Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend rundown

The hours between 6 and 8 are so tough sometimes, namely when Adam leaves and I need to get Katrina to bedtime alone. We often go out driving or on walks. I could go on a walk now, I suppose, but Adam already took her to the park so I could nap earlier. When things get really rough, I give her some goldfish crackers to eat off the floor. Smiles all around!

We had a nice trip to Washington D.C. yesterday to go to the temple. Adam had been planning it for months. He has been doing a lot of family history work and had 41 sealings to get done. We planned on going with his whole family, and were still able to go with his sister and her family. The whole family couldn't make it, but we definitely forgive them, because they were with Adam's aunt who is in the hospital after a bad car accident. We are very happy that she will make a full recovery.

We had arranged to do sealings with our stake, which was also there yesterday, so we had to rush a little in order to switch off babies in between, but it ended up working out just fine and both children were at their best behavior. Here's Adam juggling both kids:

Unlike most temple trips, we ended up home while the sun was still shining and there was plenty of day left. That felt so weird.

I pulled out my violin for the first time since the Messiah to play with the church choir. We practiced today and will perform again in two weeks. I can't really say it sounds that great. Partially it's me needing to de-rustify my fingers, and partially it's the violin part. When people who don't play string instruments write violin music, it's obvious.

Church is much more interesting now that Katrina has figured out she can leave the pew and visit other pews. All the other kids have more interesting toys. But I try to keep her in the pew for most of Sacrament meeting. It's distracting when five little kids are wandering everywhere, so I try to keep her from being the sixth. She can be pretty vocal when upset, so I have to strike a fine balance.

Oh, speaking of upset, yesterday Katrina got stuck between the sliding doors at the temple. We were in the lobby waiting for Adam's sister and husband. I watches as Katrina cruised along the couch and over towards the automatic doors. I was just thinking about getting her but must have looked away, because when I looked back, she was standing against the glass and the door was opening towards her. I watched, horrified, as the door trapped her arm in between the doors and tried to keep opening. I ran over to her, snatched her up, and quickly got the heck out of there with her only letting out one wail in the reverent lobby. The poor girl had a nasty red and white pinched spot on her arm and I was afraid it was broken, but she wouldn't let me look at it and could move it just fine. The mark disappeared eventually and she doesn't have any swelling or bruising, but I just keep seeing it in my head over and over. I'm so glad she wasn't seriously hurt.

It's tough finding toys for kids sometimes, and she only is mildly interested in her birthday toys, but I think we found one that will be fun and long-lasting (other than the package of three IKEA balls that she loves to death). We got this toy that goes on the fridge. It has five different animals that are split into two pieces. You can mix and match them and the toy sings little songs ("You've got a cow in front and a pig behind, put them together and what do you find? A cow-pig? Mooo-oink! That's silly!") We've had it two days and I already have the little song stuck in my head, but she likes it.

Oh, one more thing. Katrina is getting much better at pulling herself up on things! As in, she couldn't do it last week but can now. I called Adam earlier this week and said, "Katrina was on the floor next to the elliptical machine and now she's walking between the couch and coffee table." He thought it was cool, but wasn't nearly as impressed as when he saw it happen today. ("Wait, how did she get there?") She also practices standing. Sometimes I'll catch her standing next to the couch and throwing her hands in the hair while she balances for a moment, and then she will lean back against the couch. We're convinced that once she gets standing down, she'll be walking that day. For now though, she only walks between us.

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