Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday evening

Bedtime has encountered new difficulties. Why would Katrina want to go to bed when she knows she can walk around in her crib? Yesterday she had such a hard time napping that she finally took a late nap and woke up around 6:30, then didn't want to go to bed until she finally did out of exhaustion at 10:00. The trouble is she can stand up, but won't lay back down unless she falls, and no matter how much she's yawning, cruising around the crib rim is more fun.

So it's 8:30 and Katrina is cruising around the living room while Adam reads and I blog. We just had a fun time practicing walking with her. We sat a few feet apart and let her walk back and forth between us, scooting apart as she got more confident. By the end she was voluntarily letting go of my hands to walk to her dad. I think that's major progress! She can take a few steps before falling forward. The confidence is the most important part, though. Once she's not scared of standing, she will be much more willing to try walking.

General Conference has been great this weekend. I have several talks to reread because they were so powerful, and many more talks to reread because I was distracted during them. We watched it at home yesterday. Adam connects the computer to the tv and we watch it there. Other than the two minute time lag, which only mattered when the prophet announced temples in our area and several people called us before we heard the news! Today we went and watched it in New Jersey with Adam's family. They have a DVR, which is nice when it's time to put the baby down for a nap and we don't want to miss watching the prophet speak. And for those watching, wasn't Elder Holland's talk amazing? It doesn't matter what denomination you are, that was an amazing sermon on the Savior and his Atonement. Also, it was really cool the whole time to think about my parents who were in the the translation rooms of the Conference Center working their magic as missionaries for the translation department.

Adam and I have been completely preoccupied with a house we visited on Friday. We haven't seen the inside other than through the windows, but we really love it. It has major downsides, like square footage (um, and the entryway that passes for a living room), but we really like it. Hopefully we will go with a realtor this week to see it.

I have another blog post to write on my other blog about 2 Nephi 4. That's one of my favorite chapters, so off I go!

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Momza said...

Well now you're life is about to go thru another adjustment: the baby is walking! Things will never be the same! lol
Enjoy every second!!!
We're like Adam's family--we're over the moon about the baby, while Brad's family is less than moved by it. We'll see. Every family is different! I loved Conference too!