Friday, April 3, 2009

Uh-oh, there will be no peace

There's no going back. I heard Katrina crying earlier and found her doing something very cool and yet scary at the same time. I made her do it again for the video.

See? Crazy! And yet very cool. I will have Adam lower the crib when he gets home.

Today there are more bugs, specifically huge centipedes. There was one that chased me in the bathroom and one that chased me in the kitchen, but that one I conquered with Adam's shoe. I think they might have been the same one, since centipedes travel fast. I hope so, 'cause it's dead now. But I'm still way grossed out. Plus, I rarely vacuum the house except the dining room and living room (to get the cheerios), so I keep seeing pieces of thread or other debris and thinking they are bugs. It's definitely motivation to pick up the clothes on the floor in the bedroom. Also, I never let my pillows touch the wall after looking to my left while nursing and seeing a huge centipede there last summer. Now, as soon as I'm done nursing, the pillows get pulled away from the wall. Centipedes may eat all of the other bugs in our apartment, but they are still so gross.

Oh, so we actually went with a realtor to look at a house yesterday. We really liked a lot of it. However, it was definitely a fixer upper, and we decided that some of the things were too much for us to deal with on our budget. Namely, the plumbing leak and the mold problem in the basement. Other than that, it was in fairly good shape. It just needed new carpet, painting, and maybe some other things. But we were also concerned about a crack in the foundation. But it was on an acre of land.... We went back and forth, however we ultimately decided no. And I am back to thinking of ways to decorate our apartment and make it into more of a home! I think our dining room wall definitely needs something, like some plants.


Jolena said...

way to go Katrina! It's adorable how proud of herself she was in this video.

Tasha's Life said...

Wow!!! So fun! I wish I was there! Gross about the centipedes. I'm not a big fan of bugs, at least not in my house. They are welcome outside!!!!