over again until I no longer need to look at the pages because I have them memorized and know exactly when to turn them, but I think it would be nice if she could sign "again."

On a less positive front, she has taken to yanking on my hair for fun and then hitting me in the face when I object. It happens several times each day and I am at a loss at how to get her to stop. She also has a nasty diaper rash that has lasted for weeks and no diaper cream can touch it. I called a nurse today and she told me to try some anti-fungal cream, so I'm hoping that it will be improved tomorrow. We try to let her run around without a diaper each night, but have had two accidents so far. They were both easy to clean up, but I prefer not to have to do that. I had to laugh at her a few minutes ago when the second accident occured, because unlike the first time, when she didn't seem to notice anything, this time she was staring at the floor in front of her in extreme interest. I don't think she has any clue what the function of her diaper is!

And because I have foolishly stayed up late reading the past few nights, my lymph nodes are now swollen and I think I have a cold coming on. When Adam came home tonight I had to crash in the bedroom and try to sleep it off a little. No such luck. As soon as I got up, the symptoms were much worse. Dang addicting books.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some pictures

Here are two pictures from my brother's wedding. On the left is his new wife, who is so sweet. Then my brother, mom, me, sister, and another brother. I think there's a pretty strong family resemblance, especially between my sister and I! I love how my mom has her missionary tag. My mom's a missionary--that's so cool!

And here is a picture of the new couple outside. I love how they coordinated colors. His outfit is a Filipino outfit, but hers is from here.

They're not smiling much in this shot, but trust me, they were smiling plenty! It is so nice to see my brother so happy and to have a new sister-in-law!

This morning I woke up to Adam having a freak-out moment as he realized he had slept in almost an hour. Actually, this is the second day in a row this has happened, since yesterday he woke up at 6:30 saying "What day is it? What day is it?" He is in charge of the youth temple trip today and was supposed to leave at about 6:10, when he woke up. We combined efforts to get him out of the door in only 10 minutes or so, and he was still the first person at the meeting place. I, unfortunately, could not fall back asleep. I instead read my book for an hour and a half, then slept for half an hour, and then was awoken by Katrina. So I'm pretty tired now.

Yesterday I really wanted some new books to read. I had a handful of thick books to return to the library and I didn't feel like waiting until Adam got home. So I packed Katrina in the stroller and we went on a walk for the first time in almost two weeks! Google maps said it should only take me 22 minutes to walk there, but it ended up taking 35. Good thing I planned it so Adam could pick us up on his way home from work! I would not have wanted to walk home, especially because my socks had bunched up and gave me blisters. I think from now on it will only take 30 minutes, because I did miss the exit off of the Radnor trail and had to turn around, but it still is not something I'll do regularly. And I found some books! One is a children's book for book club next month, and two are regency romance novels. I know that sounds lame, but I've actually read this author before and she has remarkably clean, interesting novels. I've always loved historical fiction, and these books are usually not just romance. If that sounds like I'm justifying reading romance novels, I totally am! But if anyone else likes a good clean historical romance, try Patricia Veryan. It's really hard to figure out the order of her books, but if you can do that, they are a fun read. Or at least, I remember them being a fun read, when I read them over five years ago! I think my mom liked them too. Oh, and they're hardcover, not softcover like all the bodice-rippers out there, and I had to go to the normal fiction section to find them, not the romance section. That definitely made me feel a little cooler. :]

Katrina is wandering around the kitchen, and she's starting to open cabinets, so I better go get her. She usually just opens them a little in order to watch them thump back closed, but I know rifling around in the pots and pans is the next step. Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bouncing babies.

Katrina likes to bounce, whether in her crib or next to the couch or anyplace she is in the mood for it. She is always particularly animated after waking up from a nap, as you can see in the video.

It's been a little while since I wrote anything, I guess because nothing much has been going on. Last night we watched the LOST finale and it was awesome. Tonight I have book club (The House at Riverton. It's an excellent book.)

So I'll just talk about Katrina. She hasn't made a whole lot of progress lately in walking, and she still can't crawl, but she is very capable of moving around the entire house with little difficulty. She sits and stands easily by pulling up on furniture or my legs, she scoots on her bum, she sometimes even rolls, though that's rare. She still loves to circuit the living room and kitchen, and we're considering baby gates because all of the babyproofing supplies have to be screwed into the cupboards and we haven't asked the office yet if that's all right.

She still loves her four main sounds--ba,da,ya, and ma. Sometimes she adds a rararar. I have been trying to teach her a few signs for months with no success, but she finally uses the signal for "all done" when she is finished eating. The other day she was hitting her fingertips together and saying "mmmmm," which may have been "more." She also seems to say "hi," though it comes out "haaaaaaah." She definitely understands a lot, though she refuses to comprehend "don't throw your sippy cup/bread/cheerios/peas on the floor."

She currently has really bad diaper rash. It doesn't seem to bother her very much, but it's been going on for days. Yesterday she was in lots of pain after one diaper change, and so I had Adam bring home some expensive name-brand diaper cream as opposed to the generic pharmacy stuff that doesn't do anything. I thought she was better this morning, but it's pretty bad again. Last night we let her run around naked for half an hour before bedtime (no accidents!), and tonight Adam will probably do that again while I am gone. I also was fearing hemorrhoids, so I had Adam get some apple juice. It's the first time she's had juice, even watered down, and she doesn't seem to care for much for it. Consequently, she hasn't drunk as much as usual, and the result is constipation, more pain, more redness, more sadness.

Oh, and she's super cranky and clingy. Sometimes I have to just sit with her on my lap for what feels like forever, and if I don't entertain her, I'm in for a tantrum. Then she wiggles and I let her down, and then she'll cling to my knee and cry. I've figured out a few key toys (actually mostly just the baby orajel bottle) that entertain her pretty well, so sometimes I just sit at the computer or read a book while holding her, and she plays with the toy. Oh, and her other favorite game is to pick up a random toy, bring it to me, and hit me with it until I do something entertaining with it. If I fail, she cries. Today has been a restful day because she hasn't brought me as many toys! Also, she definitely has an issue with hitting me when she's upset. I think I've figured out a temporary solution. If I stop her, she just gets more upset and hits harder. The other day I taught her how to high-five and she loved it. So now, when she hits me, I offer her my hand and let her go to town on that. It seems to calm her down fairly quickly.

So that's our life these days! Entertaining a cranky child and hoping that she finally walks soon. I'm not sure she has any desire to. She is very skilled at walking between me and Adam, sometimes up to 8 steps or more. But she's so good at getting around by cruising that I don't think she really cares about walking by herself. She's 13 months now.

Hope everyone has a great day!

P.S. As soon as I started playing the video of her, Katrina ran over and tried to climb into my lap. She loves watching videos on the computer, especially those of her. She also loves playing with cell phones, so I stick it on the picture mode so she won't do anything dangerous and let her play to her heart's content. Next time I'll upload some of her artsy cell phone pictures. :]

Friday, May 8, 2009

We've got a sleeper

I'm not sure if it's her cold, a growth spurt, or what, but Katrina is sleeping like crazy. We try to get her in bed by 8:00, sometimes earlier or later. She has been falling asleep fairly quickly, which is a nice change. And then she sleeps until 9 or 9:30. Crazy! I know it's probably temporary. It definitely throws me off for when to put her down for a nap. It also keeps making Adam leave for work late because he doesn't get woken up by Katrina after he sleepily turns the alarm clock off instead of pressing snooze.

Adam combed her hair backwards after her last bath and this was the result the next morning. The first picture shows her reaction when I wouldn't give her the phone.

And her bi-polar nature surfaces quickly, because this is her a few seconds later.

So I've been bored a lot lately. But for my birthday I got a quilting mat and rotary cutter! I can start on my second wall quilt as soon as I go buy more thread and needles. I definitely need to do that because during Katrina's naps I have nothing to do (that I want to do) and get really bored. Since she didn't just wake up, I'm pretty sure she'll be going for another hour. Sigh. I will likely take a nap of my own.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back in the swing of things

I had a wonderful time in Texas! It was a nice break from normal life and so much fun to visit with my brother, his new wife, and my other family. So here's how it all went:

Adam drove me bright and early to the airport, where I flew to Dallas. I met my mother and sister there and we hung out together until our flight to College Station. The second airplane was tiny. I've been on airplanes that small before, but it's still always a little weird. I was able to switch with someone and sit with my mom and sister. Unfortunately, it was raining as we taxied around, and then we found out that all planes had been grounded because of the weather. We hung out in the pouring rain, wind, and lightning for an hour or so with a bunch of other planes. When the weather cleared, we were told that lightning had struck the runway and they had to clear up the "debris." Debris? We watched them sweeping up something as we went to another runway, but it looked like all they had to clean up were some small chunks of asphalt or something. Kind of funny. That was a super turbulent flight, but short, luckily.

We went to the reception at Josh's professor's house. I wish I had some pictures of he and Ann. They looked great in their outfits. Josh was dressed in some Filipino clothing (did I mention that his wife is Filipino? He served his mission there years ago, and so he speaks Tagalog). After some pictures, which my brother was able to take himself with a remote shutter (how cool is it to be your own wedding photographer?), they got into casual clothes. It was a fun night. We left before everyone jumped in the pool, but apparently there was a fun pool party for a few hours after we left. Oh, and my other brother was there too, having come from California. It was fun to see him, even though he had to leave several hours before us on Sunday.

We got together with the others the next morning. Rob had to leave to catch his plane, but we had several hours still. We went and spent a couple hours at a really nice park. Luckily it was overcast for our whole trip, so the heat and humidity were bearable. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned that my brother is an entomologist. He is getting his doctorate in a specific species of bugs. So he spent some time off the trails catching various bugs and looking for a specific fly. Ann has already picked up the skills to help him, which is cool. Josh caught an awesome dragonfly. He also caught a bee-mimic, which is a fly that looks just like a bee. Later on he caught a moth that he thought was wasp-mimic, only to exclaim after looking at it, "Oh, no, it's actually a wasp." That made us laugh, and also I was glad that one less wasp was around!

We went to lunch but had to make it quick because we had to catch our flight. It was no problem; we made it to the airport in plenty of time. College Station has a pretty small airport. Not the smallest I've been in (that was Trenton), but still pretty small. It had two gates--one for American Airlines and one for Continental. We headed back to Dallas. Our layovers were much shorter than the day before, so I walked with my mom and sister to their gate, said goodbye, and then walked to mine. It was a long walk! I wanted to get in some exercise, so I didn't use the skylink rail that circled the airport. I think it took me about 25 minutes to walk to my gate. Part of that was speed-walking to get to my mom and sister's gate in time, and the rest was very leisurely.

Shortly after I arrived, they delayed my flight an hour because of weather, which I assume was on the Philly end. Then a few minutes later they said, "Ok, the weather restriction is lifted, but we can't take off until the flight attendants get back from dinner." I think we were only about 20 minutes late in taking off. I was in the very back of the plane for that flight. It was so loud! The small planes were pretty loud too, so I was used to it.

Adam picked me up at about 11:30. I looked in the backseat at Katrina and waved. She gave me a big grin and squealed. She was so happy to see me! When I got her out of the car to put her to bed, she gave me more huge smiles and was so happy, even though she was so tired too. The next morning she gave me lots of smiles too. Adam said she definitely missed me this weekend. He had his hands full since it was stake conference and he had to attend a session on Saturday too. I'm not sure he got much out of church this weekend. Katrina is stuffed up and coughs while she's sleeping, and I think her molars are coming in as well, so she gets pretty cranky. Apparently any time Adam tried to do something to her that she didn't like, like change her diaper or her clothes, she would cry out, "Mamamama!" So she definitely knows that's my name! :] "Dada" is her preferred sound, so I always wonder if she realizes Adam is Dada and I'm Mama. I think she does.

Yesterday I was so tired that the day was pretty hard. Today is better. We're in a better schedule, Katrina seems set on taking two naps instead of one, and the rain is sporadic enough that we may get a walk in today. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!